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University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 20, 2012
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement:
"First, hats off to Coach [Mike] Gundy and the Oklahoma State team, playing a really hard fought game all night. Fortunately we were able to make a few more plays down the stretch to win it. Very proud of my team and my guys for hanging in there, working our way through a hard fought game and coming up with the plays, in particular, down in the fourth quarter to win the football game.
"Where to begin individually, first Landry Jones, again, off the charts, again, a touchdown drive at the end of the game when he has to have it; played great. So many receivers, we had three guys over 100 yards, caught the ball, held onto it. Big punt return by Jalen Saunders.
"Defense, we gave up our plays that were obvious and hurt us, but we did come up with the interception, came up with five three-and-outs. We made some plays, we gave ourselves the chance to get back in the game and then at the end we even forced a field goal to win the football game. We were seven out of 15 stops on third-downs, some of those were positive. There's a few more I think we could help ourself with some third-down situations.
"But give [Oklahoma State] credit, they had one guy 3rd-and-10 at the end of the half and he makes the one-handed catch over the middle. Great catch in tight coverage. Great to win and we got one more coming next week."
On using the Belldozer on the final play of regulation:
"Well I had already told the official if he makes the first down, which I anticipated he would, if he's not in the end zone stop it immediately, I'm using my last timeout. So we would have had another play."
On the rotation of LBs Tom Wort and Frank Shannon:
"With some of [Oklahoma State's] personnel groupings, we kind of like them in different areas, so we try to place them the best we can. Frank got a little banged up at the end so he wasn't able to finish the game, but Tom seemed like he did a pretty good job."
On QB Landry Jones' career and performance today:
"What more do you want from a guy? He was fabulous out there tonight. Threw the ball all over, threw it well, throwing bullets everywhere and you're not seeing wobblers, you're not seeing balls that are tough to catch; they're in the right spots. The receivers did an excellent job, too, with them. Protection for the most part was really good, they got us a time or two but with a good team, that's going to happen. But overall, Landry was great."
On the decision to go with WR Jalen Saunders at punt return on the touchdown return:
"Justin [Brown] caught a bunch of balls and a bunch of yards and we had been talking about that the last couple of weeks. 'Let's get Jalen some catches back there because of how dynamic he is.' It didn't surprise us that he would squirt out of there and fortunately he did, and the guys I thought all blocked really well."
On back-and-forth games:
"Initially the only thing it reminded me of was our Big 12 Championship game with Nebraska where we were down 20-0, I believe, or 17-0. For some reason we had a certain calm about it. It was so early in the game, we're down 14, we're not going to continue to make these mistakes and we were moving the ball so I figured everybody stay positive and hang in there and we'll catch them."
On QB Landry Jones being one of his favorite players to coach:
"Absolutely. But I've got a bunch of them. When you have guys that work so hard, that are such good leaders, positive in every way off the field and do everything you want them to do, you love them, they're special guys. But I have a bunch I love that don't play hardly at all, that do those things too and they're a big part of the team."
  Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On the offense's performance:
"As much as anything, these guys have just been absolutely tremendous finishing the ballgame here the last couple of weeks - confident, poised, just keep playing the next play, able to execute under stressful, tough situations. I'm really proud of the guys, just the way they continue to play."
On the game-tying drive to end regulation:
"Those guys continue to just play the next play and execute and believe in one another. To put a drive together like that to finish the fourth quarter... A huge two point play on Jalen's [Saunders] touchdown punt return. Then to execute the way we did in overtime with the two runs, the guys did a tremendous job of passing some things off on the inside and then, obviously, breaking with the great run to finish it and sticking it in the endzone."
On the clock management on the final drive of regulation:
"That was not necessarily what the plan was the first part of the drive, but, as it went on, that's kind of the scenario that played out. We felt that we had a chance to get a couple of runs in there and stay ahead of the chains and stay out of some third-and-long situations where they were dropping in and making it tough on us. Those guys did a great job of handling the clock, executing, shifting guys in and out. And, obviously, the timeouts we had at the end of the ballgame were important as well, allowing you to play a different style and stick a run in there."
On quarterback Landry Jones:
"He's been a rock. There's been a lot of moving parts around him. I think it says a lot about a guy that knows he is going to have moving parts around him, and he decides to come back. He's a guy that was ready for the top half of the first round [of the NFL Draft]. He wanted to come back. He wanted to be a fifth-year senior on this football team. He wanted to lead it. He's been the rock in our offensive meeting room, in our offensive unit. He has continued to play better as the guys around him have been executing better."
  Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops

