Priority Points

In an effort to more equitably serve Sooner Club members, a system was developed and implemented in 1995 to determine rankings for season ticket placement and acquiring tickets to high-demand events like the annual Red River Showdown, away games, postseason tournaments and championships, bowl games and other special events.

The Priority Point System is also used to allocate Sooner Club benefits like priority parking for Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball. Priority Points are calculated in April. Visit your online account to find out how many Priority Points you have.

Priority Points are broken down into the following categories:

Current Year Donation Points

All Sooner Club donations received in a current giving year are awarded three (3) priority points for every $100 received. Please note that priority points are awarded only when donations are received.

Past Years Donation Points

All priority points for Sooner Club donations received since the inception of the Priority Point System in 1995 appear in this category. Past gifts are awarded one (1) point for every $100 received. These points accumulate year after year and recognize the long-term financial commitment of our donors.

Ticket Loyalty Points

At the conclusion of the 2002-03 academic year, OU recognized its long-term season ticket holders with a one-time addition to their priority point total. A scale was developed and a priority point deposit was made to Sooner Club accounts based on a patron’s consecutive years of purchasing season tickets. Each account was analyzed and once it was determined which sport had the longest consecutive season ticket purchase, the addition was made.

Season Ticket Points

Beginning with the 2003-04 academic year, season ticket holders have been awarded one (1) priority point for every sport in which they purchase a season ticket. For example, if a patron had season tickets for football, women’s basketball and baseball, they would earn a total of three (3) priority points. Please note, one (1) priority point for every sport, not every ticket.

Sooner Loyalty Points

To reward our faithful supporters, season ticket holders earn priority points based upon their attendance at sports for which they hold season tickets. Sooner Loyalty Points are earned based upon the percentage of events attended over the course of each season. For example, if a football season ticket holder has four tickets and there are six games, all 24 tickets must be used to gain four points. These attendance points are earned regardless of who uses your tickets, if they are sold on Ticket Marketplace, or shared online via Ticket Sharing and used for entry to the event. At the conclusion of each season, your account will be credited with the appropriate number of priority points based upon the following scale:

Hall of Famer: 100% attendance (4 points)
National Champion: 85-99% (3 points) 
All-American: 73-84% (2 points)

Current Capital/Endowment Points

Every Sooner Club member has the opportunity to make financial contributions and commitments specifically directed toward OU’s capital and scholarship needs. The Sooner Club awards one (1) point for every $100 given or pledged toward an Athletics Department capital or scholarship endowment gift. 

Priority points for athletics’ capital or endowment gifts are awarded at the time of the gift or pledge. While regular Sooner Club donations are awarded priority points only upon receipt of the gift, athletics capital or endowment commitments are awarded priority points up front.

Booster Club Points

Several sports at the University of Oklahoma have their own booster clubs. These clubs exist to provide financial support that directly benefits the specified program. One (1) point for every $100 contributed is awarded for booster club giving. Points are recorded in the Past Years’ Donation Points category.

Touchdown Club Points

As the oldest and most prestigious sport booster program in the country, the Touchdown Club is in a class of its own. For Sooner Club members who maintain an annual membership in the Touchdown Club, 2.5 priority points are recorded in this category.