Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
What is SAAC?
The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a student organization comprised of two or three representatives from each varsity sport program at the University of Oklahoma.

It is the mission of SAAC to represent OU student-athletes
in a way that: upholds the traditions of the University of Oklahoma, promotes leadership and communication, and enhances involvement in the campus community.

The committee meets monthly throughout the year and is responsible for things such as voting on behalf of OU student-athletes on NCAA and Big 12 legislation and hosting annual events such as Faculty Appreciation Day and "Sooners Got Talent." SAAC made its mark on school history in creating and implementing the first and only peer-awarded student-athlete honor, the Sooner Oath Award. This award is given to one male and one female student-athlete who demonstrate the leadership, sportsmanship, strong moral character, and Sooner pride found within the Sooner Oath.
The Sooner Oath
As Sooner Student-Athletes, we pledge to:
• Pursue excellence in the classroom and in competition;
• Hold ourselves to the highest standards of sportsmanship;
• Demonstrate strong character and accountability for our conduct;
• Take pride in our University;
• Honor and uphold the traditions of what it means to be a Sooner;
• Appreciate the privilege of wearing Crimson and Cream;
• Embrace the unique perspectives we each bring to the University;
• Support our fellow student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence;
• Be positive role models for our community;
• Lead with integrity in all of our actions.
We represent the one and only University of Oklahoma.
I am a Sooner!

  SAAC Goals

• Increase support between all sports
• Integration of general students and student-athletes
• Utilize results from student-athlete survey
• Make SAAC well-known and more appealing to athletes not direclty involved
  SAAC Purposes

Uphold the traditions of the University and value the significance and privilege of being a Sooner student-athlete.
Leadership: Lead the way in the classroom, on the field, and in life.
Communication: Act as a vehicle to promote communication between the student-athletes and adminstration, coaches, the Athletics Council, the Big XII and National SAAC, the University, and other entities.
Integration: Enhance the representation of SAAC in the University in order to develop the image of student-athletes and advance the relationship between student-athletes and the campus community.

Video  Inaugural Sooner Oath Ceremony