Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make a donation every year?
Yes.  If you made a donation to the Sooner Club in order to secure season tickets you must maintain the required annual minimum per seat donation for that seat location.  Minimum per seat donations may differ depending on your seat location.

Will I be able to renew the same seats each year?
Yes.  As long as you make the required minimum per seat donation for your seat location and renew your tickets by the deadline, you will be able to retain the season tickets in that location.  Sooner Club donations are typically due at the end of March, while season ticket renewals are due in mid-April each year.

How can I get better seats in future years?
Football and men's basketball season ticket holders will have the option of participating in the Sooner Seat Selection Process each year to examine available upgrade options.  Season ticket holders in other sports can request upgrades in writing to the Athletics Ticket Office.

When/How do I pay for my new season tickets?
New donors requesting football or men's basketball season tickets will be able to pay for their tickets as part of the Sooner Seat Selection Process. Donors that have submitted a request for women's basketball season tickets will be notified of their new seat location(s) and invoiced for their season tickets by the Athletics Ticket Office in October.

How do I get OU-Texas tickets?
Qualification for OU-Texas tickets is based on priority points.  All season ticket holders who fall above the priority point cutoff are offered the opportunity to purchase OU-Texas tickets.  Those who fall below the priority point cutoff will be automatically entered into a second chance lottery.  As a point of reference, the priority point cutoff for OU-Texas tickets in 2017 was 59 – meaning all season ticket holders with 59 or more priority points were offered the opportunity to purchase OU-Texas tickets.  The point cutoff will typically rise between 3-10 points each year as points continue to accumulate.

For a complete explanation of the OU-Texas seating process, click here.

How do I change the address/contact information on my account?
Please note any changes on order and request forms returned to the OU Athletics Ticket Office. You may also send a written request via email, fax, or mail to change your contact information. Please be sure to include your account number and your previous contact information. Address change deadlines will apply for specific events.

Where do I find my priority points total?
Your priority point total can be accessed via your online account. Please use your account number and password to log in. You will need to establish a password if you have not already done so.

How do I keep the seats I had last season?
Payment for tickets (and donations for donor seating areas) must be received by the renewal deadline in order to be eligible for the same seating location.

When will I receive my season tickets?
Season tickets are mailed between two and four weeks prior to the first home event. Individual game tickets are mailed up to 10 days prior to the event. Ticket orders received within ten (10) days of an event will be placed in Will Call. A photo ID is required to pick up tickets in Will-Call. Only the ticket holder may pick up tickets unless arrangements are made through the OU Athletics Ticket Office in advance.  

How can I request to sit with my friends?
Football and men’s basketball season ticket holders wishing to be seated together may do so by utilizing the Sooner Seat Selection Process. Each account holder is responsible for selecting his or her own seats. Everyone in the group will need to log in at the date and time of the last appointment scheduled among the group and select available seats next to each other at that time.
For women’s basketball season ticket accounts, indicate the names and account numbers of the individuals you would like to be seated with when completing an order form or request form. All parties must indicate their desire to be seated together and make the same request on their respective order forms. You may also fax or email your group seating request by the renewal or order deadline. Each party must make this request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When allocating seats for parties wishing to sit together, the location will be based on the party with the lowest priority point total.

What if I can’t attend a game or want to give my tickets to someone else?
The Athletics Ticket Office offers the Ticket Marketplace and Ticket Sharing programs as convenient methods to sell or share your tickets. OU's secondary ticket market is located on StubHub -- The Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of the Oklahoma Sooners. This exciting partnership allows you more freedom in pricing and number of posts, and allows you to reach a broader audience than ever before.

If you simply want to give your individual game tickets to friends or family, the Ticket Sharing program allows you to send your tickets electronically via email so that they may be conveniently printed and used. Tickets sold on Ticket Marketplace or shared with Ticket Sharing will be given attendance credit for those specific games.

If my tickets are sold on OU Ticket Marketplace, will I recoup the cost of the ticket?
Yes. When your tickets are purchased, you will receive a credit of 85% of the ticket’s sale price. Checks or credits to your PayPal account will be issued by StubHub to ticket holders who have sold tickets throughout the year.
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Do I have to use all of the tickets on my account for each game to receive 100 percent attendance credit?
Yes. Attendance percentages will be calculated based upon the use of all tickets associated with a particular account. For example, if Joe Fan has four (4) season football tickets, then he has 24 tickets (Four (4) season tickets x six (6) home football games = 24 tickets) which must be used for admission to receive 100% attendance credit.

Can I transfer my tickets?
Sooner Club and Ticket Office policy allows for a one-time transfer of season tickets to a direct family member (defined as a son, grandson, daughter or granddaughter) 18 years of age or older.

Only the opportunity to purchase the season tickets in the current location is transferred to the new account. Any priority points, matching OU/Texas tickets, etc. do not transfer. Transferred season tickets also are subject to the current annual per-seat donations associated with the seat location.

All benefits and priority points associated with the new account will be based solely on donations, attendance, etc., on the new account.

Appropriate documentation (birth certificate, etc.) must be submitted along with any transfer request and will be reviewed and verified by the Sooner Club and OU Athletics Ticket Office prior to completion of the transfer.

Tickets retained by the surviving spouse of a deceased season ticket holder do not count against the one-time transfer rule. However, we do ask that the family provide appropriate documentation so the name on the account can be updated.

How can I change the name(s) on an account due to marriage, divorce, or a death?
Provide the appropriate legal document (i.e. marriage license, divorce decree, death certificate, etc.) to the Sooner Club or Athletics Ticket Office in order to make any changes. You may fax, mail, or hand-deliver a copy for our records. We will make the changes to your account once the appropriate documentation has been received, verified, and processed. All transfer policies will be applicable to tickets that must be transferred.