Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

Nov. 14, 2008

Oklahoma Head Coach Jeff Capel
Opening comment:
“I feel good about this win. We beat a good team. American is a team that is going to win a lot of games, it is a team that you will see in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. They are going to continue to get better. They have a kid out with experience who they’ll get back in a few games.

“I thought we did some good things, especially on the defensive end early in the game of limiting Garrison Carr. We wanted to have an awareness for him and I thought we did that. To hold them to 6-of-22 from three, that was one of the big things we talked about. To me I thought that was only way they could beat us – making 3’s. I thought we had great attention to detail there.

“To start the game, we were taking some 3’s. (We) had some good looks and we weren’t making them. Finally, we started playing inside-out against the zone and got them out of it a little bit and were able to score the ball. Obviously, we shot a good percentage in the first half. We were able to take a lead into halftime and I thought our first group to start the second half did pretty good.”

On Cade Davis’s shooting performance:
“It helped us a lot. One of the things Cade does every time he’s in the game – and he did this last year – he just gives you energy. It just feels like a little bit of electricity, like a jolt to the team. He is very, very valuable to us, not just the fact that he makes shots. I thought he did a tremendous job defensively on Garrison Carr. That is really good to see that he can guard guys like that. I thought he did a good job fighting through screens, being there on the catch against them, not giving them open looks. I thought he had a really good performance today.”

On Ryan Wright’s first game since 2006-07 playing for UCLA:
“If we can get this out of Ryan every game, nine (points) and five (rebounds) – and he got that in 13 minutes – he is going to continue to get more minutes for us and do some really good things. Again, he has to do a better job on the defensive boards. We can’t just depend on Blake for that. I thought Ryan did some really good things and he will start to finish more plays down there as he knocks the dust off.”

Sophomore Forward Blake Griffin
On the physical nature of the game:
“That is exactly what we wanted to do and what we had been talking about all week. We really wanted to get in their guards’ faces because they have two really talented guards. We did a great job, but especially our guards did a great job of getting up there and not letting them get a lot of 3’s and making them have to dribble down the floor.”

On the lift that Cade Davis delivered upon entering the game:
“He was a huge lift. Anytime we can have someone come off the bench and bring the energy he does, it gives us a fresh start. That is something we need from him all season and he is very capable of doing that. Even when he is not hitting he gives us a lift off the bench.”

On his first career 3-point make:
“It felt really good. At first I hesitated on the first couple trips (down the court) and I passed them up. Coach told me to shoot it and I kind of looked at him like, ‘Are you sure?’ He said, ‘Can you make it?’ I said, ‘Yes sir.’”

On his frustration at the free throw line:
“I felt like I had gotten considerably better at the free throw line this year (from) last year. I think part of it may have been nerves. I was pretty pumped up for this game. I just have to do a better job of staying calm and going through my routine and doing it how I do every day, like I do in practice or when I shoot free throws.”

Sophomore Guard Cade Davis
On coming off the bench:
“That is the coach’s decision, and I will wait my turn like everybody else. But when he does call my name I have to be ready to go out there and provide what these guys are looking for from me.”

On being more comfortable in his second season:
“I am a lot more confident, the game has slowed down. But I definitely feel more comfortable and at ease out there. I know my role a little better and I just try to do that every night. ”

American Head Coach Jeff Jones
On the loss:
“Tonight was just an old-fashioned butt-kickin’ and Oklahoma beat us about every way you can beat a team. I was definitely disappointed in how we played, but certainly impressed with Oklahoma. They are even more physically imposing than we thought they were.”

On Cade Davis off the bench:
“Cade Davis adds another element to OU’s team. He’s not the stereotype shooter. He just lets them fly and definitely understands why he is going into the game.”

On the Griffin brothers:
“The Griffins are just terrific on the offensive board. They are big and strong, yet agile, about as aggressive going to the boards as any four and five duo that I have seen. “

On reasons for loss:
“We didn’t make our shots, but that is certainly not the only reason we lost by 30 or 40 points tonight. It isn’t like Oklahoma came out on fire, we had our chances to be in the game. They just played harder than we did and created 15 turnovers, 13 of which were steals, meaning we didn’t do a good enough job of protecting the basketball.”