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MAY 20, 2013
OU Baseball Tradition|All-Conference OU Baseball Main
Big 12 Conference Awards
Year Player Award
2009 J.T. Wise (C) Big 12 Player of the Year
2009 Garrett Buechele (3B) Big 12 Freshman of the Year
2004 Ole Sheldon (1B) Big12 Newcomer of the Year
2001 Greg Dobbs (UTL) Big 12 Newcomer of the Year
All-Big 12 Conference Teams
Year Player Award
2013 Jonathan Gray (SP) First Team
  Matt Oberste (1B) First Team
  Craig Aikin (OF) Second Team
  Jacob Evans (RP) Second Team
  Dillon Overton (SP) Second Team
  Max White (OF) Second Team
  Anthony Hermelyn (C) Honorable Mention
  Jack Mayfield (SS) Honorable Mention
2012 Max White First Team
2012 Erik Ross Second Team
2012 Jordan John Second Team
2012 Dillon Overton Honorable Mention
2012 Hunter Lockwood Freshman Team
2011 Garrett Buechele First Team
2011 Tyler Ogle First Team
2011 Michael Rocha First Team
2011 Casey Johnson Second Team
2011 Cameron Seitzer Second Team
2011 Evan Mistich Honorable Mention
2011 Dillon Overton Honorable Mention and Freshman team
2011 Burch Smith Honorable Mention
2011 Jordan John Freshman Team
2010 Garrett Buechele First Team
2010 Jack Mayfield Second Team
2010 Zach Neal Second Team
2010 Ross Hubbard Honorable Mention
2010 Cameron Seitzer Honorable Mention
2010 Max White Honorable Mention
2009 Bryant Hernandez First Team
2009 Jamie Johnson First Team
2009 J.T. Wise First Team
2009 Aaron Baker Second Team
2009 Garrett Buechele Second Team
2009 Andrew Doyle Second Team
2007 Stephen Porlier Second Team
2007 Jackson Williams Second Team
2007 Aaron Baker Honorable Mention
2007 Joe Dunigan Honorable Mention
2007 Joseph Hughes Honorable Mention
2007 Aaron Ivey Honorable Mention
2007 Aaron Reza Honorable Mention
2007 Heath Taylor Honorable Mention
2006 Chuckie Caulfield Second Team
2006 Steven Guerra Second Team
2006 Daniel McCutchen Second Team
2006 Russell Raley Second Team
2006 Aaron Reza Second Team
2006 Ryan Rohlinger Second Team
2006 Kevin Smith Second Team
2006 Jackson Williams Honorable Mention
2005 Garrett Patterson Second Team
2005 Russell Raley Second Team
2005 Ryan Rohlinger Second Team
2005 Kody Kaiser Honorable Mention
2005 Daniel McCutchen Honorable Mention
2005 Will Savage Honorable Mention
2005 Kevin Smith Honorable Mention
2005 Eric Thornton Honorable Mention
2004 Jarod McAuliff (RP) First Team
2004 Russell Raley (2B) First Team
2004 David Purcey (SP) Second Team
2004 Mark Roberts (SP) Second Team
2004 Ole Sheldon (1B) Second Team
2004 Eric Thornton (DH) Second Team
2004 Daniel McCutchen (RP) Honorable Mention
2004 Ryan Rohlinger (SS) Honorable Mention
2003 EddieCornejo (2B) First Team
2003 Jarod McAuliff (RP) Second Team
2003 Reggie Willits (OF) Second Team
2003 Casey Brown (RP) Honorable Mention
2002 Jason Fransz (OF) First Team
2002 Eddie Cornejo (2B) Honorable Mention
2002 David Purcey (RP) Honorable Mention
2002 Ryan Richardson(C) Honorable Mention
2002 Matt Bose (3B) Freshman All-Big 12
2002 Jarod McAuliff(RP) Freshman All-Big 12
2002 David Purcey (SP) Freshman All-Big 12
2001 Greg Dobbs (OF) First Team
2001 Jason Bartlett (3B) Honorable Mention
2001 Rocky Cherry (SP) Honorable Mention
2001 SergioGarcia (SS) Honorable Mention