On the defense's performance:
"I've never had so much fun in my life. What a classic in a lot of ways. Anytime you play an excellent offensive football team, a team that can run it as well as they can throw it, those offenses can stretch a defense, and, certainly, we've been stretched the last few weeks like we haven't been really all year. Things came up these last couple of weeks. We've still got to continue to try to find some better answers for what we are asking our players to do structurally, or if we are asking them to do things that aren't possible. That's certainly coaching, but I think we felt like if we could hold them in overtime, we were going to win the game. That's how it played out. We had some critical stops in the fourth quarter where they could have iced the game, and we just gave our offense another opportunity. They were virtually unstoppable all night, so we knew if we could get them the ball back one more time, we had a great opportunity to put the game into overtime. Guys made some clutch plays in the game."
On OSU quarterback Clint Chelf:
"I thought he played good. I thought we got him out of rhythm, though in the second half a little bit. We tried to pressure him more. We were struggling with four-man pressures on the quarterback...I think it is incredible of those guys to have three quarterbacks that can play that well every time they step on the field. You're not going to see that in a lot of places. That's pretty amazing the way it's turned out for them. Again, I thought we did what we had to do to disrupt them and not give them the throws that they wanted in the fourth quarter and certainly in overtime."
On the emotion of the night:
"It was a rollercoaster today. We got the game tied. The first play of the second half, we've got a safety that is no where to be found, and they go 75 [yards for a touchdown], so we lose the momentum. We tie the game back up finally. I think our offense went three-and-out one possession. They went tempo on us and ran the zone play virtually four times in a row and scored. The game shifted. We could never sustain any momentum. It's not going to be perfect playing these teams. They are too good offensively."
  Senior QB Landry Jones

On the final drive in regulation:
"At that point in time we knew that we had to score on that drive. I think our offense just did what it had to do. We take it to fourth down and Blake [Bell] came in and had a great run. It's just something about this team, we get it done when we need to."

On his leadership:
"Our guys are great; they're an easy bunch to lead. It's been an honor these last four years to come in here and lead this group of guys. It's an honor to be a part of this team, there's no other team that I would rather be a part of and no other university that I would rather come and play for."
On the results of the last two weeks:
"They are surprising. You always remember those tight games, you always remember those games where you come from behind and get a victory. God has just blessed me so much to play this game. I just want to give Him the glory and honor right now for taking me through that and taking our team through those situations and allowing us to put it together in the end and just letting us know that we can do it.
On his last home game being special:
"I think it was because it's my last one, it's my last time to play in here, in this stadium in front of our fans and it always feels good to go out that way. It always feels great to go out on a win."

  Junior S Tony Jefferson

On the game:
"We've got to enjoy this. That's how you want to play a game, especially against an in-state rival. The outcome was good for us."
On going on defense first in overtime:
"That's what we wanted. Our defense came and stepped up when we need it to. I let them know that it was all on us now. This is the type of game you live for. I'm just proud in how that defense overcame the
adversity that we faced early on with the run game. I'm real proud of the seniors."
On Brennan Clay's game winning touchdown:
"To see your boy who you are with every day succeed like that, it makes you feel really good in your heart. I expected him to make play like that because the dude works hard and he deserves it."
  Junior WR Kenny Stills

