The OU Athletics Department

The University of Oklahoma Athletics Department inspires champions today and prepares leaders for tomorrow by providing an excellent environment to enable student-athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic and personal aspirations.

Core Values

These core values help us bring Sooner M.A.G.I.C. to everything we do:



The University of Oklahoma Department of Athletics promotes excellence in athletics without compromising excellence in academics or integrity in its commitment to rules or conduct. Student-athletes are encouraged by the coaching and administrative staff to maintain a balance between athletics, academics, and the social aspects of college.
It is believed that athletic participation gives an added dimension to the student's overall college experience and provides an opportunity for social, moral, emotional, and cultural growth and development.
The athletic programs strive to create traits that once acquired will carry over and benefit student-athletes in their personal and professional endeavors. OU maintains a tradition of excellence in intercollegiate athletics.
The Department of Athletics continues to uphold this tradition by striving to make each athletic team and individual of championship caliber. Its staff members work to instill in student-athletes an appreciation for hard work, perseverance, and pride in accomplishment. It is believed these attributes will be utilized throughout the student-athlete's life.

Operating Principles

Based on the above philosophy and mission statement, the Department of Athletics operates under the following principles in pursuit of excellence in all endeavors:
To support student-athletes in achieving academic, athletic, and personal aspirations through the use of all financial, physical, and human resources. To identify and maintain a coaching staff committed to the best in athletic instruction, program management, support of academic mission, integrity, and possessing the ability to motivate, inspire and support the student-athlete.
To sponsor sport programs consistent with the requirements of the NCAA, Big Twelve Conference, and the University of Oklahoma. To produce athletic teams of national championship caliber engendering pride to the University and State of Oklahoma.
To adhere to the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations set forth by the University of Oklahoma, NCAA, The Big Twelve Conference, and all local, state, and federal laws. To adhere to the OU principles of equal opportunity in programs and employment.
To provide programs and training for the safety and welfare of all student-athletes, staff, spectators, and others related to Department activities and events. To exercise fiscal responsibility throughout the Athletics Department.
To positively and effectively communicate accomplishments, activities, and events that engages our constituents in active participation in response to our programs. To provide the opportunity and encourage service to the community.
To respect and appreciate the variety of constituents who have a stake in the success of our mission. To foster a positive relationship among those who have a stake in the success of our mission to include but are not limited to:
The University Community
Alumni (including former Student-Athletes)
The Student Body
The Conference Office and Game Officials