Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

Nov. 22, 2008

OU Head Coach Jeff Capel
Opening comment:
“We feel very fortunate to get this win. I thought Gardner-Webb was tremendous all afternoon long and I thought they played with a sense of urgency. They played like a team who was desperate and hungry for a win. The first two games they have lost by a combined total of four points and had a chance in both games.  We played like a team that just thought we had to show up. 

“Gardner-Webb is good and they knocked us back. Their players were terrific. I thought we showed some character in the last five minutes. We made some plays and got some stops. We found a way to win out of the hole we were in. We didn’t shoot the ball well today. They stayed in a zone and we just couldn’t find the basket.”

More on the game:
 “They played us tough in New York last year. It was a back-and-forth game for the majority of the first half. It was a very similar game like last year. They were terrific and we got a really big-time performance from Blake (Griffin). We have to do a better job making shots. I thought we got some clean looks today, but we have to do a better job making shots.”

On Cade Davis not playing:
“Cade (Davis) turned his ankle in practice yesterday. We weren’t sure if he would be ready (until) right before the game. Cade is our best shooter. He is a guy that makes shots and really helps us. He is a great complement to Blake and the rest of our guys. I thought Ray Willis stepped up in the first half and made a couple shots.”

Sophomore Forward Blake Griffin
On the game:
"We came out flat and we have to give a lot of credit to Gardner-Webb. They played and executed really well. For the first 36 minutes they wanted it more than us. But we did a good job in the last three to four minutes of actually bearing down and playing, and hopefully learned a lesson."

"I don't think we took them lightly, I just don't think we were as ready to play as we should have been. We didn't have a sense of urgency."

On the team keeping its composure:
"We really work in practice on holding it together at the end. There were some moments that we almost broke down and started pointing fingers today, but we didn't and I think for the most part we held it together at the end."

On getting away from the inside game in the second half:
"That's something I'm sure Coach (Capel) will address. I thought we shot well in the first half, but in the second we just kept shooting and shooting. But Willie (Warren) did a great job of penetrating, getting in the lane, drawing defenders and either finishing or dishing it off. I told him after the game that he needed to do that every single time because no one can stop him on the dribble drive."

Head Coach Rick Scruggs
“Todays game came down to too much Blake Griffin on the court. We just couldn’t handle him and didn’t have anybody that could match up with him. I thought our guys put a great effort together. This is the third game we have not had our whole team together. We still have one starter out and we just got one guy back today, who wasn’t full speed. I’m not trying to make excuses. I think we are going to get better as the year goes on. Oklahoma -- they answered the call. When they got down we were hoping they would panic but they didn’t. They kept it cool and calm and showed what a well coached team they are and what kind of competitor they are.”

On winning at Kentucky last year, and if it helps them coming into Oklahoma:
“It helps and it hurts. It helps in the fact that we obviously don’t get to go through the media attention quite like Oklahoma or Kentucky. We got a chance to put this school on the map a little bit last year. We lost a great player off of last year’s team, in Thomas Sanders, and Nate Blank, our freshman of the year, is not with us. He’s hurt right now, but hopefully he will be with us Monday. These games have helped us a tremendous amount in that we are used to playing in front of big crowds. We usually don’t get intimidated when we go into conference play.

“It does our program a world of good to come in and play in front of that kind of fan support that you have here. To play against a player like Griffin, you just don’t see those guys in our league very often, thank goodness.”

On getting to go to the football game tonight:
“Our kids get to go to the game tonight. An experience like that you can’t put into words. It was great of Oklahoma to get us tickets for tonight. Of course when they gave them to us I don’t know if they realized the implications of tonight. They (OU) got us tickets and we’re going to be there rooting for Oklahoma tonight. If I had an Oklahoma sweatshirt I would wear it.”