On Brennan Clay's game winning touchdown:
"He did a great job. He showed a lot of resilience. The line did a great job and he broke a few tackles. He wanted to get in the end zone and he did."
On Oklahoma State's gameplan:
"They did all the things that we expected. I feel like we did a good job of addressing a few things that they changed blitzing-wise. We went back and forth for so long, and we were the team that was most resilient and it showed then."
On wearing down Oklahoma State's defense:
"The defense sounded like they were a little bit tired. They called a timeout late in the game and I could hear the coaches calling out, "Catch your breath, catch your breath." I figured they were a little bit tired."
On the momentum of the game:
"It was very hard to get in a rhythm. You could tell I had a few drops and that's pretty uncharacteristic for me. You find yourself trying to get the momentum back, and we continued to fight through it."
On Jalen Saunders' punt return:
"I felt the momentum change. When Jalen makes a move, he's gone. He showed that tonight and he showed that last week."
  Junior CB Aaron Colvin

On the game:
"It was crazy. It was honestly one of the most exciting games I've played in yet. It was a thriller. My heart was jumping the whole time. It was just one of those games."
On thoughts during overtime:
"It was definitely a great feeling knowing that the defense was out there first. We could set the tone, and I felt like we did. It was just great that we got the win."
On his defensive performance:
"Coach Mike [Stoops] put me in a great position to make those two sacks. It was just on me to make the play, and I made the play. It was a great feeling. I can't really describe it. I've never had a feeling like that before."
  Sophomore QB Blake Bell

On the game:
"Just the way we offensively came and responded every drive, we had ups and downs all day for the team. But offensively we just kept coming at them. You could just say name after name of guys that stepped up. Landry [Jones] did a great job. Brennan [Clay] on that last one, and it was unbelievable."
On getting to throw:
"I was really excited, but Oklahoma State did a great job of reading it out. Nothing was there really so I threw it down. We were 4th-and-1 so we were able to go for it in our territory."
On the running game's performance:
"We just have to fix the little things here and there, maybe a guy missing a block or something. Landry [Jones] did a great job throwing it and we'll correct some things in the run game. But other than that we just keep getting better each week."
  Junior RB Brennan Clay

On the game:
"Just like I said earlier, give glory to God. He's just blessed me so much in every opportunity. The O-line did a great job getting their blocks; shout-out to Gabe Ikard and Bronson [Irwin] and Adam [Shead]. They hit their guy and parted the way and I was able to hit the hole and made a few guys miss and get the end zone."
On the team going to him for the win:
"It's a group effort and obviously it gives us confidence, especially pulling out the win and coming back from behind. It gives us on offense great motivation to play and face diversity."
On scoring the winning touchdown:
"We just know that we have to keep pounding and pounding and it's not going to be a big win every time, especially against a good defense like Oklahoma State. They did a good job of scheming against us. They were able to stop the run. We got four or five yards a pop. Being able to break a long one and being able to score the game-winning touchdown, it's really blessed me."
Oklahoma State   Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement:
"I think everyone can agree that it was one heck of a game, but I'm disappointed that we came up on the short end. I'm very proud of our team, for the way they competed; they just had the last play. We had difficulty all day slowing down their passing game and covering their receivers. The new guys that transferred in this year have certainly made a difference for their offense. We have to come up with a better plan to slow them down a little bit from this point on. I thought that the punt return was a nice play and it changed the momentum. We did recover and came back, but we couldn't put a stop together at the end of the game."
On the red zone defense:
"Our red zone defense was good; we weren't very good from 20 to 20. But when we got down in there we held them to field goals."
On quarterback Clint Chelf's running ability:
"We have some designed runs for him, and he's run the ball pretty well for us this season."
On the mood after OU's tying touchdown:
"I think our guys are fine. We went out and got stopped; I don't think that was the issue. Now, if you look at the defense that came back out you would think that they never got over that. We talked about how emotional this game was and I thought they were ok. I can see where you think we didn't overcome it, because we let them run the ball down our throats and score."
On if there was one big-time, momentum-changing play:
"There was so many that I don't think you can pick any out. We scored some early and they came out right before half and scored and then the first play of the second half we scored. I don't think you can pinpoint one."
On running back Joseph Randall:
"Joseph ran the ball very well. Our running game was good. Overall, offensively I thought we played pretty well. For the most part I thought the run game was where we wanted it to be."
On how Chelf handled the pressure:
"I thought he played well. This question came up during the week and I thought he handled the situation to the best of his abilities. He missed a pass there late where we were trying to keep the drive alive. He threw the ball down low but other then that I thought he played well."
On maintaining the Belldozer package:
"I thought that we had him in the backfield on the tying touchdown. Again, he's a big guy and he's made some guys miss and breaks some tackles. Overall, I thought our coaches had a good plan and our guys were physical."
On if he feels this game got away:
"The only way I would think that is the final drive. We never really slowed down their passing game. I feel like you feel your team has control when your defense forces some three-and-outs."
On the defensive pressure:
"We would've liked to have more. To be honest, what it comes down to is that they have four guys who are running routes who are good players. Those guys can get to the ball quick and get it in their hands. It's pretty obvious that they have had success this year throwing the ball; the reason why is because they are really good on the perimeter."
On if he feels that OU now considers OSU a competitor:
"I can't speak for them but it was a big celebration. I think now there is a respect that is present now that maybe hasn't been before."
On how they will move forward:
"The bad news for them is that tomorrow morning we have to go back to work and get ready to play another game. No matter what happened today, it's our responsibility as a staff and as a team to not allow that to affect the next game. That's easier said than done but you don't have a choice. It's one game. Is it a big game? Yes, it's a big game, but if we play more into than that and we don't get ready to play next week then that's harder on our part. That's college football. The truth is, the better the program you have and the more highly-regarded you are, the harder it is to lose."
Oklahoma State   QB Clint Chelf