2001 Jerome Godsey (CF) Honorable Mention
2000 Jeff Bajenaru (OF) First Team
2000 Jason Bartlett (3B) FirstTeam
2000 Jeff Bajenaru (RP) Second Team
2000 Austin Mix (SP) Second Team
2000 Rick Park (1B) Second Team
2000 Tommy Whiteman (SS) Second Team
2000 Zach Lekse (2B) Honorable Mention
1999 Casey Bookout(DH) First Team
1999 Jeff Bajenaru (P) Second Team
1999 Jared Hoerman (P) Second Team
1999 Zach Lekse (SS) Second Team
1999 Rick Park (DH) Second Team
1999 Bobby Walters (OF) Second Team
1998 Casey Bookot (DH) First Team
1998 Geoff Geary (SP) First Team
1998 Corey Hart (INF) First Team
1998 WillyHill(OF) First Team
1998 Derek Wathan (SS) First Team
1998 Jose Montenegro (3B) Second Team
1998 Kevin Olsen (P) Second Team
1998 Rick Park (DH) Honorable Mention
1997 Casey Bookout (DH) First Team
1997 Javier Flores (C) First Team
1997 Geoff Geary (RP) First Team
1997 Jeff Andra (SP) SecondTeam
1997 Brian Shackelford (UTL) Honorable Mention
1997 Derek Wathan (SS) Honorable Mention
Big 12 Conference All-Tournament Teams
Year Player
2013 Jonathan Gray (SP) Most Outstanding Player
  Anthony Hermelyn (C)
  Matt Oberste (1B)
  Hector Lorenzana (2B)
  Garrett Carey (3B)
  Max White (OF)
2012 Matt Oberste (DH)
2012 Evan Mistich (1B)
2012 Jack Mayfield (2B)
2012 Dillon Overton (P)
2012 Steven Okert (P)
2010 Garrett Buechele (3B)
2009 Jamie Johnson (OF)
2009 J.T. Wise (C)
2007 Joseph Hughes (OF/P)
2007 Aaron Reza (3B)
2002 Jason Fransz (OF)
2002 Mark Roberts (P)
2001 Jason Bartlett (3B)
2001 Greg Dobbs (UTL)
2000 Rick Park (1B)
2000 Zach Lekse (2B)
1999 Bobby Walters (OF)
1999 Rick Park (DH)
1998 Rick Park (DH)
1997 Javier Flores (C)
1997 Corey Hart (2B)
1997 Derek Wathan (SS)
1997 Brian Shackelford (OF) Most Valuable Player
1997 Jeff Andra (P)
Big Eight Conference Awards
Year Player Award
1994 Rick Gutierrez BigEight Playerof the Year
1989 Darron Cox(C) BigEight Playerof the Year
1994 Mark Redman (P) BigEight Newcomer of the Year
All-Big Eight Conference Teams
Year Player Award
1996 Bobby Brown (OF) First Team
1996 Javier Flores (C) First Team
1995 Javier Flores (C) First Team
1995 Rich Hills (SS) First Team
1995 Mark Redman (P) First Team
1995 Aric Thomas (OF) First Team
1994 Bucky Buckles (P) First Team
1994 Rick Gutierrez (2B) First Team
1994 Rich Hills (SS) First Team
1994 Mark Redman (P) First Team
1994 Darvin Traylor (OF) First Team
1994 Keving Lovingier (P) Honorable Mention
1993 Rick Gutierrez (2B) First Team
1993 Rich Hills (SS) First Team
1992 Brian Eldridge (2B) First Team
1992 Jason Evans (DH) First Team
1992 Zak Krislock (P) First Team
1992 Casey Mendenhall (P) First Team
1992 Clifton Foster (P) Second Team
1992 Byron Mathews (OF) Second Team
1991 Brian Eldridge (2B) First Team
1991 Scott Moore (P) First Team
1991 Marty Neff (OF) First Team
1990 Scott Campbell (OF/3B) First Team
1989 Mark Cole (SS) First Team
1989 Darron Cox (C) First Team
1989 Chris Ebright (OF) First Team
1989 Kevin King (P) First Team
1989 Kevin Castleberry (INF) Second Team
1989 Jim Huslig (P) Second Team
1989 John Douglas (OF) Second Team
1989 Paul Oster (OF) Honorable Mention
1989 Matt Ruebel (P) Honorable Mention
1988 Chris Ebright (OF) First Team
1988 Mark Cole (UTL) Second Team
1988 Jim Huslig (SP) Second Team
