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University of Oklahoma
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"My congratulations and ours as a team to Oklahoma State: Big 12 Champions. They obviously don't need to be worrying about sharing the trophy with anybody. They played an excellent game and deserved and won a big game.
"Looking at us, I'm very disappointed in what we were able to do. The game, you look at it, it's 10-0, it's four or five minutes to go in the half, you've moved the ball, but every time we've approached the scoring zone offensively, we had a penalty bring it back, we had dropped passes on third down that stalls the drive and then we have two turnovers at the end of the half and early in the third quarter. You have two turnovers that give them - not give them but they earned - two touchdowns. So when the defense was hanging in there playing decent, the offense isn't, and then it all together in the second half, defensively, really poor with their ability to run the football. We were blocked, we were out of gaps, linebackers aren't in the right position. They took advantage of all that and won a game, obviously in a strong way for them.
"I'm sure they're going to have some great opportunities from here. I don't know what will happen, but I know I'll vote LSU No. 1 and Oklahoma State No. 2."

On not winning the line of scrimmage:
"We didn't in any way. They blocked us, they protected. Running the football, if we were out of position at times, or at times they blocked us out of position, so either way, we just got beat up there."

On not running more in the first half:
"Some of it with their pressures, we pitched the ball out on some of the bubble screens and things like that, maybe more than we would have liked, or they forced us to more than we want. I was displeased with that at halftime, and I brought that up. I said `We ran the ball 10 times and we threw it 38 and that's why it happens to us.' Right at the end of the half is where it all broke down. It's not a very good job on our part as coaches."

On the turnovers:
"It was 10-0, you're still hanging in there and we were moving the ball. Every time we got near the scoring zone, we'd get something. We had the holding, which pulls us back, we had the dropped pass over the middle - a couple of them - and it just ruins your drives. Then Landry (Jones), we get pressure, the running back busts the protection - he has the linebacker, he doesn't take him - so Landry, trying to make something happen, ends up fumbling the football - touchdown. The other one out of the halftime just came out of his hand, and there you have it. There's 14 points and all of a sudden, that 10-0 game is gone. Right there, those were major. Those are hard to overcome."

  Senior DE Frank Alexander

On preparing for the bowl game:
"Just come in and work hard every day. Get the young guys to come in and work on this some more and work on that some more and just go from there."

On where the game went wrong:
"I don't even know. When we came out we were all fired up, but a couple bad plays happened and we lost our edge I guess."

On playing hurt:
"It was hard, but I had to do what I had to do to try to help my team win. I got nicked up early in the second quarter so it kind of changed with my shoulder being sore the rest of the game, but that's no excuse for losing."

  Junior C Ben Habern

On how the season went according to expectations:
"Obviously the season didn't go the way we planned. Our goals every season are to win a Big 12 championship and a national championship. For those goals not to be met, it's obviously frustrating. We have to take ownership of what happened."

On the turning points in the game:
"There's always little things you can point out after a loss. Obviously, the number one thing is turnovers. In our three losses, we had a total of 10 turnovers. We have to hold on to the ball better on the offensive side of the ball."

  Junior QB Landry Jones

On not meeting preseason expectations:
"It was disappointing. I was disappointed to go out this way."

On the offensive inconsistencies:
"You can't put it on anyone but me tonight. I singlehandedly lost this game for us. That's just the way it is. I had the ball in my hands and coach put the ball in my hands to win the game, and I lost it for us."

On missing key players due to injuries:
"It happens. Young guys make mistakes, but old guys make mistakes. We're a team. We win as a team, and this is a team sport. I didn't play well enough to put our team in a good enough position to give us some opportunities."

  Sophomore FB Trey Millard

On how the team played:
"It was a bad game all around. We got beat everywhere. Special teams, offense and defense. We have to come out and play better than that."

On shifting focus to the upcoming bowl game:
"We got beat really bad. We've got a few days off to get over this one. I think we're going to come back and finish strong. We have enough character to do that."

On the inability to run the ball:
"We messed up in some of our communications, had some misreads, and things like that. We just got beat all around, all together."