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A winning edge is the objective of the Oklahoma strength and conditioning staff and, with the cooperation of coaches and the student-athletes, championship performances can be attained through hard work and determination.
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The University of Oklahoma strength and conditioning staff is dedicated to providing a totally sound strength and conditioning program for both male and female student-athletes. 


The objective of the strength and conditioning program is to ensure each student-athlete in every sport is provided with sound in-season and off-season programs. This program of activity includes strength, conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition.
A strength and conditioning coordinator for each sport is provided to allow athletes the ability to reach the highest training levels.
In order for all student-athletes to perform at a championship level, the staff commits itself to providing the strength, confidence, and durability to compete at the highest levels of intercollegiate competition.
A winning edge is the objective of the strength and conditioning staff and, with the cooperation of coaches and the student-athletes, championship performances can be attained through hard work and determination.


Our staff takes great pride in providing a very intensive in-season program. We believe this intensive program helps maintain greater overall body strength and conditioning levels during the season. By maintaining strength in the muscles and connective tissues throughout the season, we will decrease the potential for injuries.
The off-season program is also extremely intensive. Specific areas addressed during the off-season are speed, strength, power, agility, fundamentals, and nutrition. We are committed to being in full compliance with NCAA rules concerning time allocation for student-athletes and voluntary workouts during the off-season.

During the school year, our staff provides on-site assistance to our student-athletes. We have made a dedicated effort to be available to our teams at the practice site during their workouts. While attending every workout for every team is impossible for our staff, we attempt to cover as many practices as possible. When not present, it is our desire to instill a stretching/pre-practice routine that the coaching staff can facilitate. We also take great pride in developing a voluntary summer workout program for student-athletes in all sports.

Our interaction with the nutritional consultants on campus is essential. By having the privilege to eat at Wagner Dining Center, we can gain first-hand knowledge of the food our student-athletes are eating daily. We have an open channel of communication with the dining staff. This allows our student-athletes to have a winning edge with a sound nutrition program.

Physical Welfare

Because your physical well-being is essential to your success, both as a student and as an athlete, it is important that you maintain a solid balance among your working, sleeping and eating habits.
The Athletics Department feels a strong responsibility to help you reach and maintain your optimum health and achieve conditioning goals. For this reason, it has developed excellent training and conditioning programs to lessen the possibility of injuries. However, should these occur, the department is committed to a comprehensive rehabilitation program.
You are encouraged to reach and maintain the best physical condition possible. Your coaches, athletic trainers, and the strength and conditioning coach will put together a conditioning program tailored to your specific needs.

OU Weight Room Rules

1. Proper technique is essential for every exercise.
2. Proper placement of all weights is essential. All weights have a rack for placement. Always keep weights off the floor.
3. Proper attire is required. OU-issued shirt, shoes, and shorts are required. No tank tops or stretch tights allowed.
4. A spotter is mandatory when conducting heavy free bar exercises.
5. Do not move weight equipment from its designated area. Return weight belts to proper location.
6. Student-athletes are in weight room to lift.
7. No food or beverage is allowed in the weight room.
8. If a student cannot make his/her scheduled lifting or running session, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete to contact the appropriate Strength and Conditioning Coordinator.
9. Follow your computer program in the order it is printed out.
10. Any unexcused absence from a scheduled session will result in a makeup lifting and/or conditioning session.