A prospective student-athlete (“PSA”) is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade.  An individual remains a PSA until he or she officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full-time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four-year collegiate institution’s regular academic year.

November will be the first opportunity for PSAs in sports other than Football, Track and Field and Volleyball to sign a letter-of-intent with their desired institutions.    The letter-of-intent program is designed to establish the commitment of a PSA to attend a particular institution.  This program binds the PSA and institution to honor their promises upon completion of their high school or junior college career.  Once a letter-of-intent is signed by a PSA, all other institutions are banned from contacting the PSA for recruiting purposes.

Even after a PSA has expressed his or her commitment to attend the institution in writing, this commitment does not change the NCAA regulations for representatives of athletics interest (Boosters). 

· Boosters may not have telephone conversations with a PSA or PSA’s parents or legal guardian for recruiting purposes.
· Boosters may view a PSA’s athletics contest on his or her initiative, but may not have any contact on such occasions.
· Boosters may not contact a PSA’s coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the PSA.
· Boosters may not be involved, directly or indirectly, in making arrangements for or giving or offering to give any financial aid or other benefits to a PSA or his or her relatives or friends. Specific prohibitions include:

•  Access to special seating at events such as suites or club level
•  Employment arrangement for a PSA relative;
•  Gift of clothing or equipment;
•  Co-signing of loans;
•  Providing loans to a PSA’s relatives or friends;
•  Cash or like items;
•  Any tangible items, including merchandise;
•  Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type;
•  Free or reduced cost housing; and
•  Expenses for academic services (e.g., tutoring, test preparation) to assist in the completion of eligibility.

Contact the Athletics Compliance Department at (405) 325-7004 or athleticscompliance@ou.edu with questions about NCAA rules or the permissibility of an action.