Donor Seating

Sooner Club members receive priority in the allocation of available season tickets each year. Typically a minimum donation of $100 per seat (plus ticket cost) is all that’s required to acquire new season tickets for football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball.

Donors interested in purchasing football or men's basketball season tickets will be included in the Sooner Seat Selection Process, which allows existing and new season ticket holders to log into an interactive, real-time website to view, add and change their seat locations. Requests for new women's basketball season tickets must be made in writing, either with your online donation or on the season ticket application form.

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and continues to make every effort to accommodate individuals consistent with both ADA and State of Oklahoma accessibility mandates. In addition, the University of Oklahoma strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities and has adopted the following ticket policies:

ADA Seating

The University of Oklahoma maintains ADA seating for all venues. View information on accessible seating online, call the Ticket Office at (405) 325-2424 or visit the office located on the plaza level of the Asp Avenue Parking Facility on the west side of Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

Elevator Passes

The season ticket holder must provide a doctor's note stating that an elevator is required due to a medical condition. This letter must be presented to the Ticket Office prior to the day of the event.

If you have specific questions or requests about seating locations for football or men’s or women’s basketball, please contact the Sooner Club at (405) 325-8000.