Cherokee Nation | Healthy Minute
As part of the Cherokee Nation's initiative to encourage healthy eating and exercise, OU's strength and conditioning staff will provide Sooner fans with healthy living tips throughout the 2012 football season. Please continue to check back for the latest tips.
No. 1 - Exercising Outdoors
No. 2 - Supplements
No. 3 - Warming Up
No. 4 - RICE
No. 5 - Tailgating Tips
No. 6 - Most Important Meal
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The Cherokee Nation has launched a new community-based campaign encouraging healthy eating and exercise. The Cherokee Challenge issues a call to individuals and families to become healthy and active throughout the year. It offers a variety of activities and training tips for exercise and active living.

As part of the campaign, Cherokee Nation Healthy Nation will sponsor a series of races, fun runs and walks in various communities over the coming months, with a final challenge to race with Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith in the Tulsa Run in October.