Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

Jan. 24, 2009


OU Head Coach Jeff Capel
Opening comment:
“First of all I am really proud of this win. I thought that was maybe a complete of a first half as we have played all season long. The way we shot it, the way we moved the ball and really the way we defended. That is what I am most pleased with about this whole game. Baylor is such an explosive offensive team and they were one of the leaders in our league in field goal percentage, and to hold them under 40 percent for the game was really good. I am really proud of this win. We beat a good team and have a quick turnaround. We have to get ready to play another explosive offensive team in Oklahoma State on Monday.”

On if he’s seen anything from Juan Pattillo lately to indicate he might have this kind of a performance:
“I saw it yesterday in practice. He played today like he practiced yesterday. This has been a really tough thing for Juan, for all of us. He made the decision to get out of the redshirt and play against Texas. The next two games – it didn’t really happen like he envisioned it happening. There was maybe some doubt. You can’t play this game with doubt. You have to be fully committed and all in.”

On OU’s defensive effort:
“Our guys did a really good job. We knew coming in what they were going to do. We know how they played, their style and we knew the characteristics of their guys. Guys have to sit down and defend, guys have to have pride in that. I thought we did a good job of that.

“Juan came in and gave us a boost. He is a guy we feel like we can put him on four different positions and he can defend them effectively. We put him on Kevin Rogers some but then he did a really good job on (Curtis) Jerrells for the most part.”

On Willie Warren’s offensive play:
“It was huge. I hated that he got in foul trouble because it was going to be one of those afternoons that I have seen him have many times, whether it was in high school, (against) Arkansas or Davidson. He was attacking and one of the things I talked to Willie about earlier at shootaround today is that I didn’t recruit you to a be a role player. I need you to attack and I need you to do that with a sense of urgency on both ends of the floor.”

On Oklahoma State:
“I know they run, they score. Having James Anderson and Byron Eaton, two McDonald’s All-Americans coming back, having Terrel Harris with the year he is having, and then Obi (Muonelo) – they could very easily be undefeated right now in this league if a couple of things happen here or there towards the end of the game. I think they are a very offensive team. They can cause some problems with their pressure on defense. It’s odd matchups, but I think their fans are excited about it and they should be.”

Sophomore Forward Blake Griffin
On Willie Warren hitting shots early and how that affected the posts:
“It helped a lot. It helped that everybody was involved and playing well at the beginning. It opens it up inside, like it always does.”

On the performance of junior Juan Pattillo:

“I think he takes us to another level. Like you saw on missed shots, just him coming in and crashing the boards, rebounding, making key stops on defense and just pressuring people. It gives them a lot of problems. ” 

On if OU hitting shots from the outside helped the inside game:
“Definitely. It opens up things. It allows them not to sag down in the lane and pack it. It just made the flow of the game go a lot better.”

Senior Forward Taylor Griffin
On how OU was so successful in the first half:
“I think we came out playing really good defense. We are a pretty good offensive team. We can really make stuff happen. The key to it was we came out and played great defense.”

On the performance of junior Juan Pattillo: 
“We know how talented he is, but nobody else really knew or has gotten to see it yet. That’s the reason he’s here. He helps us tremendously.

“The best thing about Juan is that he can guard anybody on the floor. He can guard the five-man, because he is long and athletic. He can guard the point guard, because he’s quick and really athletic.”

On OU’s defensive performance:
“We just played our defense. We really didn’t do a whole lot different. We didn’t put a whole lot of special stuff in for Baylor. We just played Oklahoma defense, and when we put in the effort, we talk and hustle on defense, that is what we can do. Baylor is an excellent offensive team.”

Freshman Guard Willie Warren
On his comfort level taking the outside shot:
“It has gotten a lot better. Coach (Capel) has really been pushing me by making me make 500 jump shots a day. So it has really worked out.”

On if he was looking for his shot more in this game than previously:
“I was looking for it a lot more. Coach Capel and Coach O (Taliaferro) talked to me and said they didn’t recruit me to be a role player. They told me to just go out there and play my game. I’m a scorer and my passing helps me to score.”

Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew
Opening statement:
“Oklahoma really played well, especially in the first half and by the time we got back into it it was obviously too late. They just made shots. The encouraging thing for us is that we had some looks that we don’t normally have, but again, they played extremely well. Blake (Griffin) continues to show why he is the best player in the country.”

On Baylor’s defensive play:
“Whether it be man or zone, they are good in transition. They were able to get some easy buckets early on and we have to get better in transition.”

On Oklahoma doing things differently on offense:
“They got more transition buckets than we anticipated. They are usually a half-court team and we didn’t think that would be as big of a problem as it was. Again, I just think they just got some shots early and too often.”

Senior Guard Curtis Jerrells
On defending Oklahoma:
“They were able to make plays. They were able to get open and they got a lot of early shots.”

On what Baylor did offensively:
“We got to the paint. As far as the guards, we just tried to get to the rim. Again, we usually try to get back in transition; you know, make layups or get rebounds.”

On guarding the Griffin brothers:
“It was very difficult. They give people trouble night in and night out. You have to come up with something to keep them from taking control of the game.”