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The University of Oklahoma Athletics Compliance Department (“Compliance”) has prepared this website for coaches and support staff to simplify the NCAA, Big 12, and institutional procedures for keeping accurate records during the recruitment of prospective student athletes. Each member of the Athletics Department is expected to conduct all recruiting activities in a manner that upholds the mission and ethical standards of the University of Oklahoma and the Athletics Department. We all have a responsibility to oversee and implement the proper education, policies, and enforcement to ensure that these standards are being followed and maintained.

2013-2014 NCAA Manual

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Coaches & Athletics Department Staff
Below are links to rules education materials and many of the interdepartmental compliance forms that are used daily by coaches and Athletics Department staff.

National Letter of Intent Page

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NCAA Bylaw: 10.02.1 - Sports Wagering
Sports wagering includes placing, accepting or soliciting a wager (on a staff member's or student-athlete's own behalf or on the behalf of others) of any type with any individual or organization on ant intercollegiate, amateur or professional team or contest. Examples of sports wagering include, but are not limited to, the use of a bookmaker or parlay card; Internet sports wagering; auctions in which bids are placed on teams, individuals or contests; and pools or fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize.  

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Drug Policy
NCAA Bylaw 11.1.4 - Use of Tobacco Products.
The use of tobacco products is prohibited by all game personnel (e.g., coaches, trainers, managers and game officials) in all sports during practice and competition. Uniform penalties (as determined by the applicable rules-making committees and sports committees with rules-making responsibilities) shall be established for such use.

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