PROS: Psychological Resources
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If you feel that you and/or your team could benefit from any of the services PROS offers, please make an appointment by calling our office in the Prentice Guatt Academic Center at (405) 325-8535, or through your Athletic Trainer, Academic Advisor or Coach.

 Psychological Resources  (405) 325-8535    
 Name  Position  (405) 325-
 Dr. Nicki Moore  Sr. Assoc. A.D. for Student Life  3138  nmoore
 Dr. Carmen Tebbe-Priebe  Director   0190  ctebbe
 Dr. Kacey Oiness  Assistant Director / Staff  Psychologist  0226  koiness
 Dr. Cody Commander  Staff Psychologist   3015  ccommander
 Dr. Shawn Zeplin  Post-Doctoral Fellow  3633  shawnzeplin
 Ricki Walker  Post-Doctoral Fellow  0226  richelle.walker
 Mel Gollick  Pre-Doctoral Intern   3633  melissa.gollick
 Bryan Ray  Pre-Doctoral Intern  1993  bray
 Hannah Smith  Psychology Graduate Assistant   8535  smithhm
 Lauren Craig   Psychology Graduate Assistant  8535  lauren.craig

Please mail any correspondence to:
Psychological Resources for OU Student Athletes
University of Oklahoma
180 W. Brooks
Norman, OK 73019