The Finalists

Gail Jones

"I'm sooner born & bred by three true #1 OU fans who taught me to always support our team. Since I was an infant I would watch the OU games with both my grandfathers & my dad until the days they passed away. Now I have the honor of raising my baby girl Miranda to be a bigger OU fan than all of us! She never got to meet my dad, but she tells everyone she's an OU fan like her grandpa because she wants to be like him and her grandfather's.

Miranda's favorite person in life was our Papa (her great-grandfather) who was extremely excited when he found out she was showing signs of being able to be a pitcher at 2 years old, and she has continued to enjoy playing in little league teams ever since she was old enough to join. Every day they talked to him he told them how excited he was for her to play softball one day and hopefully get to play on the OU team.  Luckily my grandmothers are huge OU fans too so my daughter gets to hear all the silly storied of all of us watching football games when I was a kid and how rowdy we would get!

OU games are a time that means our family is together & we are cheering on our team no matter how far away I might be stationed! Watching all of our OU teams from anywhere in the world brings all of us fans home, even if only for a few hours. Getting to watch the games with my daughter and build our memories together as I did with my dad and grandfathers are the best days next to when we get to come home and go to campus for a few hours! I am truly lucky to be sooner born & bred. I now I get to raise my daughter by those words that mean love, family, quality time, passion, heritage, and community support forever to us. BOOMER SOONER!!

Gail has been serving in the Air Force for 10 years. She's gotten to cheer on OU from places like Korea, Virginia, and Nevada with her military family who has shown her that no matter where they are in the world, they always find another OU fan to enjoy supporting her team with!

Robby Whiteley

I don't know if there truly is a #1 OU fan? There are so many fans like myself who can tell the same story. I grew up in Oklahoma, I lived in Oklahoma for 40 years, and I am an Alumni of The University of Oklahoma. I listened to OU football as a boy on the radio, before games were routinely televised. I remember my first OU home game and the electricity back in the 60's.

I have attended over 40 OU-Texas games even though I have lived outside of Oklahoma for over 25 years. Upon retirement I have traveled from North Carolina to Norman (1260 miles) for all home game. I fly my OU flag on all game days. I currently tailgate with a college buddy at the Duck Pond. I wear OU gear when I travel and have heard "Boomer Sooner" from others in London and Rome not to mention all across the U.S.

Someone asked me "Do all your clothes had the OU logo on them?" I replied, "No, but I wish they did!" My license plate reads: "OKSOONER." My son and daughter-in-law scheduled their wedding day around an OU-Texas game just for me. I have collected all but one or two Sports Illustrated with OU players on the cover. My wish when I die is to have part of my ashes spread on Owen Field. As the saying goes, "I bleed crimson and cream."

Robby Whiteley has sat in the "boss's chair" (referring to Lincoln Riley's office). Some of his favorite memories were getting to step foot on Owen Field with Joe Washington. He has been a part of adopting a highway with the OU Alumni Club of Raleigh. He loves traveling so naturally he attended the Final Four when OU was competing for the championship. Robby graduated from OU with a Pharmacy degree in 1976. He even has a paver in the courtyard or the Student Union to commemorate.

Ed & Teresa Trope

Nominated by their son, Josh Trope.

The crisp smell of corndogs at the State Fair of Texas, proudly flying the Crimson and Cream on the front porch at the crack of dawn, and wearing your favorite Sooner hat to celebrate touchdowns or help your neighbor clean up after a tornado are but a few reasons why Oklahoma has the best program and fans in college football, both filled with Oklahoma pride. But, what does it take to be called the Sooners #1 Fan? Is it season tickets, memorabilia, or the degree? No, it's none of that. What makes someone the #1 fan is the lasting memories we share with our family, friends, and fans in Sooner Nation along the way. For me, it's clear and simple: I'm not the #1 fan. I know, ironic for a contest that asks you why you are. Instead, I want to talk about the persons who are the #1 fans: my mom and dad.

Mom and Dad have been humbly married 35 years. They proudly wear their crimson and cream as they help create memories at the Cotton Bowl and the fair, bundling up at the stadium for Bedlam, unwrapping OU themed gifts on Christmas morning, or calling every two minutes during the games to say how proud they are of the boys. A random text message saying "I love you! Boomer!" People always talk about why football, a sport above all else, is so important. They go as far as scheduling important life milestones around that football schedule. It's wonderful people, like my mom and dad, who help shape memories that I can look back at fondly with an interest in our favorite team that we all enjoy."

While Teresa and Ed were dating, he took her to her first OU game, which happened to be OU-Texas. OU won and Ed took her for a victory dinner at the Old San Francisco Steakhouse in Dallas. Since that first game, whenever OU won, the family would go and eat steak. Teresa Trope's earliest OU memory was listening to her grandma watch the games from the kitchen. Teresa says she has a tradition with Ed every Christmas where he brings her a new OU ornament to place on the Trope Christmas tree.

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