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OCTOBER 18, 2011

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11:59 p.m. | Final: Oklahoma 47, Kansas 17
We get it in just before midnight. It's a final from Lawrence as Oklahoma wins it, 47-17, to move to 6-0. Thank you for joining us and we'll see you next week in Norman as OU hosts Texas Tech. Complete post-game coverage at
11:58 p.m. | Grind
Overshadowed tonight by Broyles' record-breaking performance, Dominique Whaley has 165 yards on 30 attempts with a TD. No. 8 always seems to be moving forward, no matter the number of defenders in his way. Oklahoma is a program that can always appreciate the grind by its running backs.
11:53 p.m. | Hanging In There
As we close in on midnight in Lawrence, the Sooners have piled up a 47-17 margin and most of the KU fans have headed for the exits. There are still several thousand Oklahoma fans hanging tough in the southeast corner of the stadium for the end. The Sooners appreciate your support in this late-night Big 12 road game.
11:47 p.m. | First Downs
Whaley just barrels forward for Oklahoma's 27th first down of the game. Kansas remains stuck on eight. Incredibly, OU's defense has not allowed a first down this half.
11:39 p.m. | Quick Hits
The Sooner defense has held Kansas to just 19 yards in the second half. For the game, the Sooner offense has rolled up 552 yards (202 rushing and 350 passing). Ryan Broyles has had a monster night. We'll tally his effort when we have the chance at the end of the game. What a special player.
11:32 p.m. | Records Falling
Third down this time and Landry Jones connects with Ryan Broyles for the TD. No. 85's tally so far? 13 catches, 217 yards and two touchdowns. Broyles just shattered OU's record for receiving yards in a game (his own record of 208 against Colorado in 2010). Broyles' 13 catches are just two shy of his own school record.
11:25 p.m. | On Repeat?
The game has devolved into a three-and-out forced by the OU defense followed by the Sooner offense zipping down the field, bogging down near the goal line and settling for another field goal. Seems like we've had that same script the entire second half.
11:19 p.m. | Another Three
Kansas again frustrates the OU offense down near the goal line and forces another field goal from Hunnicutt. If you're keeping score at home, that was his fourth FG and extends OU lead to 33-17. Interesting note: no kicker at OU has kicked more than four field goals in any single game.

11:17 p.m. | Clamping Down
As we head to the final quarter, the Oklahoma defense held Kansas to no first downs and five total yards (four passing, 1 rushing) in the 3rd quarter. Sooners up 30-17.
11:13 p.m. | "D" Locking Down
OU's defense has forced three straight three-and-outs and only allowed the Jayhawks two offensive yards so far this half.
11:09 p.m. | Hunnicutt Again
Michael Hunnicutt connects on his third field goal of the night, this one from 27 yards, to extend OU's lead to 30-17. He is now 9-of-10 on the year, with his only miss a 46-yarder against Missouri.
11:04 p.m.
| Plugging Holes
Jaz Reynolds must make opposing defenses feel like they're plugging holes in a dike. Just when they think they have the Sooners stopped (KU had the Sooners facing a 3rd-and14), Reynolds comes up with back-to-back catches to move the chains. We've said it before and we'll say it again, we would put our top three receivers up against any other trio in the country.
10:57 p.m.
| Lengthy Review
Broyles lost the football as he stretched for the goal line on his latest catch. It was a tough one to call as the ball came loose almost simultaneously to his knee hitting the ground. The officials took a long time looking it over before determining that it was, in fact, a fumble and went through the end zone for a touchback. Kansas dodges a bullet and is still right in this game.
10:48 p.m.
| Broyles' Record Photo
Thanks to photographer Jerry Laizure for sending us a photo of Ryan Broyles celebrating his record-setting catch earlier tonight:
10:41 p.m.
| Calling the Sharks
The Pride of Oklahoma gave the Sooner defense a little inspiration by playing the Jaws theme music as Kansas faced a third down on its last drive. Demontre Hurst responded with a pass breakup on KU's deep pass attempt.
10:32 p.m.
| Defensive Notes
A few quick notes on the Sooner defense to start the second half. Jaydan Bird replaced Tom Wort at middle linebacker. Javon Harris snuffed out KU's opening drive by forcing a fumble on third down. The Jayhawks recovered but still had to punt. OU has only given up three points in the third quarter all season (FG at Florida State).
10:29 p.m.
| Early Exits?
We're a little confused as to why the crowd thinned out so much at halftime. There are certainly a lot of empty seats here for a game the Jayhawks are in as we start the second half. Kansas will get the ball as we get back to action.
10:09 p.m.
| NCAA Career Records Rare
We get a little jaded at Oklahoma with all the great players who come through the program, but let us put it in perspective how significant Broyles' record is. He joins a select group of just four Sooners who own NCAA career records:

