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SEPTEMBER 08, 2012
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"It was a pretty good game today. Give [Florida A&M head coach] Joe Taylor and their team credit for coming in here and doing the best they could. I think Joe is going to do an excellent job. Like a year ago, they were a game away from being in the playoffs.They lose their first game a week ago with two turnovers
inside the five yard line. So I really believe he's going to really do well in their league when they get against opponents they're used to playing.
"I was pleased overall with our players. I thought we could have been cleaner a week ago. For instance, run game, when teams are stuffing and blitzing every snap trying to cross up your run game. I believe in being able to sift it out, pick it up and you ought to have some nice creases. Whereas a week ago we had some but not as many as I thought we should. Regardless of who you're playing, I thought we picked them up and identified and recognized better to have better seams and creases.
"A lot guys make plays, of course, Damien Williams had a big night. Some new guys, Trey Metoyer, Sterling Shepard, did some great things. Justin Brown was great again, returning and getting the big, deep ball. So anyway, it was more consistent.
"I'm disappointed in a couple really bad penalties. One killed the drive. Similar to a week ago, we're getting down in scoring position and we have a penalty that we need not have that destroys the drive. The other one could have. A couple turnovers, again we've got to correct that and take better care of the football.
"Kicking game was good. The defense was really good but the one play. When you play man as much as we do, a corner at times may be in a tough spot. But the safety busted his assignment of going high to limit that play. So that's again where we've done a better job overall of not having those errors and being where we should be. There's one case we don't and, again, it's a big play so that's another area we've got to continue to do a better job communicating and not allowing that.
"We're very aware that we're going to see stiffer competition coming up."
On the running game picking up in the second half:
"Well at halftime you've got the chance to get on the board and if somebody is missing something we can sift it out. Overall we recognized coming in they were going to try and junk it up and our guys just did a better job of executing."
On S Tony Jefferson's injury:
"He just has an ankle sprain. They don't feel it's that significant at this point. They actually just rested him more. If it was a tighter, tougher game he could have probably played but we didn't feel we needed to do that."
On RB Damien Williams' performance:
"Damien's a strong, powerful guy with excellent speed. So it's exciting to see him play the way he is. He looked great out there tonight. Again, I thought, obviously, the guys ahead of him; fullbacks, tight ends, and O-line did a nice job creating some good seams for him."
On young defensive tackles' performance:
"Yeah I thought for sure I saw Jordan [Phillips] really do a nice job inside. He's so big and powerful, he was doing a lot in there, Jordan Phillips. Marquis Anderson I saw do well. The young D-ends I thought looked pretty good. A good job of being ready to play."
On WR Justin Brown:
"Justin is a great player. Again, I said it all... once he decided to come here I said this isn't like a guy who hasn't played big time football. He's playing big time football as a true freshman in the Big Ten and he's been
playing it ever since. It's a guy coming in who knows how to compete and has size and strength to him, and speed. The guy's got it all. He's a really special guy.
"What makes him such a good punt returner, it reminds me of the days of J.T. Thatcher. He can run through some people. He's a not a guy you get a hold of his jersey and swing him down. He's got a lot of strength to him."
  Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On the offense's overall performance:
"I think there are a lot of things that we need to clean up yet. There is a lot of detail that we talk about in week one that I am not happy necessarily with the progress we made into week two. Ultimately, we did some positive things, had some yards, scored some points, but there are a lot of things out there that we need to clean up to be as efficient as we are capable of."
On Kenny Stills being a go-to target for Landry Jones:
"Tonight and last week, too, their ability to connect -- he has been an explosive player for us. He needs to continue to be. I am sure Landry has got a comfort level with him. More than anything he has just performed at a high level and got himself open and found a way to catch the ball when it is his opportunity.
"But I don't think we need just one guy. I said that in the beginning of training camp or leading into week one at UTEP, we need those other guys to come on. You saw some guys make some plays when given the opportunity. Justin Brown made a great grab on the sidelines in a big third down situation. Trey Metoyer, the same in the end zone. And you saw Sterling [Shepard] do some really positive things throughout the game as well."
On the offensive line:
"I thought we did [played well] in the second half. I wasn't happy with our execution the first half, run game and pass game. Certainly in the second half our guys did a much better job. Handled the looks and the pressures that they received."
On the quarterbacks:
"I thought Landry did some positive things, made some critical plays in third down situations. We were a lot more efficient tonight. We weren't in a ton of third-and-shorts, either, so that was a positive from us. Our protection was pretty good throughout the night. I thought Blake [Bell] had some mechanic things that he has to continue to work through to be as efficient as he needs to be."
On how Justin Brown changes the special teams:
"You saw tonight, he is mature. He's got some strength to run through some trash. You can have a speed guy back there, but ultimately you look at a lot of punt returns and somebody is running through an arm tackle and he has got the strength to do that. He has experience catching it and does a really good job."
  Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops

On the defense's performance:
"I thought we played pretty well if you take out the one big play, and that was disappointing. We had a breakdown in, obviously, our coverage. We had a breakdown at the line of scrimmage. We lost our man and we didn't rotate properly in the back end and that compounded. Our safety went the wrong way and got mixed up in which way we were rotating in the secondary. We didn't have a deep middle player. We made a couple of mistakes on way play that cost us a touchdown. It is a great learning situation. But again, overall very pleased with our coverage and pressure all night."
On preparing for Kansas State:
"We know what kind of issues they present, so we are through these two games and where we want to be and are really excited to get into conference play next week."
On Tony Jefferson and Jesse Paulsen:
"Tony has been playing well, and it is disappointing. I know his family was in town to watch him. He twisted his ankle, so that part was disappointing, but Jesse got an opportunity. I am really proud of the way he came up and tackled well. Made a mental mistake on the rotation, but overall, very pleased with the way he played."
On the next opponent, Kansas State:
"Kansas State is a very detailed in their preparation. They present a lot of problems defensively. That run game -- we have a lot to study. We played an outstanding game against K-State a year ago. We have got to try to anticipate what adjustments will be made on their part and be able to counter them, so it will be a great test for our defense."
On the run defense:
"Not bad. I thought we tackled well overall. The ball got outside us a couple of times, but overall, I am pleased with it."
  Junior RB Damien Williams

On tonight's game:
"I felt we all played well as a team. My line blocked well, they were ready for me, so I felt like everything went as planned."

On the other running backs:
"Like I have been saying over and over, teams are going to have to look out for us. We just have to keep progressing, keep running the ball hard and taking care of it."

On his 89-yard touchdown:
"Anybody could have ran through that hole with the line blocking the way they were. Trey Millard made a good block on the safety, so anybody could have done it. I had to turn my speed up to finish through, but it went as planned."

On the crowd:
"I thought I was going to be more nervous, but everything was fine once I put on my helmet and pads. I felt great about everything."

  Senior QB Landry Jones

On his receivers:
"I felt a lot more comfortable with those guys. Kenny Stills played great down the middle. I forced one down the field and that was a bad play by me. All in all, I felt really comfortable tonight and thought our receivers, and O-line, did a great job."

On Kenny Stills getting open:
"That is huge. He did a great job working the middle of the field. He did a great job of blocking, too."

On the offense's rhythm:
"It was just a better game. Everybody felt like it flowed smoother tonight. The offense did a lot of good things. You can not say enough about Damien Williams, of how hard he is running and how he is protecting the ball. The offensive line did a great job opening up for him."

On Justin Brown's punt return:
"That was huge. He is a great player. He might not get noticed a lot but he is doing some huge stuff for us. Just playing physical and using that size. He is doing a lot of good things. He kind of flew under the radar, I think, but he has been playing some really good football."

  Senior DE R.J. Washington

On the defensive performance:
"I think it was just people staying in their gaps for the most part. We still have some things that we need to clean up. For the most part, they ran the same kind of plays that UTEP ran. I think it was just us being better and a little more focused this week."
On closing the gaps:
"Every once in a while that's someone getting out of their fit. But I mean that was me on that particular play. But again we have a little bit to clean up but I think we've been getting better as each game has been going on and getting better as the year progresses."
On the off week ahead:
"It's good in the sense that we have two weeks to prepare for Kansas State because they're a great team. They just put up 52 on Miami and with all the head quarterback run game, we're gonna need that extra time to get as much film as we can on them. It's right where it needs to be."
On Kansas State:
"It's probably going to be one of our biggest challenges of the year. They can do a lot with the ball. They're disciplined, they play hard and they know who their assignments are. They play downhill great and smashmouth football."
  Junior DB Aaron Colvin

On corrections:
"I felt like we played pretty good. I haven't gotten a chance to watch film yet. I mean from the stats it's seems like we played pretty well. I mean as far as changes, we didn't really make any changes, we really emphasized communicating more this week at practice. Some of the busts that happened last week at UTEP just were communication more than anything. I felt like we did good talking today."
On fixing missed gap assignments:
"Oh yeah, we really hopped on that as far as our linebackers and safeties, fitting in the right gaps. I felt like we played exceptionally well on the run. Every week is going to get harder. K-State is a really good running team so that's what we're focusing on now."
  Freshman WR Trey Metoyer

