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OCTOBER 19, 2012
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"Obviously, I feel very good about the way our guys played here tonight. I thought offensively we were excellent. Again, Landry (Jones) was throwing the football, route running and making big plays. I thought we ran the ball well; we chose not to run it quite as much because we felt we had opportunities to throw it. But when we did run it, at times again, it was pretty good. They're (Kansas) pretty difficult the way they line up and play to the ball. We were still able to find our spots to do run and when we did, we took care of the football and got big plays. Again, Landry was fantastic. Then defensively, it was another game where the first group doesn't give up any points and they get some yards there at the end and our back-ups give up a touchdown. It was just a great, great game defending them and coming up with turnovers and big plays. We didn't have many punts, but the kick-off covers were great and then we bust a kick-off return and punt return for a touchdown. It was another really solid game. Now it's on to Notre Dame."
On the kickoff and punt return touchdowns:
"We've been consistently good all year. We've been at the top of the league, first or second, for quite a while now. We have been consistent with punt returns and kickoff returns, and because of that it's become a pretty strong weapon for us. The upside is that we have been getting good field position out of it."
On the defense's performance:
"There was `Big' Casey Walker with a fumble return. They were playing great in every way: run defense, pass defense, getting turnovers, getting pressure, not giving up, not busting and not having any mental errors. Even the touchdown Kansas get against our two's and three's in there, we made them go. We've been very disciplined with how we have been playing."
On Justin Brown's punt return:
"He's been so close, I felt great for him. He's been playing so well in all areas so it was fun and exciting for all of us to see him take it all the way."
On the magnitude of the Notre Dame game:
"It's probably the most anticipated game since 2000 when Nebraska was came in here, middle of the year, ranked number one in the country and we were right behind them in number two - that was a pretty incredible day. We were down 14-0 right off the bat and then came back and got 31 unanswered points. I can remember that it was the first time - the only time - in a long time that the crowd stormed the field afterwards."
On Landry Jones:
"He's just excellent with his reads and delivering the football - just look at the pass to Kenny (Stills). I mean the defender is in good shape and he just drops the ball, literally, six inches beyond his reach right into Kenny's chest. All those throws were just him playing comfortable and taking what they're giving him."
On Blake Bell:
"Blake threw the ball great. He had a drop, but I thought Blake did a nice job when he was in there. I was hoping to get him more snaps but they ate up so much of the clock with that long drive. The balls he threw were really good."
  Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On if there are similarities between this team and the one in 2000 at the same point in the season:
"That team in 2000 struggled early and was fortunate enough to find ways to win ball games. Got better as the year went along. Got hot. Was highly competitive throughout the year in the way they approached practice every day and how they performed on Saturdays. This team, we are getting better every week. We've made strides. I think offensively up front our blocking schemes are getting better, cleaner. We are finding our identifications and our double teams on the edge. You can see that Landry [Jones] is a lot more comfortable and in better rhythm throwing the football here the last three, four weeks. Our guys are where they're supposed to be. If those things happen, you look better."

On quarterback Landry Jones:
"I thought he went through with progression. For the most part he was on time. Consistent with his drops. Accurate for most the night, and a lot of that is the guys on the outside being consistent."

On being able to move wide receiver Kenny Stills outside on some plays:
"Changes us offensively, his explosiveness. Changes us on the outside, on that left side a little bit. You saw him make a couple of big plays down the football field tonight. He's the one guy that had some experience coming back. Being able to move him around a little bit helps us change our dynamics a little bit offensively."

On feeling anticipation for the Notre Dame game:
"I am sure we will at the beginning of next week. I told the kids tonight to enjoy this one, but certainly, we understand who is coming into town, what's happened in the past, but certainly what type of football team they are right now. It's a huge test for us offensively. They are playing as well as anybody in the country defensively. Very physical up front from the little I have been able to see. It will be a great test for us, and ultimately you play the way you practice. So we are looking to come in with great focus on Monday and find a way to get better every single day to give ourselves a chance to play well on Saturday."

On fullback Trey Millard:
"He is really good without the ball in his hands, too. Everybody sees him when the ball is in his hands. He's explosive, can make plays, got great hands. His ability to play different positions allows us to be multiple within our personnel group."

  Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops

On the defense's performance:
"I thought it was another really solid performance across the board defensively. Thought our guys' position on the football was relatively good most of the night. Thought our pressure was good, coverage was good. Overall, it was a pretty businesslike four quarters for us. They didn't do a whole lot, and you know, we just played. It kind of got a little boring. We just played our base defense most of the night. We just played ball.

"I thought our tackling was kind of iffy most of the night. I thought we missed some tackles early in the game. We played well. I didn't think we were overly sharp, but you know, that's kind of where we're at right now. Our guys can line up and play and play well. It was a good effort overall defensively."

On the comfort level of the defensive right now:
"I think we're just comfortable. We're gaining confidence as we go through. We feel like we have a defense that can go anywhere, and that's what you've got to have is a defense that can go on the road and keep you in games. Offenses have a tendency not to score as much on the road than they do at home for whatever reason, but if you play great defense, you just feel like you've got a chance to win every time you step on the field, and that's what our guys believe. That's going to be the case next week. You're going to have to play great defense when you play Notre Dame. They're not giving up many points. We're not giving up many points. I feel like what we're doing right now is we're making people have to earn it, to get yards, and that is a good position to be in. That's when you feel very comfortable with what we're doing. We're not giving up big plays. We got out-positioned a couple of times. We were fortunate they dropped a couple of balls, but overall, we are making people work, and that's what I like about what we're doing.

"I think they are very comfortable. They feel very good with what we're doing. They feel like they can play defense, and they can match up with anybody they face, and that's a good feeling to have. Going into this part of the season, we will probably see some more dynamic offenses as we move throughout the season. Texas is putting up 48 points against Baylor. Kansas State put 48 or 50 on West Virginia, so again, what we've done, I think our players feel good about it, and we are getting better, and that's good for us."

On the defense creating turnovers:
"I think it's critical and crucial to your defense. I think that tells you some of our players are becoming better playmakers throughout the course of the season, and that's always a positive."

On Casey Walker's fumble return:
"I thought it was awesome. I thought it was fun. It was good to see him not fumble it. He ran it pretty well, so that was pretty exciting."

  Senior QB Landry Jones

On the Notre Dame game:
"We are excited for this one. This one has not necessarily been marked on our calendar, but we have all been looking forward to it. Coming to place like Oklahoma, it's just a blessing that you get to play another school with tradition like Notre Dame. It's going to be a good one."
On playing well for three straight weeks:
"I think we're in a good spot. Now, the key is to not become too complacent. I think we have it all figured out. We need to continue to work, continue to sharpen, and continue to do the things that we're supposed to be doing. I think we have a shot at this thing."
On getting the ball to a lot of receivers:
"We have a lot of playmakers - I've been saying that. We have good running backs and good receivers. We have guys that can make a lot of plays. We're looking to spread the ball around. We need to get the ball to Trey Millard, we need to get the ball to Justin and Damien, and all those receivers."
On the Notre Dame game being the biggest of his career:
"I don't think it's the biggest game of my career, because it's not a championship game or anything like that. However, it is a big game, that's for sure. It's a huge game for this program and it's a big game for me, but I don't think it's necessarily the biggest game of my career."
On if next week's game can catapult OU into the national championship picture:
"I think it can. Notre Dame is a really good team. It's a team that does a lot of good things on the defensive side of the ball, and a lot of good things on the offensive side of the ball. They are a solid team, a solid unit. It's going to be a big challenge for us."
  Junior S Tony Jefferson

On the Notre Dame game:
"Next week we get to see who has the best defense. We have 60 minutes to go out there and prove it. We look forward to that challenge. I think we should embrace it. It's a time to shine not only individually but as a unit, as a team."
On the secondary's performance:
"The sky is the limit for how our secondary plays. We are a close group and we're playing together really well right now."
On the team's big play ability:
"We've got playmakers at every position - on offense, defense, and special teams. It gives us more opportunities to create momentum. When you have guys making plays across the board, its hard for other teams to stop that."
  Senior WR Justin Brown