- Career Receptions: 317+, Ryan Broyles (2008-11)
- Career Pass Efficiency: 175.6, Sam Bradford (2007-09)
- Career % of TDs/Completion: 9.9, Bradford (2007-09)
- Career Yards/Play: 8.70, Bradford, (2007-09)
- Career Punt Return TDs: 8, Antonio Perkins (2001-04)
- Career Punt Return Avg: 23.6, Jack Mitchell (1946-48)
10:09 p.m. | Halftime
The KU defense stiffens inside the 10 and forces the Sooners to settle for a Michael Hunnicutt field goal. Oklahoma came into tonight's game ranked No. 9 nationally in most field goals made. Time expires for the first half on the ensuing kickoff and Oklahoma takes a 27-17 lead into the locker room.
10:06 p.m. | Fans Pushed Back
Kansas' field is surrounded by a track that pushes the fans back away from the action. It's a striking contrast to Owen Field back in Norman where the sidelines are extremely tight and the fans can seem right on top of the opposing team.

9:56 p.m. | Offense Alive
Oklahoma is wasting little time in marching down the field on Kansas. You get the sense that the Oklahoma offense is beginning to come to life (and the Sooner coaches are going to press the hurry-up to tire the KU defense). Broyles has four catches on this drive alone. Coach Gill calls a timeout to give his defense a breather on a critical third down at the four.
9:51 p.m. | Alexander's Sacks
With that last sack, Frank Alexander moves into OU's top 10 for career sacks. Alexander is now at No. 10 with 18.5 career sacks. Kelly Gregg (19) is No. 9.
9:50 p.m. | Broyles' Favorite Catch?
We speculated that this TD catch for Ryan Broyles might be one of his best on OU's official Twitter feed. Broyles responded with the message below:

And here's video of the catch in the Fiesta Bowl:

9:46 p.m. | Big 12 Record, Too
The record-breaking reception for Broyles was also a 57-yard TD and broke the Big 12 career TD receptions record. We're just trying to keep up with you No. 85. The College Hall of Fame contacted OU this week to get either part of the uniform or ball from that catch.
9:43 p.m. | That's the Record
With his fourth catch tonight in Lawrence, senior receiver Ryan Broyles (Norman, Okla.) just became the NCAA's career leader with 317 receptions since his first catch in an OU uniform against Cincinnati in 2008. Broyles passed Purdue receiver Taylor Stubblefield for the record. Congratulations Ryan!
Broyles' Catch Timeline
09/06/08 - Catch No. 1 came against Cincinnati
09/05/09 - Catch No. 50 came against BYU
11/14/09 - Catch No. 100 came against Texas A&M
09/11/10 - Catch No. 150 came against Florida State
10/23/10 - Catch No. 200 came against Missouri
11/23/10 - Catch No. 250 came against Oklahoma State
09/24/11 - Catch No. 300 came against Missouri
10/01/11 - Catch No. 304 (Big 12 leader) against Ball State
10/15/11 - Catch No. 317 (NCAA leader) against Kansas
9:41 p.m. | Sooner Fans
With a break in the action, here's a quick shot of the stadium from our vantage point. You can see two solid sections of Sooner fans in crimson to the extreme right in the east stands:

