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"Our sister, Jennie, is my hero. Dec. 4, 2013, my sister gave me the news that she had stage 3 breast cancer and ever since we have been through every hill and valley she has gone through. We are here to help her fight and win this. So, to my hero, I love you and we will do it together."
Love Melissa Stahl, Georgia, Karol, Tonya & Jackie
"I am two-time breast cancer survivior.First tim,e I was 29 years old and with child, then lost my child before chemo. After surgery, chemo, and radiation, I found out I was carried another child. We worried about the health, but he was born healthy. Then the second was last year and I had a masectomy and chemo. My only 16-year-old son was my rock (HERO) for this time I was single parent but he made my life so much easier. Not asking much for himself and doing everything in his powers to help me. NO health insurance last year and couldn't afford reconstructive surgery so I live with the aftermath of very ugly scars and my chest not being even. So for me to get out and enjoy myself watching sports is a real treat. I would like to thank you...this lifts my spirits and taking my big sister who is an OU alumni."
Cecelia Marie Tsatoke
"My mother, Ruby, is a 20-plus year breast cancer survivor and a family friend, Cecelia, is a two time breast cancer survivor."
Wendy Lu
"I'm a three-time breast cancer survivor for a year now. I took 8 chemosynthesis and 35 radiations all on my left breast and underarm because I also had one lymph node that had cancer. I had chemo on every other Thursday and Friday was the day I took a shot to recoup what chemo had taken out. After that I worked until the next treatment. I loved my family and friends too much to let cancer beat me!!!! Love life and love the SOONERS!!!!!!"
Brenda Garrett Parker
"Boomer Sooner! My best childhood friend inspired me. She was a fighter, a five-year survivor, always had a smile on her face and supported others. Taken early in her life due to natural causes, not by cancer. In Heaven smiling down on all of us!"
Shannon Schuler
"My grandmother survived after a radical masectomy in 1963. She then lived to be 100 in 1988!"
Betty Ross
"My high school coach Janith Johnson & Jan Ross are both breast cancer survivors! It's a blessing to have them in my life and I admire how strong and loving they are! For those out there still fighting cancer, KEEP fighting and kick cancers butt!! :)"
Sharane Campbell
"Janey, the love of my life, lost her battle in 29 days, 19 years ago. I still think of her every day."
Chet Forsythe
"I am a cancer survivor. I was 48 years old when I diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a masectomy. I went almost to the five-year mark and it came back on the same side. I had radiation treatment, then I went eight years cancer free and it returned. This time it was a new cancer and it was ovarian cancer it was a tough battle but I made it. I was cancer free for three and a half years. It now has come back and I am ready to fight this off again!!!! The doctor is very positive and so am I. It is very important to keep a POSITIVE attitude. I am living my life day by day and I am going to live it to the fullest!!!! I know I have The Lord on my side so I know it is a win!!!! My message to everyone with cancer is to please stay POSITIVE no matter what. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you."
Gail Pendley
"To my mom's friend Ronna Vojnovich and all those stricken with cancer: Keep fighting! You're a true inspiration of strength to me! And I want you to know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers."
Kaylon Williams
"I am a 48-year cervical cancer survivor, a 5-year breast cancer survivor and a 2-year skin cancer survivor. It has been a true fight and only with God's help and strength am I a survivor."
Belva Carter
"Thank you for speeading awareness!!!! I am a 12 year survivor. Diagnosed at the tender age of 30."
Kristi Salisbury Certain
"My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she inspires me everyday. For those who have battled cancer, I commend you it takes a true fighter and a great spirit. And for those still keep fighting dont stop."
Erica Zambrano
"Just wish all cancer would finally get it's cure!"
Kent Vanhook
"I live in Texas, but was born and raised in Oklahoma, and am a Sooner Boomer always. I am a 13-year survivor."
Linda Clark
"My mother. She had to watch my father die of lung cancer. She had breast cancer and beat it almost 20 years ago. She is now battling bone cancer. I don't know what will happen next, but cancer picked the wrong woman to mess with."
Mark Carter
"I was diagnosed at the age of 38 and am a two-year survivor. Jan Ross and Sherri Coale were alumni of OC where I also played ball. They had already graduated by the time I played. Their coach and mine, Stephanie Findley, as well as many of my former Lady Eagle teammates offered me great support during my battle - especially my sweet roommate Jenny Nations. She drove 7 hours to spend my birthday with me in the chemo lab after not seeing her for more than 18 years. Cancer or time cannot dim Godly love. GO SOONERS!!!"
Annica Earlene Witt-Slater
"Sports prepare you for what you're gonna face in life. My being an athlete... prepared me for my cancer battle. I think that's why I was so successful."
Jan Ross
"When life kicks you, let it kick you forward."
Kay Yow
"Rita Jean Lachvayder -- my hero and the strongest woman that I have ever known. I see you in the flowers as they bloom and in the light of my daughter’s eyes. I smell you in the aroma of freshly baked peach pies and alyssums as they creep along the ground. I feel you every day in the strong and stubborn natures of my kids and in the gentle heart of my son. You will never be gone, always in our hearts and our minds."
Love always – The Loons
"Playing for our rock, Coach Ross."
Oklahoma Sooners
"My mom was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 68 and after going through chemo has, fortunately, been cancer-free ever since! She was a great example of strength and was not going to let the cancer define her. I have had numerous other family members affected including another person who is like my second mother down in San Antonio. She has been diagnosed and fought it twice. She is a true fighter and thank God she is healthy today. Her daughter, who was only two years older than me (35) has also dealt with this disgusting disease. It has affected way too many people!"
Mary Delaney