On the punt return that took the lead:
"Big for us to answer right back. With a good drive we were kind of got after them going quick. So for momentum purposes it was definitely a good drive."
On running the ball:
"We had a good game plan for running the ball and trying to get it out to our guys in space early. We got a couple big runs and that kind of helped it out."On his running creating a spark for the team:
"I knew coming in that I was going to have to be a ball carrier and take some shots and get up and show the team that it doesn't matter what happens, just keep fighting. I was trying to do that."
On coming off the field at halftime:
"It's tough anytime you don't score a touchdown in overtime. You know, I have faith in our defense, so when we came off with three I thought our defense played well and I had faith in them. So there was no disappoint other than not getting seven.
On feeling overall on the road loss:
"You know, they are a good team. They made a lot of plays, we made a lot of plays. It felt good getting out there early, running and taking a few hits and settling in, but we came up short."
On momentum swings, loudness, intensity of rivalry:
"Lot of big plays, and you have to keep grinding. You know, there are going to be ups and downs throughout the a game. We were prepared for that. We tried to just answer every time that they did something. They just made one more play than us.
On how the program is taking steps:
"We came out, we fought hard. As a program, I think it's pretty obvious we are heading in the right direction. I think we've got a lot of good players and you always want to try and knock those guys off. We didn't do it."
Summing up all emotions now in starting role, first road start:
"It's been exciting. Anytime you get to start for a program, a team like this, it's exciting, especially in a game like this. A loss is always going to hurt so right now it is not very fun."
On how long the sting of the loss will linger:
"Kind of have to get over it tonight and get back to work tomorrow. We have another game left. We have to put it in the rearview mirror and get ready for Baylor."
Oklahoma State   DT Nigel Nicholas

On needing one stop at the end:
"I felt we were going to go out there and get a stop. I just have confidence in our team, but OU did a great job of fighting the whole game and we just didn't get it done. Got to come back and practice and work hard tomorrow."
On getting pressure on OU:
"I don't what the difference was, I just felt like OU did a great job of protecting Landry and we just couldn't get there as much as we wanted to."
Oklahoma State   RB Joseph Randle

On needing more points:
"Right now, it don't really matter. All that really matters is whether you got the win or the loss and we came up short."
On Chelf's performance:
"I definitely know he has it in him. He played great and he kept his composure in a hostile environment and our team played pretty good."




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