1988 Kevin King (RP) Second Team
1988 Matt Anderson (DH) Honorable Mention
1988 Darron Cox (C) Honorable Mention
1988 Todd Butler (OF) Honorable Mention
1987 Jack Armstrong (P) First Team
1987 Baine Brooks (OF) First Team
1987 Kevin Burdick (2B) First Team
1987 Chris Ebright (OF) First Team
1987 Darron Cox (C) Honorable Mention
1987 Chris Howard (DH) Honorable Mention
1986 Kevin Burdick (UTL) First Team
1986 Scott Hamilton (P) First Team
1986 Kevin Pearson (SS) First Team
1986 Baine Brooks (OF) Second Team
1986 John Toal (2B) Honorable Mention
1986 Jim Richardson (3B) Honorable Mention
1985 Rusty McGinnis (1B) First Team
1985 Steven Peters (P) First Team
1985 John Toal (2B) First Team
1985 Bobby Witt (P) First Team
1985 Jeff Kaye (C) Honorable Mention
1985 Jim Richardson (3B) Honorable Mention
1984 Ron Leon (OF) First Team
1984 Rusty McGinnis (1B) First Team
1984 Bobby Witt (P) First Team
1984 Jeff Hughes (2B) Honorable Mention
1984 Jeff Kaye (C) Honorable Mention
1984 Kevin Pearson (SS) Honorable Mention
1984 Steve Peters (P) Honorable Mention
1984 Mike Santiago (P) Honorable Mention
1984 Jay Searcy (3B) Honorable Mention
1984 Paul Williams (OF) Honorable Mention
1983 Ray Hayward (P/DH) First Team
1983 Ron Leon (OF) First Team
1983 Jay Searcy (3B) First Team
1983 Paul Williams (OF) First Team
1983 Foster Mullen (OF) Second Team
1983 Darrell Rodgers (P) Second Team
1982 Kevin Bates (2B) First Team
1982 John Russell (OF) First Team
1982 Gary Springer (SS) Second Team
1981 Ray Hayward (P/1B) First Team
1981 John Russell (OF) First Team
1981 Greg Carlton (2B) Second Team
1981 Gary Springer (SS) Second Team
1981 Mike Empting (C) Second Team
1981 Frank Meraz (OF) Second Team
1980 Robb Glendening (2B) First Team
1980 Frank Meraz (OF) First Team
1980 Ron Weaver (C) Second Team
1980 Bryan Stafford (OF) Second Team
1979 Nick Capra (2B) First Team
1979 David Luethy (2B) First Team
1979 Bryan Stafford (OF) First Team
1979 Tommy Thompson (3B) First Team
1979 Phil Barringer (DH) Second Team
1978 Terry Bogener (OF) First Team
1978 Mark Nipp (P) First Team
1978 David Luethy (2B) Second Team
1978 David Harrigan (3B) Second Team
1978 Art Toal (SS) Second Team
1978 Scott Gardner Second Team
1977 Gary Krug (1B) First Team
1977 Roger LaFrancois (C) First Team
1977 Mark Nipp (P) First Team
1977 Gary Thweatt (OF) First Team
1977 Mike Cunico (SS) Second Team
1977 Terry Bogener (OF) Second Team
1977 Mickey Hatcher (OF) Second Team
1977 Art Toal (SS) Honorable Mention
1976 Terry Bogener (OF) First Team
1976 Keith Drumright (2B) First Team
1976 Gary Krug (DH) First Team
1976 Kelly Snider (1B) First Team
1976 Roger LaFrancois (C) Second Team
1976 Greg Stitzinger (3B) Second Team
1976 Gary Thweatt (OF) Second Team
1976 Marty Kunkler (P) Second Team
1976 Wayne Pechek (OF) Honorable Mention
1976 Gary Brackeen Honorable Mention
1976 Mike Cunico (SS) Honorable Mention
1975 Jacky Parish (C) First Team
1975 Bill Severns (OF) First Team
1975 Bob Shirley (P) First Team
1975 Mike Umfleet (3B) First Team
1975 Kelly Snider (1B) Second Team
1975 Keith Drumright (2B) Second Team
1975 Breen Newcomer (P) Second Team
1974 Keith Drumright (2B) First Team
1974 Kenny King (OF) First Team
1974 Stan Lawrence (DH) First Team
1974 Stan Meek (P) First Team
