Podcasting 101

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio or video shows that you can listen to on a computer or a portable media player. Unlike radio shows, however, podcasts can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Podcasts can be downloaded to your computer, phone, or portable media player. Listeners can listened to a single podcast or subscribed to a series and new episodes will automatically be downloaded.

iTunes Explains Podcasts

What can I do with a podcast?

Frequently new audio and video content will be added to each podcast feed. If you're subscribed, you automatically get this new content sent to you. You can listen and watch the content at any time.

How do I listen to podcasts on iTunes?

Apple maintains iTunes which is one of the larger portals that provide podcasts. The following are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the latest iTunes program if you don't have it installed.
  2. The podcast directory in the iTunes Store allows you to find and subscribe to new podcasts.
    • To subscribe to a podcast, click Subscribe on the page for that podcast. When you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes will automatically check each day for new episodes.

For more information, please visit the podcasts FAQ page from Apple.

Do I need an iPod or iPhone to receive podcasts?

No. Podcasts are merely RSS feeds that include audio and video files in the enclosure field. Many of the newer RSS feed readers allow users to listen to podcasts.

I don't want to use iTunes. What else can I use?

All you need is a podcatcher program. There are many free and premium options available. See the following links for more information on some of the most popular apps:

Stitcher | Google Play | Pocket Casts | Overcast
I've downloaded a podcatcher. Now what?

Subscribe to our podcasting feed. Each program will be a little different but you simply need to find the area in the program where you can add a podcasting stream. Paste the URL from the "Get XML" in the box and you are subscribed.

Who do I contact for help with podcasts?

Please fill out and submit a customer service ticket online for assistance.