Three Points: Summer Rolls On

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

NORMAN -- The Sooners continue to gear up for the 2018-19 season.

In our second installment of "Three Points" for the 2018-19 season, Ana Llanusa, Mandy Simpson and Aspen Williston discuss the team's workouts through the summer, how OU's returners are mentoring the newcomers and who has made a big impact on the court.


Ana Llanusa
1. On the things she is teaching the newcomers:
“The first thing I’m letting them know is to go out there and play your game. The coaches recruited them for a reason. Last year, that’s what we did. We knew the coaches recruited us for a reason and what those reasons were. To shine bright and do what you know how to do.”

2. On summer workouts:
“It’s been great. I feel like we’re really connected. We hang out off the court and on the court. I think that makes our connection on the court a lot better. It’s been fun growing with them.”

3. What is the one you're trying to improve on the most from your freshman year to sophomore year:
“Last year, it was defense and I’m still trying to work on my defense and staying in front of people.”


Mandy Simpson

1. On what practice has been like so far:
“It’s been interesting to see what everyone has, talent-wise, and what everyone’s individual skills are. I think the freshmen are finding their place and where they fit into their offense. It’s been fun to watch and play as a group and get to know each other skill-wise and get back on the court.”

2. On the freshmen class:
“I think, as a freshman class, you guys just get so comfortable on and off the court so it’s a little easier to play with your freshman class just because you know each other so well and how you move on and off the ball. Me, Shaina (Pellington), and Ana (Llanusa) play so well together, and I think we can transfer that over to the freshmen and get them comfortable with one another and take that into next year and the following years.”

3. On how the returning post players have helped out the incoming bigs:
“I think the biggest thing as a freshman post is learning the physicality of the Big 12. Trying to teach them that early and teach them that you have to get in there and how physical you have to be to get shots up and how physical you have to be to get rebounds and stop your opponent.”


Aspen Williston

1. On learning from OU's other post players:
"It's been fun. (Ijeoma Odimgbe and Mandy Simpson) have taught me a lot. They have spent a lot of time trying to help me learn the offense and defense. It's been really helpful."

2. On the biggest adjustment from high school to college:
"Definitely the one-on-one (matchups) and the speed of the game. It's all really different. I've grown a lot. Everyone is rooting for me back home to succeed and I'm really glad I came to OU."

3. On the one member of the freshman class that has stood out to you:
"Jessi (Murcer). She's fast and can get to the basket. She's a really good shooter too. Jessi is like dynamtie. She's explosive and really does a lot things really well."

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