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University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 03, 2011
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement:
"I thought it was, overall a good solid night tonight. Again, I have great respect for Tulsa, coach [Bill] Blakenship, the staff and the job they have been doing over the years. Its been excellent. Fortunately tonight we came out and played well. I know they will continue to have an excellent year like they have the last four years. Really all phases were pleasing. It's pretty good when you can win that way and overall play that way. But there are things as coaches we need to correct. There are some things we feel we can be better at. We had good balance offensively and ran it well. Of course, Dominique Whaley had a huge night running the ball. The guys blocked well up front, tight ends and the offensive line. Landry, again, he was excellent. We had good balance. We threw it and ran it. Ryan Broyles, again, huge night. We gave the o-line a game ball. They didn't give up a sack all night and we ran it for over 200 yards. So, they deserved one. Defensively, it was really an excellent night outside of three plays. The first touchdown was just one player who busted the call and read the signal wrong. That's what happens when you read the signal wrong and you do something when everyone else is doing something else. We gave up a couple deep balls on simple routes and need to polish some of that up. I thought the kicking game all night was really good as well."

On Trey Franks:
"He's a guy that's not a freshman anymore either. He was a good player for us last year and we expect him to keep going that way. He had a few opportunities tonight, and he'll get more."

On Dominique Whaley's story:
"Maybe he should have [started at Langston]. He has really done a great job. He's strong. He has great vision. He was great taking care of the football. Dom [Dominique], he's quiet and easy going. He was the first one to get a game ball tonight."

On Ryan Broyles:
"I sometimes find myself taking it [Ryan Broyles' ability] for granted. The guy is just so sure-handed and elusive. It is good to see him jump out and have a huge night right off the bat. We actually missed him on a couple spots where we had him on a few plays."

On grading the defense:
"Other than [those three plays] it was really good. So, because of those it was just good. Tom Wort was given a game ball. He really had a good day and played really well. Corey [Nelson] did a nice job and everybody handled it well. Frank [Alexander] had a big night with the pressures and the interception. He can be better and I think we will be. We will get some things down in the next couple weeks. I thought we were, at times, slow on some of our timing and blitzes. We will see on tape that there's a bunch we can be better at and it shouldn't be that hard to correct."

  Co-Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel

On the offense's overall performance:
"It was week one. At times I felt at times we were a little bit off, as far as our timing, rhythm and decision making, but for the most part we were able to move the football. I would like to finish some drives off in the red zone. I would like to get some more points on the scoreboard. That was one of the things that we were really trying to push in the offseason, just finishing drives and being more efficient in the red zone."

On the flow and making 100 plays tonight:
"I think our kids handle the tempo well. We were pretty efficient up until we got in the red zone a couple of times. We didn't have any major mishaps as far as communication hand signals and some of those things that you are really worried about during the first game. In the rest I am pretty pleased.

On running the football and being more physical:
"We felt like we were making strides through spring ball and training camp. We are hoping to see the effort of that out on the football field, and we were able to see bits of that tonight. We are working on being more efficient. If you look at our yards per rush, the numbers were pretty good and I was pleased with that. I think there are still sometimes that we can identify and pinpoint a little bit better and be more efficient."

On the offensive line not giving up a sack:
"No, they didn't. I am pretty excited about that. The pass protection was really great. They didn't blitz a ton, but when they did at the beginning of the game we handled it pretty well. The tailbacks also did a great job tonight."

  Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

On the defense's performance and the emotion of the night:
"There was a lot of emotion tonight. We were trying to honor Austin Box, and he was really heavy on everyone's heart. Our guys really came out hungry and really stayed purposeful. Even throughout the portion of the first half our guys were able to hold it together against a really good quality football team. Our guys did a good job keeping them [Tulsa] in check."

On Tom Wort:
"He was all over the field. He played really well. It was very neat to see him in No. 12 and remembering Austin. He really represented Austin in a really great way."

On giving up some big plays to Tulsa:
"They are correctable. We have got to put pressure on them, but we got a lot of big hits and three turnovers. For the first three quarters we played very controlled. I am very pleased with our guys. There were some three and outs that were good as well as some timely turnovers. We will go back and see how we did, but he [G.J. Kinne] is a tough quarterback to get consistent on. We let him get outside on one of the blitzes where we let [Kinne] get of the contained guy one time and they were able to get a big play."

