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University of Oklahoma
OCTOBER 23, 2011
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"Start off by complimenting Texas Tech on a well-played game. I thought they did a great job. I told our players that afterwards. Credit them, they whipped us in every part of the game. I told the players we were definitely out coached and out played. The first half, when you look at what we were doing, it was really poor. In coverage, they were beating us. The quarterback was putting the ball on the money, making plays, running the ball at times. Offensively, we were really poor executing the pass game and run game. Outside of Roy's [Finch] run early, I thought what we tried to do the rest of the day wasn't very effective. I don't want to see a bunch of yards late. We had a chance late to have a chance to win. It was too little too late to put ourself in the hole we did. They hit two screen passes for touchdowns and a bunch of third-down conversions that we couldn't come up with pressure or coverage to get off the field ... just really poor. And then to give yourself a chance there late. We fought back within seven and they go right back up 17. Defensively, we really got outplayed and offensively just too little too late."

On making Texas Tech one dimensional:
"They ran the ball well and we needed to stop it more than we did. But also, it wouldn't have been quite as obvious had we been a little better on some third downs. Third downs hurt us and the two screen passes in the first half were really a big part of it."

On what the team did during the rain delay:
"Just spend time in the locker room, that's all you can do. Give players updates on when they think it'll be the time that we will play. At a certain point we began to stretch again in the locker room and then went out in play."

On Dominique Whaley:
"Dom came down with a bad bug yesterday, couldn't get out of bed. Kind of a similar thing happened to Ryan Broyles at Florida State, but he was able to recover by the time the game came around. Dom just really couldn't. He was just too weak and couldn't play."
On Landry Jones:
"Just, overall, very uncharacteristic, he just wasn't very accurate and forced sometimes. They covered us well, give them credit on a lot of it. But some of it too, he just missed some people or wasn't as accurate as he usually is."

On losing at home:
"I don't know that it has to be all that surprising at the end of the day. Teams we play can come in here and beat us. Maybe sometimes too much is said about it, like it can't happen. That's what I told the players. Anyone who we will play the rest of the year will whoop us if we don't play better than we did today."

  Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On how Landry Jones played:
"Early in the ball game we did not get him in a good enough rhythm. As the game went on we did better, but overall, it just was not enough. There was more than one area that you can blame it on. We were really deficient in a lot of areas. Our running catching and throwing were all not good today."

On the run game:
"We had the early run and then we kind of curled in the second and third quarters as far as the run game goes. We had that turn over toward the end of the second quarter. We probably got away from it more than we needed to tonight, but it just wasn't as consistent as we wanted it to be tonight."

On trying to get the offense going:
"We were mixing up the personnel in the second and third quarter trying to get something going. We kind of got things going a little bit, but it just was not enough to get us going good enough."

On missing Dominique Whaley tonight:
"Losing Dominique hurts. Not taking away from anyone else, but he has played really consistent for us."

On missing players tonight:
"This is how football is, you have to go out with you have to play with for the night. You don't play well when you go out there and make bad reads and miss catches. You could see that tonight. The one positive thing was that our kids played hard and continued to fight."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the defense's performance:
"I thought it was very poor. Obviously they weren't coached well and we didn't play well. Tech came out, they hit us first and they hit us last. They hit us in between and we couldn't stop them."

On letting Texas Tech make plays:
"They ran for 120 yards, but we let them go unabated. We let them get a couple of screens in the first half and I don't think we even hit them. Then they hit us with fade ball after fade ball, so nothing is going to work when that's happening."

On how you come back after a game like this:
"You take the same approach that you got them to play over the long haul. Your approach week-to-week is not different. You've got to lead them and guide them and point out what's wrong and what's right. We have said all along that how we perform, how we play and where we will be in the long run is all dependent upon our attitude, how we work and our leadership. How we handle adversity and obviously handle how to win in the right way. We need to respect the process. You can't cheat the lines because you get exposed. There is no magic plan. You change up what you do. It stinks and you hate for it to happen, but at the same time character will be revealed."

On Tom Wort and Jamell Fleming being out:
"Those guys are good players, but I think that the guys that stepped in there were good players too."

On the defense:
"I am not shocked. I am disappointed. I watched what happened. I saw the fundamental things that broke down and it does not surprise me. You are going to get beat when you do certain things, but we need to put our guys in better position. So, there are things that we need to do better across the bored. It's not real shocking to me when we play well, and it's not too shocking to me when we don't play well. It's incredibly disappointing when you lose a game. You hate it and it stinks, but how it happened is not surprising. They obviously handled the delay and played better than we did."

  Senior WR Ryan Broyles

On the goals for the rest of the season:
"To win every game. Now in the BCS, we never really thought about it until now. Long ways to go, anything can happen. It's a long season."

On the fourth quarter performance:
"I felt like we had a late push. It wasn't enough in the end. Not enough time on the clock. We got to get it going a lot earlier than that."

  Sophomore DB Aaron Colvin

On the challenges of Texas Tech's passing game:
"They came out firing, and they struck first. We did not respond too well."

Thoughts on the rest of the season:
"A loss is a loss. I know my guys, and I know we will come back ready to fight."

Thoughts on reappearance of Sooner Magic at the end of the game:
"I had it the whole game. I never gave in, I kept going. I knew my teammates were ready to keep fighting. With Sooner magic, I knew we would keep playing."

