Men's Gymnastics Meet Results


Host: University of Oklahoma
Date: December 17, 2014
Location: Norman, OK
Venue: Home Meet
Contents: Event Results Team Results
  Floor Exercise Team Standing
  Pommel Horse University of Oklahoma
  Rings Judge List
  Parallel Bars  
  Horizontal Bar  
  All Around  


Team Standing  (Top)
Place  Team Score 
1  University of Oklahoma 16.750 


University of Oklahoma  (Top)
Head Coach:  Mark Williams
 Gymnast Floor  Horse  Rings  Vault  Pbars  Bar  AllArr 
 Danny Berardini 16.750            
 Team Totals 16.750            16.750


Floor Exercise Results  (Top)
Place  Gymnast  Team Score 
1  Danny Berardini  University of Oklahoma 16.750 


Meet Judges  (Top)
 Event  Number  Name  Rating
 Floor  Judge 1  Daniel Furney  National
   Judge 2  Kandra Graham  National
 Horse  Judge 1  Daniel Furney  National
   Judge 2  Sandra Holsaple  National
 Rings  Judge 1  Celeste Hamil  National
   Judge 2  Reid Holbrook  National
 Vault  Judge 1  Reid Holbrook  National
   Judge 2  Dave Juszczyk  National
 Pbars  Judge 1  Jenna Karadbil  National
   Judge 2  Daniel Keating  National
 Bar  Judge 1  Daniel Keating  National
   Judge 2  Scott Kerns  National


 PLEASE NOTE: The meet is final and scores are official. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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