On players stepping up in Travis Lewis' absence:
"It was good. You know it's not easy. There were a little bit of no huddles and the tempo and what not. Tom Wort probably has a little more profound respect for Travis, and Travis being able to manage things and control things. How he {Travis Lewis] plays at such a high level. He really played really well. It was really good for his first game. I thought he did a terrific job, and managed things really well."

  Senior DE Frank Alexander

On the defense's rotation:
"I like the rotation. We work all summer and work hard during two-a-days but sometimes in the heat of the moment you get tired. I think just keeping us fresh will keep us playing fast."

On the defense's performance:
"I just feel like we could do better as a whole. I could have rushed better to take some pressure off of the DBs. They could have covered better so we all work together. We all have to get better.

"We have a lot to work on and we are not quite what we want to be. I feel like it is just a wake-up call to let us know that we still have to work. We have to come out there and work everyday because you cant get relaxed. When you get relaxed that is when you get beat deep.

"As a whole I feel like we did good. We have worked hard through the two weeks that we had to prepare for them. We went out there and we dedicated this night to Box, just like every night is going to be. So I feel like we did good."

  Senior WR Ryan Broyles

On almost making the single game record:
"I'm just trying to catch every ball that comes my way."

On his 50-yard catch:
"We practice that in practice all the time. So people say it's a great catch. But I feel like I'm just doing my job."

On evaluating the offense:
"I feel like we did a good job. Up front, guys were blocking and we had 5.6 yards per carry. You can't beat that really. So, if we can do that every week, then that's gonna get things going for us."

On the defense's success:
"Oh that always helps. I feel like to win games you have to have good defense. Coach V (Defensive coordinator Brent Venables) always calls good plays. And our defense came out there ready. I felt like even special teams was good. Our kickoff coverage, that was good for us. And we've been preaching that a lot. So I feel like it was a good job."

  Junior QB Landry Jones

On passing Jason White and living up to QB's before him:
"Man it's an honor just to be in the (conversation) with those guys. I mean, Sam (Bradford) and Jason White are one of the better ones to come out of this place. And obviously, Sam is playing some good ball right now in the NFL. It's just an honor to me just to be even named with those guys."

On evaulating OU's offense:
"Really good. Offensive line play was really, really good. We ran the ball really efficiently. The only part where we struggled was tight zone. We kicked a couple field goals and then turned the ball over there. But we'll clean that up and it's the first game so we can obviously work on some stuff. But overall we played really well."

On Dominique Waley's success:
"No I expected it from him. You've seen the way he runs in practice. He's one of the better athletes on our team . He's a big, strong and physical back. But it's good for someone like that to come out and play the way he did. You know, always a hard worker and comes into practice with a good attitude every day. So, you like guys like that on your team."

On if it was a methodical win before the FSU game:
"Yeah, obviously it's the first game. It's always going to be a little sloppy. So we have a long ways to go before we're playing at our peak level. But we just got to get better week-to-week."

  Junior DE Ronnell Lewis

On his performance tonight:
"I am a team player. I just do my job, that's all. I help the team the best I can and go out there and do what i do. I make plays and get the job done.

"I feel like i played pretty solid but I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

"I played my game. Tulsa was a really good offense. All the linemen came back, so I feel like they made me work for what I did tonight."

On being declared eligible:
"It was a great feeling. I have been praying about it. My family has been praying about it. I just want to thank God and everyone who stood there for me.

"It was a relief. I can't really put it into words how it felt when I heard. Just being out there tonight with my teammates is what it is all about. I am just glad that I don't have to worry."

On the defense's performance:
"I feel like we did pretty solid. We had a few errors here and there but we picked it up. We are going to learn from our mistakes. We are going to practice and work hard and continue to improve in every aspect.

On this year's season:
"I feel like this year is going to be a lot different because of the death of our linebacker Austin Box. We play for him and we play for this University. I think that is a chip on our shoulder to keep playing hard and play to the best of our abilities."

  Junior RB Dominique Whaley

On his story of being an OU football player:
"Well it doesn't too much surprise me because, like my teammates will tell you, I've been doing this and I've been working hard and doing everything that I could to get out there and it was just a matter of time before I got out there and did what I didn't do before. And as long as I work hard and like I said, follow my assignments in footwork."

