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SEPTEMBER 25, 2011
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  Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening comments:
"As always, I'd like to start off by definitely giving compliments to Missouri. They played a well-fought, good football game. They are a very good football team. We knew that coming in and watching the way they played a year ago, but also coming into this year. They've got a lot of excellent players and do an excellent job coaching. I'm really pleased with 38-28. I think both teams can say, 'we had our moments. We did well.' There are things you wish you would have done better. That's how it's going to be when you play another good football team. They had theirs. We had ours. Fortunately, over the long haul, we were able to come back from a deficit early, get a decent lead and finish it off. Again, good hard-fought game. I'm pleased with the victory, always."

On the slow start:
"For whatever reason, we all came out, offensively we can't get first down, defense, they go right down the field. They executed. They out executed us and outplayed us, put the first score on. We were able to answer back a few times with the offense. Then, defense started. There was a good portion in there where defensively, we were really clicking. Then, we go into the fourth quarter and give up a bunch of yards and two touchdowns late. At the end, that's disappointing. You should be able to stick with it and be able to do a lot of the same things you've been doing. They didn't change up their offense.

"No one was panicked. I thought we'd settle in and play better and we did. It was just methodically getting down and back to business. I would just for whatever reason there just wasn't as much energy and motion and that's disappointing in my eyes. I thought we were more mature than that and beyond that."

On Landry Jones' performance and Kenny Stills' absence:
"It's amazing you can throw for 445 and we feel he's out of rhythm. That's pretty good. Other guys stepped up. Jaz Reynolds, I've been talking Jaz up this summer and really shown to be compatible. Dejuan Miller had a nice day. We've got other guys. Kenny will be back. He had some symptoms late in the week and doctors didn't feel he should go. We didn't find that out until Thursday night. We weren't really expecting that. We use our tight ends and the other guys stepped up. I thought they did a really good job. I believe they showed what they will continue to [show] because they are capable guys. They've got some maturity to them now and can make plays like that."

On Kenny Stills' injury:
"It was left over from last week's game when he caught that ball sliding down and took a forearm or something to the head. Everything was fine during the game, it was just a few symptoms during the week [the doctors] paid attention to came up."

On the defense:
"We just tried to play our 3-4. Obviously, we tried to match up Gabe Lynn with some of those guys in the slot. We got caught in some man positions early that didn't work out so well. We started changing up our coverage more and getting in some zones. We played better after that."

On Jaz Reynolds' momentum-changing catch:
"It was a big momentum switch. It's third down and he catches it on a go route. He did a nice job. They guy was holding the outside edge to give himself room to catch it and Landry threw a great ball."

On Dominique Whaley:
"Dom is a solid, good player. Running the ball, but as you saw, catching the ball. He's got excellent hands, getting yards after he catches it, strong on our boundary, stays in bounds, stays on his feet and gets another 10-15 yards. He's a good football player. The more he's out there, the more he's out there and use to the action, he's going to, I think,continue to make improvements."

On Trey Millard's big hit after a run:
"Nothing surprises me with Trey. He is as physical of a guy we've ever had. He's a bowling ball for sure, but a talented one."

  Junior QB Landry Jones

On playing without Kenny Stills, new dynamic:
"It did not contribute to the shakiness. Kenny (Stills) is a great player, steps up huge for us. He is one of the better receivers on our team, for sure. We have Jaz Reynolds and Dejuan Miller who step up and play ball for us really well too. Yes, it hurt not having Kenny tonight, but those guys stepped up and did a really good job too."

On throwing the deep balls:
"We worked on that in practice all week, just figuring out that they like to press a little bit. We wanted to attack them a little bit more than we did last year. They did a good job of going up and making some plays."

On the flow of the game:
"We started shaky. I don't really know what it was. Just kind of an off night. We started shaky on both sides of the ball, and then came back in that second quarter and really started playing some pretty good football. I don't know if I can really put my finger on what was really going on. Just seemed a little flat out there. We didn't come out as focused as we needed to be. Plus, Missouri, a good team, need to give credit to them."

