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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 30, 2010
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"I was very proud of our players and just the overall way that they played the game. And I told Coach Hawkins after, that I really do respect the way his team has played. I've watched the tight games they've lost in the fourth quarter the last couple of games. You look at the fact that they beat Georgia earlier in the year. He's not far off and, again, I thought we played really well. Hopefully as they finish their year they can continue to win a couple or three more games and get where they want to be in a bowl. Our guys, I thought, were really solid. I was pleased overall. Landry had a special day. Ryan Broyles is just spectacular and continues to be with the big plays that he's able to make. He just has such a knack for going for the ball and getting open. And Landry threw some special passes really into tight coverage. Everything else was really solid. Offensively, we took care of the football, we had very few penalties, executed the run game, so it was great. Defensively, really the same thing. We gave up the one play off of the scramble. The guy had a short route, broke deep, Tony tripped on him and stumbled a little bit, and he was open deep. But outside of that, the rest of the day was really solid. And again, the kicking game, I thought overall, was really good."

On Landry Jones:
"He's a great quarterback. He's more than pretty good and he'll only keep getting better. And again, I think it's fair to say that the guys around him have to play well, but that's the case for any quarterback. We couldn't be more happy and pleased with how he's progressing and playing. Coach Heupel does a great job at developing guys. And Landry is a great worker, so he's only going to keep getting better."

On the injuries:
"Roy Finch really just banged his finger so he's fine. Jermie Calhoun is the only significant one and that hurts. It's a anterior cruciate (ACL) and another ligament, so it's very unfortunate for Jermie. We feel bad and it's really tough. We just hate for that to happen."

On new defensive players:
"We're just trying to work some more guys in and to get more spells, but Pryce is doing a good job in there. And even in practice, a time or so, we work in David King some. And, you know, Lane (Johnson) we're looking at that and I think it's going to be a good fit for Lane. He's only been out there this week and he was supposed to peel off on this one guy that he didn't get, so we have to watch when we throw him in there. But we think he's got a possibility working in there. So we'll see."

  Sophomore QB Landry Jones

On the offense:
"I was having a pretty good night. The offense was doing well; we hit some big shots early in the game that really helped us out. We had a lot of big plays it seemed like, and a lot of the passing plays were big for us. So that was exciting to see.

"It's a good night. There's still some plays that we left out there so we could have had an even better night. Especially scoring in the red zone. We had two field goals that we kicked, which are still good, but we like to score touchdowns. We still have some things we have to work on, but we get better every week."

  Junior WR Ryan Broyles

On setting single-game receiving yard record:
"People compared me to Mark Clayton in the beginning, so I feel like that's what I had to do to fill his shoes. I have a whole other year left, so I'm just going to make the best of it."

On his performance:
"I feel like every game could be a 210 yard game. It just depends on how the coverages are going. Tonight, It went my way."

  Senior DT Adrian Taylor

On the improvement from last week's play to this week's:
"That's what we were shooting for: just to improve. We know we can play a lot better. We are not where we want to be, but we know we can improve and get better."
On Pryce Macon's playing time:
"He is doing better than I expected, because of his size I thought he would have some difficulty. His move inside out has been talked about. He has really adjusted pretty well and he is moving pretty well. I am happy for him and happy to be out there with my roommate. It finally happened for him."
  Junior DB Jamell Fleming

On his play tonight:
"They went up top quite a bit tonight. I remember a backside post they ran one time. I remember that play. They were trying to get stuff out there in one shot, but we prepared for it and were ready for them. That's what we do. It was a good game tonight. It was nice to see they were trying to trick us but we could stop them for the most part."
Colorado   Head Coach Dan Hawkins

On Oklahoma's offense:
"They didn't punt a whole lot. They had a lot of success doing a lot of things. We did a nice job keeping them out of the end zone the first couple of drives but they were pretty efficient. They did a nice job schematically and obviously got plays."

On OU's no-huddle offense:
"We're so used to that because everybody now does that a little bit. No that wasn't really a huge issue I don't think."

On OU scoring early in the third quarter:
"They just got some big plays, got us in a couple mismatches in big plays. Our defense held them to a couple field goals early on. They did a nice job on drives. They had a lot of screen passes. They did a good job there. Took us awhile to get adjusted to that. They had answers."

On Ryan Broyles:
"We tried for the most part in most of the coverages to put Jimmy Smith inside with him or to put Jalil Brown inside. He [Broyles] got on Jonathan Hawkins on one to be sure and sometimes you just get lines up right."

On team morale following the loss:
"No I'm not concerned about it. We still have a lot of things to play for. We have to keep playing."

On conference losses:
"We talk about that all the time. I think they realize we have to win some games and try to get to a bowl game. We've got four games left, so I think that is part of their mantra. I think they'll be good."

On the fate of team:
"I'm not [worried about the fate of the team]. It's the nature of the business. You show up everyday and you do your job. All the chatter that goes on, whether it's good or bad just has to be apart of your constitution. Just show up and get after it everyday."

Colorado   Senior QB Cody Hawkins

On the slow start offensively:
"They did a great job answering what we were doing with formations and situations. I think they did a great job kind of scheming us up.  It was a very tough situation for us because we were in a lot of different situations and they were answering. When we tried to throw the football down the field they were bringing a lot of heat and making us throw it short.  When we did try to extend the field, I thought their defensive backs did a great job."

On if they ever had the Oklahoma defense guessing during the game:
"I thought we did an okay job there a little bit.  We just got motioned around a little bit and with our run game I thought we finally got that going.  They did such a good job on first and third down, not to say statistically we did better on second down, but they put us in a lot of tough situations because they were stoning us on first down. Then, third down, whatever we did formationally -- they did a great job scheming it up and making us make the tough plays and we weren't able to do that."

On what's left for the team this year:
"I think we've got a lot left.  Just trying to talk to those guys and fire them up, Oklahoma is a great football team they deserve all the credit that goes there way.  If it weren't for a couple of plays last week they would be the number one team in the country getting ready to play for the National Championship game pending a good finish to the season.  We know we've got four games ahead of us that everybody is really excited about.  We've got a chance to go to Kansas next week and play a football team out there.  Plus we know we haven't won there before so we know we have to take that very seriously.  We have two more home games and we know in the past the energy in Folsom (Field) can make some magic happen there and then a big game against Nebraska."




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