On first home game:
"It felt good, I was excited. I haven't played in front of a big crowd in a while. I was excited and it was intense. My energy was flowing. I kind of had to slow my roll for a minute but as I got going I felt better during the game."
On the touchdown catch:
"The first week, there were two that I should have had. So the second one had to make up for it. So I said I had to bring this one in. (Landry) almost overthrew me but I just had to get it."
  Junior OL Gabe Ikard

On the performance:
"The whole week we had been saying we need to light it up. That was our little slogan we had going. We said we were going to light the scoreboard up and put points on the board for our defense since we kind of disappointed them last week and it was just we need to be more crisp, more clean. Get into a better flow of the game."
On scoring touchdowns untouched:
"Assignment sound -- a bunch of plays tonight picked up. They threw a lot of pressures at us, up the middle and down the edge. We made some adjustments and when we picked everyone up, got to the guys we ID'd, there were some big holes and our backs took advantage of it."
  Junior WR Kenny Stills

On making big plays:
"I felt like we had a little more stuff in this week. We kind of took the training wheels off the younger guys and off of Justin [Brown] we kind of had some more big plays to go out and get and we did."
On a new attitude:
"I felt like before with Ryan [Broyles] being the guy, I couldn't really just express myself as the guy to get the ball. I tell him all the time now that I'm open. I'm open every day on the ends and wide and I hope that you're going to hit me. I've been working my tail off with him just to let him know that I'm going to work as hard as I can to get the ball."
  Senior DT Jamarkus McFarland

On the younger players:
"They did well and they get to see themselves doing well. Once they see themselves on film they will be ready to go again in practice."
On the upcoming bye week:
"Later on down the road, you are going to be praying for that, especially if you have injuries. It is all right to have one, but we have got another one coming up in a few weeks. That will help later on if anyone gets injured, it will help to bring them back."
  Freshman WR Sterling Shepard

On his first catch:
"I went to the middle and Landry Jones saw me, I saw the ball whistling so I knew I had to get it. It was a relief I got the first one out of the way. Hopefully there are plenty more to come. I thought of my dad when I caught it."
On the crowd's reaction:
"It was great. I popped up and knew I had to get the next play though. I got my mind back ready to catch another one. It was amazing coming out of the tunnel and seeing the crowd for the first time. It was fun."
On the best part of the night:
"I would have to say the catch, but I had a few good blocks too. I am always trying to help the team out. My blocks were pretty good tonight too."
  Senior DB Jesse Paulsen

On stepping in for injured DB Tony Jefferson:
"I have been taking reps with the second team, so I just seized the opportunity and did the best I could."
On his performance:
"I thought I did okay. It was my first time on defense, so just getting used to the speed of a live game is different. I still have some stuff to work on though."
  Head Coach Joe Taylor

Opening comments:
"I told Bob (Stoops) that I have been admiring his efforts for a while and I really feel that there's no question that he has put together a real solid football program here. They do a great job and the atmosphere is just tremendous. I thought we came out and showed some things early on, but whenever FCS and BCS get together, it does come down to a depth issue. I thought that after a while that became the issue in terms of them being able to rotate folks in and we just didn't have that. This is my first trip here to Oklahoma, and I enjoyed it. The people were great. We will get a lot out of this as we return now to get into conference play."
On what FAMU got out of this game:
"The bottom line is -- to come up and be completely outmatched, but to see our guys give completely great effort, make some plays, get some turnovers, and move the ball -- that let's you know that there's a lot of potential in this club, so that to me, is very encouraging. We are all after the same sponsorship dollars.The BCS is a lot more attractive to sponsors, so I guess we have to get out and filter. Not getting sponsors, you know, but it's still great revenue stream.The key is, you don't want to come out and get all banged up and think we were forcing it there."
On the Travis Harvey's touchdown reception:
Yeah, (Travis Harvey) he's a senior, he has great speed and of course the quarterback (Damien Fleming), we feel good about him. Hopefully that's a connection we will see as we move forward. Four-three speed is 4.3 speed, and he has 4.3 speed."
On how Oklahoma's performance:
"Well it's really early, but i told Bob he's done a great job of recruiting. Landry (Jones) is for real. He threw some passes today they were certainly accurate. He does a great job of buying time. He slides in the pocket to buy time. He's got some pretty good weapons, to throw to and to hand off to."




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