1974 Mike Umfleet (3B) First Team
1974 Jacky Parish (C) Second Team
1974 Kelly Snider (1B) Second Team
1974 Bill Severns (OF) SecondTeam
1973 Joe Simpson (OF) First Team
1973 Jackson Todd (P) First Team
1973 Mike Umfleet (3B) First Team
1972 Bobby Jack(1B) First Team
1972 Joe Simpson (OF) First Team
1972 Jackson Todd (P) First Team
1972 Bill Serverns (OF) First Team
1971 Glen Castle (SS) First Team
1971 Bobby Jack (1B) First Team
1971 Mike Swenton (OF) First Team
1971 Gary Weese (P) First Team
1971 Randy Feezell (3B) Second Team
1971 Jackson Todd (P) Second Team
1970 Scott Harrington (2B) First Team
1970 Bobby Jack (1B) FirstTeam
1970 Mike Swenton (OF) FirstTeam
1969 Chris Rickey (3B) First Team
1969 Mike Swenton(OF) FirstTeam
1968 Gary Brooks (C) First Team
1968 Dick Turner (OF) First Team
1967 Gary Harper (2B) First Team
1967 Tom Maxwell (3B) First Team
1967 Ralph Rickey (OF) First Team
1966 Jay Cronley (2B) First Team
1965 Carl Schreiner (OF) First Team
1965 Denny Hopkins (OF) Second Team
1964 Jann Christian (SS) First Team
1964 John Kern (1B) First Team
1964 Dale Mitchell (OF) First Team
1964 Keith Shean (2B) Second Team
1964 TommyLindsey (3B) Second Team
1964 Carl Morton (OF/P) Second Team
1963 Dale Mitchell (OF) First Team
1961 George Kernek (1B) First Team
1960 George Kernek (1B) First Team
1960 Don Nipp (C) First Team
1959 Brewster Hobby (OF) First Team
1959 Don Nipp (C) First Team
Big Eight Conference All-Tournament Teams
Year Player
1996 Javier Flores (C)
1996 Brian Shackelford (UTL)
1995 Tristan Paul
1994 Ryan Minor (1B)
1994 Rick Gutierrez (2B)
1994 M.J. Mariani (3B)
1994 Rich Hills (SS)
1994 Chip Glass (OF)
1994 Bucky Buckles (RP)
1993 Rich Hills (3B)
1992 Jason Evans (3B)
1992 Greg Norton (SS)
1992 Scott Marr (OF)
1992 Britt Bonneau (OF)
1992 Clifton Foster (SP)
1991 Derrick White (1B)
1991 Brian Eldridge (2B)
1991 Matt Ruebel (SP)
1989 Mark Cole (SS)
1988 Mark Cole (SS)
1988 Chris Ebright (OF)
1988 Todd Butler (OF)
1988 Matt Anderson (DH)
1988 Chris Burgin (RP)
1987 Kevin Burdick (SS)
1987 Chris Ebright (OF)
1987 Baine Brooks (OF)
1987 Jack Armstrong (SP)
1987 Mike Hensley (SP)
1986 John Toal (2B)
1986 Tony Gwinn (C)
1986 Chris Stull (OF)
1986 Scott Hamilton (SP)
1985 Rusty McGinnis (1B)
1985 Jim Richardson (3B)
1985 Andy Franks (OF)
1985 Keith Hamilton (SP)
1985 Steve Peters (SP)
1984 Rusty McGinnis (1B)
1984 Jay Searcy (3B)
1984 Ron Leon (OF)
1984 John Toal (DH)
1984 Keith Hamilton
1983 Ron Leon (OF)
1983 Ray Hayward (SP)
1983 Pete Zeegers (RP)
1982 Gerg Carlton (3B)
1982 John Russell (OF)
1982 Darrell Rodgers (P)
1978 Don Morris (RF)
1978 Mark Nipp (P)
1978 Nick Capra (2B) Most Valuable Player
1978 David Luethy (SS)
1978 Donnie Graham (OF)
1978 Josh Randall (P)
1978 Tom Kohl (P)
1977 Greg Krug (1B)
1977 Art Toal (2B)
1977 Mike Cunico (SS)
1977 Tommy Thompson (3B)
1977 Gary Thweatt (LF)
1977 Terry Bogener (DH)
1977 Roger LaFrancois (C)
1977 Mark Nipp (P) Most Valuable Player
1976 Keith Drumright (2B)
1976 Greg Stitzinger (3B)
1976 Roger LaFrancois (C)
1976 Ken Palmer (P)
All-Big Seven Conference Teams
Year Player Award
1958 Eddie Fisher (P) First Team
1958 Dennis Price (2B) First Team
OU Baseball Tradition




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