9:34 p.m. | Powering In
After his first fumble of the season, Whaley looks like he's running with authority on the current drive. Whaley really lowered his shoulder and powered down the field on a couple of plays. Roy Finch gets the TD however -- his first time in the end zone this season. Finch had a total of 35 yards for the season coming into the game, but already has 32 (and a score) tonight.
9:29 p.m. | Back to Work
The Oklahoma offense returns to the field after its last possession ended in a turnover. Whaley immediately gets the handoff and a gain of five yards. ESPN stats just asked if this was the first time OU had trailed this season. Nope, the Sooners were down, 14-3, to Mizzou in the first quarter in Norman back on September 24.
9:25 p.m. | Insecurity
Dominique Whaley's first fumble of the season gives Kansas the ball deep in OU territory and Sooner fans have to be getting a little anxious. It's a rare occurrence for Whaley, and the Sooners overall, but KU takes advantage by converting the turnover into a field goal. We're all square in the second quarter at 10-10.
9:22 p.m.
| Scoring in 2nd Quarter
On the other side of that last note, we are somewhat used to seeing the Sooners take awhile to get rolling this year. Keep an eye on the 2nd quarter. Entering tonight's game, OU has scored 96 of its 225 points (43%) on the season in the second stanza.
9:18 p.m.
| We've Got a Game
Anyone thinking the Sooners were going to have it easy in this one better think again. It's not as if the Sooners have been sluggish. Credit the Jayhawks for coming to play on both sides of the ball. Defensively, they have held OU's offense pretty well in check, while their offense is driving again on the strength of their running game as we head to the second quarter.
9:11 p.m.
| Facebook Photos
We've posted a bunch of photos from pre-game on our official Facebook page to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Sooners here in Lawrence. Click the photo of Ryan Broyles below to view the entire gallery:
Facebook Photos
9:06 p.m.
| Life in Lawrence
James Sims cuts through the Sooner defense for a 56-yard touchdown run and KU cuts OU's lead to 10-7. Now we definitely have to give the Jayhawks the edge in the key matchup we mentioned earlier.
9:03 p.m.
| From the Locker Room
We're going to try to make this a tradition. OU Digital Media Director Jason Matheson captured this shot of Aaron Colvin wearing Austin Box's No. 12 in the locker room just prior to kickoff:

8:59 p.m.
| Scary Moment
The crowd has gone silent here as KU center Jeremiah Hatch has been down on the field for a few minutes with a host of medical personnel surrounding him. It's never good to see a player injured no matter what uniform he's wearing. Everybody's thoughts and concerns are with Hatch right now.
8:56 p.m.
| Key Matchup
We've seen Kansas running backs break a couple of decent runs already in tonight's game and may have to give them the edge thus far in tonight's key matchup according to OU Senior Associate A.D. Kenny Mossman:

8:49 p.m.
| Hunnicutt Good
Michael Hunnicutt connects from 36 yards out to put Oklahoma up 10-0 midway through the first quarter. Count that another victory for the Jayhawk defense. After giving up a big catch to Ryan Broyles, KU buckled down and held the Sooners to just three.
8:46 p.m.
| Stills' Streak
OU Assistant Media Relations Director David Bassity just pointed out that, with his touchdown catch earlier tonight, Kenny Stills now has a TD in each game he's played in this year. Stills did not play vs. Tulsa (suspension) or against Missouri (concussion).
8:42 p.m.
| Merv's Cake
We mentioned Coach Merv calling his 400th consecutive game earlier... Below is a shot of the cake the OU radio crew presented him with prior to the game. We'll definitely try to sneak a piece later.