On Gabe Ikard playing center after Ben Habern's injury:
"Gabe (Ikard) did a good job. Ben (Habern) went down in two-a-days, so Gabe got a majority of snaps during two-a-days. He is a good center, he plays really well and snaps it really well. So we will be all right there. Stinks that Ben went down. You hate for someone like Ben, one of the better guys on our team, to struggle with injuries quite a bit. It really stinks for him, but we are going to have to move on and Gabe is going to do a great job for us in the future."

  Junior Safety Javon Harris

On the team's focus entering the game:
"I wouldn't say that it was a Florida State hangover. We just didn't prepare like we should have this whole week and it showed in the game."

On the spark to get the team going:
"Everybody just knew that we had to step up, that we don't play like this. Eventually, we were going to have to play and when we were down 14-3, I think it turned the game around."
On concerns about giving up 500-plus yards:
"Oh yeah. At the same time, us as a defense, we are going to look back at it and come back and play a lot better. We know we had a lot of mistakes and we know we are going to have to come back out here and come back to how we play OU football."

  Senior LB Travis Lewis

On the defense tonight:
"Horrible. Disappointed. Relaxed. It's what happens. Everybody is disappointed, coaches and players. We gave them 530 yards. We played like a 25th-, 30th-ranked team. We are not the number one ranked team in the nation right now."

On how he felt in practice throughout week:
"Maybe players relaxed a little bit tonight. They thought they were better than they were. They started hearing all the great things and they started believing them. This is a reality check. It is great that it happened in the beginning of the season and that it came with a win, but they are a highly ranked opponent and we should have lost this game."

On the most frustrating part of the game:
"I thought we were at a better maturity level than this. But I'm happy that it happened. We get to go back to work starting tomorrow and rebuild."

On if he saw it coming during the week:
"Sort of. Players did not have the same mentality they had last week. I don't know why a team that killed us last year and knocked us off the mountain when we were number one, I don't know why players wouldn't prepare the same. I'm disappointed in myself as a captain and the leader of the defense. I'm disappointed in the guys. The coaches put us in a great position and as players need to go out there and play and we didn't tonight."

  Head Coach Bob Stoops

On Henry Josey:
"I think he is the real thing, you know he can touch the football and change the game, and against their defense that says a lot."

Anything you learned about your football team:
"We just need to play more consistently, you know. I think James (Franklin), for his poor start in this type of atmosphere and I haven't even seen his stats, but I think he did a lot of good things."

What happened in the 2nd quarter:
"We jumped on them early, a little bit, and they reacted like you know real good teams do. I certainly think their success and their big plays and momentum plays in the second quarter affects the whole football team."

On the lack of Michael Egnew in the offense:
"We talked about that a little bit at half time. We need to get him back more involved in the offense, there's no question about that."

On consistency of the team:
"I give Oklahoma all the credit because they deserve it, but you are not going be a good football team unless you can play consistently."

  Sophomore RB Henry Josey

On the loss:
"I would not say that we felt it slipping because we are always competitive and we always keep fighting. We knew we could come back and get back into the game, we just need to fix the little things that we made mistakes on.
"We just need to focus better. We knew everything and were prepared for coming into this type of environment and we just made mistakes on our own that messed this up."

On the way Oklahoma came back:
"They are a great team. They kept fighting just like we kept fighting and they didn't have too many errors tonight."

They just came out on top of us. We have to fix things and that is just coming back to practice and getting our hearts racing again like we know we can. We did not play our 'A' game tonight."

On if Missouri gave this game away:
"I would say we beat ourselves today because we know we are way better than that and we can bring more to the table. It is just those little things that we have to fix."

On getting the starting job three weeks ago:
"I have been taking the leadership of this position and I am just doing what I need to do for my team."

  Junior WR T.J. Moe

On what he's learned about the team:
"Were getting better, they are the number one team in the country. They are the best team in the country and we were pretty good, but not good enough tonight. We are some fighters, but we knew that."

On the playmaking in the first quarter:
"We had them where we wanted them. We had a good scheme, as you guys saw, and we had a lot of new plays that I haven't ran since I've been at Missouri."

On the big numbers of the offense:
"We thought we could beat them. Everybody talked about how this place is crazy and people don't win in Norman. We didn't come out with a victory, but it aint any different than any other place I've played, but you know, they've got good fans and really I like the guys on their team."





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