Hartman Continues to Climb the Coaching Ranks

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

NORMAN –  When former Sooner point guard Jasmine Hartman walked back into the women’s basketball practice facility for OU’s annual fall coaches clinic, she immediately felt at home.

Hartman spent countless hours in the Sooners’ practice gym during her time at Oklahoma from 2009-13. She holds the record for most games played an OU player and was a part of two teams that reached the Final Four in 2009 and 2010.

But if you would have asked her during her playing days that she would have entered the coaching world, Hartman would have told you that was not originally her plan.

"Being at Oklahoma matured me as a person and as an athlete. As a teammate, you do whatever is needed with the whole team in mind," Hartmand said. “It was that way at Oklahoma. I remember taking a walk-on player and guiding her along in 2010, and coach (Sherri) Coale told me then she knew I would be a coach.”

After coaching at the middle school level, Hartman got the chance to move to Liberty High School where she served as head coach for three seasons. If you watch her team, you can tell she has implemented many of things she learned during her time at OU. Now a new opportunity awaits. She will serve as the head coach at Dobie High School in Houston starting this season. 

Hartman was back in Norman for a Sooner Sessions Coaching Clinic last fall. Here’s a Q&A with the former point guard:

On what got her into coaching:

“My way of getting into the coaching situation came a little out of the ordinary, I just received a phone call asking me to come for an interview saying, ‘Hey would you like to come for an interview, and we’re looking for a coach’. It way out of town and I live about an hour away. It was a small school called Devers Middle School. I went for the interview and actually liked it there and took the job and that was my first step into coaching. I was coaching all sports, and I truly enjoyed it, but I do love basketball.

“I had a tournament at Devers and the Liberty High Schools athletics coordinator came to the tournament and liked what I was doing, they were looking for another coach because they were 1-11 at the time, so I took that position as the head basketball coach at Liberty High School after that season. It was almost like it was meant to be. I’ve been around the game forever, it’s what I know, and it’s what I like to do. Coach Coale taught me a lot of basketball, I was a point guard, it was meant to be.”

On her coaching style:

“I still implement a lot of our fundamentals, especially footwork and passing. I don’t know another program that does that. And I think it really helps to prevent turnovers. I stick to that and I’m religious with that and I believe in (Coach Coale’s) system and philosophy.”

On coming back to OU:

“It’s surreal, when I got back I took a tour around the Lloyd Noble Center and I was nearly in tears because I couldn’t believe the things we had done as a whole. To get back and to see that was perfect timing because we were off and about to start basketball season. It’s great to come back and get your start from where it all started.”

On her time at OU:

“I knew what I was getting into. I knew that if I was offered a scholarship that I would take it. I knew what we could be and Oklahoma was known, they were winning Big 12 Championships at the time and it wasn’t too far from home, I could go see Texas family, but I was interested in how we were going to come about in the 2008-2009 season. Having Courtney (Paris), I wanted to play with someone of her caliber and I knew I’d love to go to the Final Four. And we did go to the Final Four, we came up short, but I created a lot of relationships. I learned a lot and have a lot of great memories, great leaders like Carolyn Winchester, she’s amazing. I know she was injured that year, but she still took it upon herself to have that role. Everyone had a role and we had to do it so that was just the start of it.”

On being a point guard at Oklahoma:

“It’s very intense, it’s not a bad thing, if anything you want to be hard on your point guards and Coach Coale was a point guard and that really sets to perspective and that was really sent down to me because I’m hard on my point guards as I teach them the game of basketball, I take ownership in that part.

“As a point guard, you should know every part of the game, every position, how it’s supposed to be ran, and you have to take command of the team. The coach can’t give you any advice because it’s loud in the arena. I truly enjoyed it, I think it just helps you take command and the leadership factor helps you a lot.”