  Sophomore RB Roy Finch

Thoughts on getting to start:
"Dominique [Whaley] was out because he was sick. Coach [Stoops] made a game day decision to start me. I just wanted to go out there and play hard and do assignment football. I didn't want to try to do anything I couldn't do, or get out of my comfort zone. I just played to the best of my abilities."

On his first run:
"I just wanted to set the tempo early for my team. That was a pretty big run for us in the beginning. Every time I touch the ball I want to go 80 to 90 with it. It gave me a little bit of confidence going into the game. As the game went along, my confidence started to build and I began to feel more comfortable out there."

  Junior QB Landry Jones

On if they expected that performance from Texas Tech:
"We were prepared during the week. We watched enough film. They just outplayed us tonight."

On how it feels to lose at home:
"It's definitely not fun losing a game. I don't know what else to say about that."

On if they feel they should have lost:
"I think Texas Tech was doing a good job. I credit them with playing smart. I credit them with playing solid defense against us."

  Junior DE Ronnell Lewis

On how the loss feels:
"It's real disappointing. We didn't come out as a defense. We didn't execute like we were supposed to. We gave a lot of big plays and Texas Tech just put it on us. We just got to give it (credit) to them."

On if he was shocked to lose to Texas Tech:
"Like I said a while ago, we just didn't bring our 'A' game. We didn't make any excuses. They came out and wanted it more. We just couldn't get anything started."

On the ups and downs of the game:
"We had our ups and downs ... offensively and defensively. As a team, as a whole unit, we just have to bounce back. Come back Monday and look forward to Kansas State next week."

  Sophomore WR Kenny Stills

Thoughts on start of game due to rain delay:
"We have no excuses. We came out there and we played. They made their plays on defense and that just happened to be how it went."

Difference when offense got going in second half:
"We changed the play calling and played guys in different places. We just went out there and made some plays. Guys had some confidence and we started playing our game."

  Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening statement:
"We are excited about tonight obviously after the last two games we have played. Oklahoma is a really good football team and they showed that and fought tonight. We made enough plays in the first half and got ahead far enough where we didn't get conservative. We came here to win the game and we thought we would have a chance if our defense would get us the ball a few times, and they did. Our defense played great the first half. It was an all-around team effort. We made some mistakes and let them back in a couple of times, but I thought when the chips were down that we made enough plays to get the job done. I'm proud of this group. It was a big time win for us and a fun night for our football team and I'm proud for Texas Tech. This team deserves it after what they have been though the past couple of weeks."

On things from last year making a difference for this year:
"When we came in last year, it was not much of a ball game. We have been thinking about that game and we are a much better team than we were last year. There are some areas where we are still way short on in terms of experience and speed but I thought the coaches did a good job of putting into perspective of what we could do. We pretty much just played zone defense."

On how special this was for him:
"On a national level, you don't read too much about Texas Tech. You haven't seen much about them on TV and I bet you will see it for the next few days and we will be proud of that. When you go on the road and beat a number one team, it is really special, almost impossible to do."

"You don't get to play a number one team very often. Tonight the ball bounced our way and we jumped out and took advantage of certain situations, and we were able to hold on there at the end."

On if it was as easy to win as it looked:
"The thing we noticed about Oklahoma was that they had not seen a passing team all year. They have seen some teams that have run the ball and that is all. I told the ESPN guys yesterday in the hotel that if there was one guy that could get it done for us today it would be our number 7 (Seth Doege). He put the ball on the money and made good plays and good decisions. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a game that we thought we had a good opportunity if we just stayed in it till the fourth quarter."
On how the team finished this week:
"We played well the entire game. We didn't play great and we gave up a couple of big plays which is discouraging, but they are a big play team. They know how to make plays and go deep. They have a quarterback that can get it done and they have some receivers that can get it done. I think the difference between the first half and the second half is how we played on third down on defense. We got our offense back on the field and gave us a chance to score more points by giving them more time on the field. We haven't played very good third down defense in the last few weeks."

  Junior QB Seth Doege

On the win:
"It's special. Special for the entire team. The best part of it is being out there with my teammates because we all came together and pulled it off. A lot of people thought we couldn't. The people who are associated with Big 12 football didn't think we could win this game."

On coming in the game focused on winning:
"We lost two games that we felt we should've won, so we knew we were a good football team and had confidence coming in. We also knew that Oklahoma was one of the top teams in the nation, so we had to play our best game to come out on top. We took advantage of some opportunities and came out with the win."

On ending Oklahoma's home winning streak:
"Yeah, we were aware of it. Like coach said, it was a total team effort and everybody did their job. That's why we came out on top."

  Junior WR Alex Torres

On the win:
"It's huge. Coming up here last year, I talked about it all week with the guys, how embarrassing it was and that sense of failure when we came out here and didn't even perform the way we knew we could. Even after these games we had earlier this year, we wanted to prove to everybody that we were better than that. We're a real resilient team and showed that out there tonight."
  Junior DB D.J. Johnson

On the win:
"Oh, it's extremely special. To come out here after two tough losses, and get a hard-fought win, it's a great experience and good feeling for all of us."

On stripping the ball from Ryan Broyles:
"It was a reaction. We talked about it all week, that it's hustle that makes plays. That's all I did was hustle and made that play."




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