On his punt return fumble:
"I should have fair caught it. I was trying to do a little too much. I can't accept turning the ball over like that, especially as a senior, as an experienced player. I have to know better and just fair catch in those situations."
On the Notre Dame game:
"It should be exciting. You have got to approach it just like every other big game: do a lot of film study, practice hard and then go and do more film study. You're excited though because you don't get a lot of these big games. There are only so many that you get, so you're excited about the opportunity to go out and showcase how hard you've been working."
  Junior WR Kenny Stills

On the receivers' performance:
"This team has grown a lot. We talked about being focused, like you said, earlier in the week. I'm just excited that we kept things rolling, that we showed some character. We showed some veteran ability to go out there and play knowing that people were thinking about next week. There were a lot more options for us to catch the ball. I felt like [Kansas] did a great job; their front seven did a great job of shutting the run down. Oklahoma State averaged something like 2.2 yards like that on the ground. So we knew we were going to have to make plays as a receiving corps and we did. I felt like we did a good job. Still too many dropped balls, three dropped balls. It's unacceptable. We're out there to catch the ball first, block second. But we're still dropping the ball, so it's unacceptable. Planning to get better, but we did a great job."
  Freshman WR Sterling Shepard

On the receiving corps:
"I feel like everybody got a shot at the ball tonight. Every time it came to a man, he made plays. You could even see it on special teams - we had Roy (Finch) making plays there. We were going through the air, and I think we executed that tonight. Especially in the wide receiver group, we have so many guys that can make plays. It's definitely a great thing that we can have Kenny (Stills) outside and can put Jalen (Saunders) inside and then have me rotate in with Duron Neal. "
On Landry Jones' progress:
"He really is connecting. I think the offense is starting to click a lot better now. Guys are just starting to have better chemistry. He's doing real well."
  Senior DT Casey Walker

On if he had a problem picking the ball up:
"I just wanted to make sure I had it and not let it bounce one more time and then fumble it or whatever. I just wanted to make sure I had the ball secure."
On why he didn't fall on the ball:
"I'm not falling on that. I'm trying to take it to the house. I want my name in the paper, too."
On staying focused:
"That's our whole key throughout the season. No matter who we play. Notre dame is a good team. That's how we're looking at everybody. It's going to be a good team and we have to perform. Just like we did Texas, Texas Tech, tonight and throughout the season."
On if getting to play big games is why he came to OU:
"Of course. Big games, one being OU-Texas or OU-Nebraska, when they were here. When we went to the national championship to play OU-Florida, that's what you come to college for, to play ball for. You can be the best in the country, just running over everybody but if you don't get a chance, how do you know how good you actually are? I'm excited for the game."
  Senior DB Javon Harris

On preparing for Notre Dame:
"We're just going out there, taking preparation as a key point. If we prepare right then we'll come out to the game and execute every game. We took part in preparing for this game."
On his two interceptions:
"You have to give that up to everyone else on the defense. The quarterback gets pressure, he throws the ball away, we knew that was going to happen. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, reading his key. I just did what I was supposed to do. I'm just going to continue to do that. I told the guys earlier, "no fly zone" and I'm sticking with that. If it's going in the air, it's going to get taken down, taken out of the way."
  Junior FB Trey Millard

On OU's performance:
"I think it was a great, overall team win. Offense, defense, and special teams all executed really well. Offense, we got out early; we really rolled in the first five or six possessions, got points on all of them. I just hope we roll with things like that."

On Notre Dame:
"They're a great team. They've run the road against some good teams, too. We know that we have to be prepared."

On preparing for Notre Dame:
"You have to keep some normalcy. You really have to come to practice to work and execute there so we can execute on Saturday."