8:39 p.m.
| Stoops' Coaching Tree
While we don't want to see them have too much success tonight, it's nice to see Chuck Long back on the sidelines (or in his case -- the booth) as the offensive coordinator for the Jayhawks. Long served as an assistant at OU from 1999-2005 and is one of many Coach Stoops' disciples to go on to success at other schools.
8:31 p.m.
| Quick Work
After a three-and-out on its first drive, OU needs just four plays to score on its second. Landry Jones connects with Kenny Stills on back-to-back pass plays of 15 and 17 yards, the second for the game's opening score. Oklahoma 7, Kansas 0.
8:28 p.m.
| Two Returners
The OU defense returned the favor and held KU offense to a three-and-out. On the ensuing punt, the Sooners showed an interesting look with two return men. Ryan Broyles was in his usual place back deep, but Kenny Stills was also back about halfway between Broyles and the line of scrimmage. Not sure if OU has seen something on film from the Jayhawks, but the strategy paid off as the Sooners got a good return out of it.
8:24 p.m.
| Early Optimism
Much of the talk this week has been about whether KU's defense, ranked at or near the bottom in a number of NCAA statistical categories, could contain the OU offense. Forcing the Sooners to a three-and-out on their first drive has to give them confidence. The Kansas crowd, which has filled in nicely since we reported earlier, certainly appreciated it.
8:21 p.m.
| Offense Up First
Oklahoma won the coin toss and elected to receive. Landry Jones will lead the Sooner offense out to start the game and we're underway here in Lawrence!
8:19 p.m.
| Keeping Tradition Alive
Earlier today, ESPN did a feature on the growing trend of alternate uniforms seen around the college football landscape today. It's pretty refreshing to see the Sooners run out in their traditional attire every single Saturday. Tonight, OU is in road white shirts, white pants and crimson helmets.
8:16 p.m.
| Rock Chalk Chant
Have to admit, KU's Rock Chalk chant is pretty cool. The crowd here at Kivisto Field just busted it out in perfect harmony following the national anthem. We're five minutes from football!
8:12 p.m.
| Colvin Wearing No. 12
If you hadn't heard already, sophomore safety Aaron Colvin will be wearing No. 12 tonight in memory of the late Austin Box. So far this season, the players who have had the honor have gone like this: Tom Wort (Tulsa), Frank Alexander (Florida State), Javon Harris (Missouri), Corey Nelson (Ball State), and Travis Lewis (Texas).
8:04 p.m.
| Off to the Locker Rooms
We're under 20 minutes before kickoff and both teams have headed back to their respective locker rooms. Still a lot of empty seats here at Kivisto Field... we're hoping it's just a late-arriving crowd. OU fans have a solid block of crimson in the southeast corner of the stadium. They're situated to our right across from the press box and will welcome the Sooners to the field shortly.
7:59 p.m.
| Naismith & Football?
In addition to the men mentioned below, James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball and founder of KU's program, also made a significant contribution to the game of football. Many sources give credit to the creation of the football helmet to Naismith. Here is an early helmet from 1891 we came across in Kansas' Hall of Fame earlier today. The facility mimics the Switzer Center exhibit we have back in Norman. Pretty impressive!

7:52 p.m.
| History Lesson
Everyone knows about the basketball tradition here in Lawrence, but Kansas also claims some pretty prominent football names. John Outland, the man whom the Outland Trophy is named after, played at Kansas in the late 1800s, and Fielding Yost, who built the football tradition at Michigan, was the head coach at Kansas in 1899. More on both of these men later.
7:39 p.m.
| Coach Merv's Streak
Bob Barry may have retired after 50 years of broadcasting, but his long-time partner in the booth has an impressive streak of his own. Merv Johnson will be providing color analysis in his 400th consecutive Sooner game tonight. Fans can listen to he and Toby Rowland on the Sooner Sports Network radio broadcast. Congrats Coach Merv!
7:31 p.m.
| View From Press Box
Here's a pic of our view of the field from high up in the press box at Kansas Memorial Stadium. We'll provide updates and observations from up here (including notes from the OU Athletics Communications Office) and exclusive photos and video from the Sooner locker room and sideline.

7:26 p.m. | Upgraded Mobile Apps
The OU Athletics Department has upgraded its official apps for iPhone and Android devices. The apps are free to download with core functionality including headlines, scores, live game stats, schedules, rosters, photo galleries and video content. Users can also upgrade to receive live radio broadcasts of Sooner games.

Official OU Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android & BlackBerry
7:22 p.m. | Broadcast Options
Plenty of options to follow the Sooners tonight in Lawrence. The game is a national TV broadcast on radio and iPhone and Android devices.
7:11 p.m. | Welcome to Lawrence
We are set up in the press box and ready to bring you the action live from Lawrence as the Sooners match up with the Kansas Jayhawks. Kick is slated for 8:17 p.m. on ESPN2. The gates are open and fans are filing in for the game here under the lights at Kivisto Field at Memorial Stadium. The Sooner fans are filling up sections 25 and 26 in the southeast corner of the stadium.
8:01 a.m. | OU at Kansas
The Oklahoma Sooners (5-0 overall, 2-0 Big 12) hit the road for a matchup with the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence on Saturday, Oct. 15. The game kicks late (8:15 p.m. CT) and will be a national TV broadcast on ESPN2.




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