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Diversity Education Program
Education and awareness of diversity to all athletics department employees is important. That is why in 2005, the Diversity Education Program was started. Each year every department within athletics nominates one individual to participate in the program. The program is designed to enhance one of the core values of the Athletics Department, "Appreciation of Diversity".
The goal of this experience is to have participants understand further the "value" of diversity. It is not to tell people what to think or how to think, but to provide opportunity to consider various aspects of diversity, their own social identities, and how this may play a role in the climate in the Athletics Department at the University of Oklahoma.
Each monthly session focuses on developing a greater understanding of the overall issues in diversity and how to work as a cohesive unit free of prejudice and discrimination. The sessions begin in October and run through May. The group meets once a month for lunch sessions moderated by Dr. Penny Pasque.
"Only in a setting where people are cognizant of issues of diversity and conscientious about making social change through educational equity may leaders hope to concretely change the perpetuation of the inequities in higher education and society." - Dr. Penny Pasque
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