  Junior OL Gabe Ikard

On if the team is together:
"I thought we played our most complete game probably, other than that Texas game. Just really pleased with our efficiency on offense. The first half we had one field goal and five drives or so of really efficient football. Defense getting turnovers now helps us out a lot. Just really good football tonight. Especially special teams, when you get two returns for touchdowns, that's going to help you out a lot. Just played some really good game in the three areas. Just really pleased with the way we played."
  Sophomore DE Chuka Ndulue

On focusing on playing Kansas:
"There's no other way. We just knew it was Kansas coming in here so we just had to play. We didn't look forward to Notre Dame. We're focusing week by week every day. This week is Kansas, next week is Notre Dame. I don't know who we play after Notre Dame because everyone has that mentality of one game at a time."
On who kept the team focused:
"Everybody did. It wasn't just one guy. The coached reiterated it, we did. We just knew that we had to focus one game at a time. We just take it from there."
On sending a message:
"It wasn't a message, we just played ball. If you keep your eyes in the right place and just do what the coaches tell you to do, the outcome would look just like that if we keep doing that."
Kansas   Head Coach Charlie Weis

On quarterback situation:
"I'm not worried about the quarterback. I have a whole bunch of issues. Let's talk about special teams. It seemed like every time they had a return, it was for a touchdown. I have to look big picture. It's 38 to nothing at halftime. What good could you say? My whole halftime speech was about let's see how we come out in the second half. Are they going to come out and make it one of the worse losses ever? It's already terrible. Or, are they going to come out and compete? They came right out and had a kickoff return for touchdown right off the bat, and then a rush to the half and it's 7 to 7. At least they answered that question. But the game was decided in the first half."
On how he decided to juggle the quarterbacks:
"There were really two totally different sets of what we were doing. We came out early and had nine plays in the first drive and six in the second drive. It wasn't like we weren't moving the ball at all. To get some chunks you have to be willing to open it up some--you can't just bunch it up the whole time. That's why we went back and forth the whole time. I knew Michael was going to handle the bunched up part because on every one of those plays there was a potential quarterback run, and that's not what we want Dane to be doing. When we finally canned that other package, then it was for Michael to ride it out."
On the KU defense:
"I think for the first half they had 18 yards rushing. It was all just bombs away. It was all just big gains in the pass game. I don't think they ran it often. That's what it was. Now in the second half, we had some three and outs, which is good. And they came back to the well with the touchdown to 33. It looked so good the first time they did it, and it looked good the second time. The only difference is, he caught it the second time."
On if he expected better defensive pressure:
"When you get Landry, who was throwing the ball very effectively tonight, that's the catch 22. You'll see some of the big plays were on blitzes. You blitz them and you get one-on-one, and he has a chance of exposure. I think Dave all year long has done a good job of mixing and matching to try and make the quarterback uncomfortable. Tonight, it didn't work so well."
On if he's concerned on how his players will respond:
"It's a 60 minute game. All the points count. 52 to 7 is a butt kicking. But it's 14 to 7 in the second half. It's also 14 to 7 with a kickoff return for a touchdown on the first play. I'm looking for a silver lining. I come in at halftime and say what I expect. At least when I walked off the field at the end of the game, it was pretty much what I got. At halftime it wasn't about trying to win a game, it was about what do you have in you? All week long we told the players exactly what Oklahoma was. They're a strong, physical team with a bunch of good athletes who are well coached. We were right in everything we told them. I think that they got the best of us on offense, defense and certainly special teams."
On if this game hurts:
"It hurts because this is the first time this year that a game got away from us in the first half. We haven't had a game this year where it got away from us in the first half."
Kansas   Quarterback Michael Cummings

On the offense:
"I feel like that's been a thing we need to improve on all year. We move the ball well on every opponent but we just need to start finishing drives and putting points on the board."
On the quarterback rotations during the game:
"Playing quarterback is a lot about rhythm, but we were expecting it so it wasn't difficult."
On his and the team's feelings towards the game:
"Frustration. We expected to come out here and put on a better performance so naturally any competitor would be frustrated with what we put out there."
What he took away from this game:
"We need to play a complete game. Half a game, one quarter of a game, is not good enough in this league."
Kansas   Safety Brad McDougald

On how the kickoff return affected the team at the start of the second half:
"It hurt me personally, just because I wasn't out there. It was really a gut check time for a lot of people. A lot of guys wanted to prove a point. It was really a pride thing and when you aren't out there to do that it really hurts you. I know a lot of the older guys are talking about getting back on special teams to prevent things like that from happening."
On Landry Jones:
"Hats off to him. He's definitely one of the best quarterbacks we are going to face this year. Just his composure and how well he runs his offense and the passes he makes - you're not going to see those at the college level. He's definitely a pro quarterback and he showed it today."




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