Siegfried Strength Complex

Siegfried Strength Complex
Siegfried Strength Complex
Located in the Switzer Center, the state-of-the-art 13,000 square-foot Siegfried Strength & Conditioning Complex facilitates the intensive training of OU student-athletes.
Oklahoma Athletics Strength & Conditioning
Oklahoma's weight training program is a pioneer in the development of strength and conditioning, and is a vital part of the Sooners' traditional success. OU strength and conditioning coaches utilize their expertise along with a wide array of equipment and tests to produce national championship-caliber athletes.
Evaluation, goal-oriented programs, supervision and state-of-the-art facilities help Oklahoma athletes become bigger, faster, stronger and more flexible. The Robin Siegfried & Family Strength and Conditioning Complex, located in the Barry Switzer Center, has 13,000 square feet to facilitate the intensive training of OU athletes.
Jerry Schmidt, director of sports enhancement, says the Complex is a state-of-the-art facility where athletes work closely with five full-time staff members. "Oklahoma recognizes the importance of conditioning, "says Schmidt. "This facility is reflective of that commitment."
The objective of the strength and conditioning program is to ensure each student athlete in every sport is provided with a sound in-season and off-season program. This program of activity includes strength, conditioning, flexibility and nutrition. A strength and conditioning coordinator for each sport is provided to assist athletes in reaching the highest possible training levels.
The OU strength and conditioning staff takes great pride in providing a very intensive program that helps maintain greater overall body strength and conditioning levels during the season. By maintaining strength in the muscles and connective tissues throughout the season, the potential for injuries decreases.
The off-season program is also extremely intensive. Speed, strength, power, agility, fundamentals and nutrition are addressed. The OU staff is committed to full compliance with NCAA rules concerning time allocation for student athletes and voluntary workouts during off-season periods.
The staff's interaction with the nutritional consultants on campus is essential. The staff maintains an open channel of communication with the dining staff at the Jefferson Dining Hall. This interaction enables the strength and conditioning staff to ensure that OU athletes receive a winning edge with a sound nutrition program.
"Our goal is to get the student-athletes in their best condition," says Schmidt. "That condition will give Oklahoma an edge at the end of a game. Top of the line conditioning is what it takes to be a Sooner athlete. Running, lifting and good nutrition must be kept in a balance. All these components must be in place for an athlete to compete at the highest level."
Located at the south end of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the Barry Switzer Center houses administrative offices, the football locker room, the equipment room, the 8,000-square-foot Sports Medicine Facility and the 7,000-square-foot Touchdown Club Legends Lobby in addition to the Siegfried Strength and Conditioning Complex.
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