On talking to the coaches about a scholarship:
"Yeah I'm almost in there everyday. Every single day. But it's eventually going to come to me. And I'm just gonna have to wait on it."

On not seaking the spotlight:
"Yeah, if I could have I would have snuck out of here. But yeah, I'm just a football guy. I just want to play football. All the limelight and stuff like that doesn't really matter to me."

  Sophomore LB Tom Wort

On the defense's performance:
"As I said, they are a good offense. They went to Notre Dame last year and won a big-time game there. They are not a bad football team at all. Their offense is one of the best offenses around. It was good for us. As I said, if we could have eliminated some of those plays, then it would have been a lot better tonight for us."

On tonight's emotional game:
"I have been thinking about leading the team out in Austin's jersey and putting it on. I went to his locker and said a few words to him and then we went out. The crowd erupted when I ran out so my emotions were very high. I definitely had to hold back a tear or two. It was a special moment and something that I am always going to remember.

"The focus is there. It feels like we have been practicing forever. We couldn't wait to get out there. We were all ramped up. When you are playing for someone other than yourself then it just kind of puts that much more emphasis on coming out strong. We were just being selfless.

"[Playing with emotion] is definitely something you learn and I think that comes with maturity. Guys are all a year older and that allows you to control your emotion that much better and focus on your assignments."

  Head Coach Bill Blankenship

Opening statement:
"We played a good football team tonight. There's no question about that. We did get into rhythm at the end. One of our goals tonight was to take care of Tulsa, which we were able to do. When you play a team of the caliber like that of the Sooners, you can't help them. The turnovers that we generated in the first half, we just couldn't keep our offense on the field. That really put our defense in a bind. Those are the things that I've come out with."

On strategies and struggles on offense:
"We really wanted to throw the ball down the field a little more, but we weren't able to cut loose with that. Bottom line is that we didn't get into rhythm in the first half. I felt like we broke loose a little bit late in the first half and a little in the second half. The rhythm of having those three-and-outs and not make first downs, really puts the defense in a bind and starts creating some frustration on offense. Obviously when G.J. (Kinne) was given a few more chances, he started making plays."

On missed assignments:
"Unfortunately, I don't think we missed a lot of assignments. We did early in the first quarter bust up a couple of plays that did create a three-and-out. But really as the game wore on, I think it was assignments as much as just maintaining some continuity to get those first downs. We'd get down close and turn the ball over. We had a couple of good drives. We moved the ball especially well about midway through the second quarter on, but we just couldn't finish drives."

On attitude and changes going into week two:
"Over all the years of coaching, that's when you see the biggest changes in the team. I think we've certainly got the opportunity. We've got a great leader in this guy (G.J. Kinne) sitting next to me. He's going to always make the guys around him better and we've got to do a better job of putting him in the position to do that."

On learning from the game:
"Oh, I sure hope so. It's sure not a lot of fun if you're not learning something."

  Senior QB G.J. Kinne

On the OU game and how to get better for the Tulane game:
"I feel like we just got into a rhythm in the second half. We just have to get better and that's the bottom line. And I know myself personally, I am going to get these guys ready for next week against Tulane."

On playing the number one team in the nation:
"Yeah it is difficult but the bottom line is we can't control what they do. We have to execute and we didn't do that very well tonight. We started to do that a little bit more in the second half but we are going to get better.

"We have a young team in the receiver positions and we are going to keep molding those guys and they are going to get better."

On losing Damaris Johnson (WR) so close to game time:
"It was difficult because he is one of our best players but we don't make excuses around here and we have some great guys behind him and I just need to develop that relationship with those guys and that will come with time."

  Junior HB Willie Carter

On losing Damaris Johnson (WR) and Carter's potential role on this team:
"Somebody is going to have to step up and play that role and I hope I can be that person."

On Tulsa's offense and OU's defense:
"At times, once our offense started clicking and started throwing short passes and running the ball I could tell we were wearing down the defense and then we would have one bad play and everything would go downhill after that."

On feeling the pressure of filling Johnson's shoes:
"No, I did not even look at it like that, I just went out and did my job and just tried to do everything that I could to help my team win."




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