OU Football History & Tradition
Updated May 17, 2019

Oklahoma has produced 166 first-team All-Americans since Claude Reeds first won the honor in 1913. Forty-five Sooners have earned All-America honors since 2000. No school in the history of college football has produced more unanimous All-Americans (35). No school has more consensus All-Americans (80) in the modern era.

*Consensus All-American | **Unanimous All-American

Year Name Position Jersey #
2018 Marquise Brown WR 5
  Kyler Murray QB 1
  Ben Powers* OL 72
2017 Mark Andrews** TE 81
  Orlando Brown** OL 78
  Baker Mayfield** QB 6
  Ogbonnia Okoronkwo LB/DE 31
2016 Dede Westbrook** WR 11
2015 Baker Mayfield QB 6
  Eric Striker LB 19
2013 Gabe Ikard* C 64
2011 Ryan Broyles* WR 85
2010 Ryan Broyles* WR 85
  Quinton Carter* S 20
2009 Gerald McCoy* DT 93
  Trent Williams* OT 71
2008 Sam Bradford* QB 14
  Jermaine Gresham TE 18
  Gerald McCoy DT 93
  Duke Robinson* OG 72
2007 Curtis Lofton* LB 10
  Duke Robinson* OG 72
2006 Rufus Alexander LB 42
2004 Jammal Brown** OT 55
  Vince Carter C 50
  Mark Clayton WR 9
  Dan Cody DE 80
  Adrian Peterson** RB 28
2003 Jammal Brown OT 55
  Mark Clayton WR 9
  Tommie Harris** DT 97
  Teddy Lehman** LB 11
  Antonio Perkins** RS 28
  Derrick Strait** CB 2
  Jason White** QB 18
2002 Brandon Everage FS 7
  Tommie Harris* DT 97
  Teddy Lehman* LB 11
2001 Rocky Calmus* LB 20
  Jeff Ferguson P 83
  Frank Romero OT 63
  Roy Williams** S 38
2000 Rocky Calmus* LB 20
  Josh Heupel* QB 14
  J.T. Thatcher* FS 15
1995 Cedric Jones DE  
1991 Joe Bowden LB  
1988 Anthony Phillips** OG 68
1987 Rickey Dixon* DB  
  Mark Hutson** OG  
  Keith Jackson** TE 88
  Dante Jones* LB 50
  Darrell Reed DE  
1986 Brian Bosworth** LB 44
  Mark Hutson OG  
  Keith Jackson** TE 88
  Anthony Phillips OG 68
1985 Brian Bosworth** LB 44
  Tony Casillas* NG 92
  Kevin Murphy DE  
1984 Tony Casillas* NG 92
1983 Rick Bryan** DT  
1982 Rick Bryan* DT  
1981 Terry Crouch* G  
1980 Terry Crouch G  
  Louis Oubre* T  
1979 George Cumby** LB  
  Billy Sims** RB 20
1978 Daryl Hunt LB  
  Reggie Kinlaw NG  
  Greg Roberts** G  
  Billy Sims** RB 20
1977 George Cumby LB  
  Zac Henderson** DB  
  Daryl Hunt LB  
  Reggie Kinlaw NG  
1976 Zac Henderson DB  
  Mike Vaughan** T  
1975 Billy Brooks SE  
  Jimbo Elrod* DE  
  Tinker Owens SE  
  Dewey Selmon* NG  
  Lee Roy Selmson** DT 93
  Mike Vaughan T  
  Joe Washington RB 24
  Terry Webb G  
1974 Kyle Davis C  
  Randy Hughes DB  
  Tinker Owens SE  
  John Roush* G  
  Dewey Selmon NG  
  Lee Roy Selmon DT 93
  Rod Shoate** LB  
  Joe Washington** RB 24
1973 Eddie Foster T  
  Lucious Selmon** NG 91
  Rod Shoate* LB  
1972 Tom Brahaney* C  
  Derland Moore T  
  Greg Pruitt** HB  
  Rod Shoate LB  
1971 Tom Brahaney* C  
  Jack Mildren QB  
  Greg Pruitt** RB  
1969 Ken Mendenhall C  
  Steve Owens** HB 36
  Steve Zabel TE  
1968 Steve Owens HB 36
1967 Bob Kalsu T  
  Granville Liggins** NG  
1966 Granville Liggins NG  
1965 Carl McAdams* LB  
1964 Carl McAdams LB  
  Ralph Neely* T  
1963 Jim Grisham* FB  
  Ralphy Neely T  
1962 Leon Cross G  
  Wayne Lee C  
  Joe Don Looney HB  
1959 Jerry Thompson G  
1958 Bob Harrison* C  
1957 Bill Krisher* G  
  Clendon Thomas* HB  
1956 Bill Krisher G  
  Ed Gray G  
  Tommy McDonald* HB  
  Jerry Tubbs** C  
1955 Bo Bolinger* G  
  Tommy McDonald HB  
1954 Max Boydston* E  
  Kurt Burris* C  
1953 J.D. Roberts* G  
1952 Tom Catlin C  
  Eddie Crowder QB  
  Buddy Leake PK  
  Buck McPhail FB  
  Billy Vessels* HB  
1951 Tom Catlin C  
  Jim Weatherall** T  
1950 Frankie Anderson E  
  Leon Heath* FB  
  Buddy Jones S  
  Jim Weatherall* T  
1949 Jim Owens E  
  Darrell Royal QB  
  George Thomas HB  
  Wade Walker T  
  Stanley West G  
1948 Buddy Burris* G  
  Jack Mitchell QB  
1947 Buddy Burris G  
1946 Plato Andros G  
  Buddy Burris G  
  John Rapacz C  
1939 Gilford Duggan T  
  Frank "Pop" Ivy E  
1938 Roland "Waddy" Young* E  
1937 Pete Smith E  
1935 J.W. "Dub" Wheeler T  
1934 Cassius Gentry T  
1927 Granville Norris T  
1920 Roy "Soupy" Smoot T  
  Phil White HB  
1915 Forest "Spot" Geyer FB  
1913 Claude Reeds FB  

*Conensus All-American: The NCAA defines consensus All-Americans as players who were accorded a majority of votes at their positions by the selectors. In the modern era of college football (since World War II), OU has produced more consensus All-Americans than any other school.
**Unanimous All-American: Unanimous selections designated by the NCAA by being named by all five official selectors: FWAA, AFCA, AP, Walter Camp and Sporting News. No school in the nation has produced more unanimous All-Americans than Oklahoma. Unanimous All-Americans are also Consensus All-Americans.

OU Football History & Tradition