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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
FEBRUARY 01, 2014

Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
Opening comment:
“That was fun. I’m really, really proud of how hard we competed. I thought we were gutsy, gritty, made plays when we needed to make them and I think the charge that Oklahoma State made down the stretch and us being able to hold them off and execute was really important for our team because that sort of situation has put us in a bind in previous games. I thought our three seniors were just huge in the stretch about two-thirds of the way through the first half when we blew it open and Nicole Griffin made a shot inside, Morgan (Hook) hit a 3, Vegas made a 3 and that’s really what stretched it wide open. I can’t say enough about Sharane Campbell. I’m sure you guys are going to ask her a bunch of questions and talk about her and rightly so. She was fantastic in every phase of the game from start to finish.”

On Sharane Campbell as the team’s emotional leader:
“She loves Bedlam. It’s big to everybody and I said it on the radio just a bit ago that earlier in the week Portia (Durrett) and Vegas were saying “We’re from Oklahoma now, we’ve lived here long enough”. But there is just something special about being born and raised in this state and playing in that rivalry and you can see it. Sharane was engaged from the very beginning in all phases. Her communication on defense, her toughness, those big energy plays, taking charges, getting and ones. She was just everywhere. She was immersed.”

On this game being special to the players from Oklahoma:
“They grow up, sometimes, with those rivalries with other Oklahoma kids who are playing at Oklahoma State. Those things sort of have long lives sometimes. There is just a great deal of pride on the line whenever you play this game. I thought T’ona Edwards was fantastic getting to the rim in the first half. She defended extremely well late in the game. She was really smart about what she did. I thought Gioya (Carter) overcame a couple of really poor decisions that earlier in the year might have handcuffed her the entire night and she didn’t allow that to happen tonight. Ultimately, for all of them, it’s a reflection of what can happen when you don’t worry about whether or not you’re going to make a mistake, or whether you’re going to do the right thing or not and you just get lost in playing basketball. I really thought that’s what happened, really to our whole team, but those Oklahoma kids in particular because there is something bigger in stake.”

On if this game can be a turning point for Gioya Carter going forward:
“I hope so. I think it should be. Her emotion and her passion, I haven’t seen that in a long time. It’s been a number of weeks since I have seen it and I think that is evidence of her being trapped within herself. Hopefully, this broke her free and she realized how much fun she can have. She defended really well. She got down and moved her feet and defended according to the scout. It was not only playing hard, but playing smart as well. I just thought she looked more relaxed and I think that reflects into getting lost in the cause.”

Oklahoma Junior Guard Sharane Campbell
On her play today:
“I was just having fun with my teammates. Even if I hadn’t scored 28 points, the point is we won. We won and I had fun. That’s the goal. We want to play together and trust each other and just win. I was just taking what they were giving me. They were giving me the drive so I just kept taking it. Simple as that.”

On using the win as motivation and energy moving forward:
“Of course. It gives you confidence. You never want to come off of a loss. We just have to come in tomorrow and be ready, look at the scout, put this one in the books and move forward.”

Oklahoma Senior Guard Morgan Hook
On the post play today and how they adjusted to Oklahoma State’s defensive game plan:
“We knew we had an advantage in the post with Nicole (Griffin). I mean I could see her numbers every time I had the ball so we just kept feeding her. Sharane Campbell, they didn’t have an answer for her tonight. Every time we ran a play we wanted to run something for Sharane Campbell. She stepped up and knocked down shots. That gave us the energy that we needed.”

On if the play of Sharane Campbell made the game easier for the rest of the team:
“We just feed off of her, on defense or anything. She is all over the ball and we just feed off of that. When we see her do that everyone wants to join in and have as much fun as she has. She was definitely that spark and we fed off of her.”

On defending Tiffany Bias:
“I think Aaryn (Ellenberg) frustrated her. She stayed in her grill a little bit more and in first half she wasn’t able to get to the rim and then in the second half she kicked into a new gear. I think she is one of the fastest players that we have seen. I think Aaryn did a good job of defending her.”

On using this win as a turning point for the season:
“I think this can be a turning point for the season and we can shock the world. This is a big weekend for us and if we can come out and play like we did tonight with a lot of energy then I think we have a great shot.”

Oklahoma Senior Forward Nicole Griffin
On if she felt she could get the ball inside on every possession:
“Yes. I could catch the ball, I caught it a little high sometimes but I could just repost. Yes, I felt like I could get the ball every time.”

On if her presence inside blocking shots affected the OSU offensive game plan:
“Yes a little bit. On top of that it gave us great energy and we took that and ran with it.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Jim Littell

On the game:
“Credit OU today. I thought they played with great energy and enthusiasm. Sharane Campbell was exceptional today. It proved to be a tough matchup for us. It doesn’t take very long to look at the stats and figure out that they were sent to the free throw line 31 times and I know a lot of those were at the end when we had to foul. When you get 21 offensive boards and score 74 points, you should be in a better situation than we were. Prior to today, over the last three years, when we had scored 70 points we were 33-0. We did not get it done on the defensive end, but again credit OU for getting the ball where they needed to get it and making baskets and free throws. We have to make more shots. We started the second half 3-for-19 and when you go into somebody else’s house, those numbers aren’t condusive to win.

“We’re going to continue to fight. You can look at strategy or this-or-that, but what it comes down to is they made shots and we didn’t. We were 3-for-19, we missed layups, two-footers and you’ve got to make those shots if you’re going to beat a high quality team. Oklahoma is a very good team. I said going into this that they are probably one of the best offensive teams in this league. We’ve won a lot of games in the 50s, tight games where we grinded out and I knew we had to score 70 today. I was hoping we’d guard a lot better than what we did today.”

On Oklahoma junior guard Sharane Campbell:
“She beat us off the dribble. I wish I could give you a fancy, long drawn out answer but she beat us off the dribble, and when she didn’t make it, we fouled her. The last thing we wanted to do was send her to the free throw line 11 times. We didn’t do the job that we needed to do on her. We need to figure something out before the next time we play them.”

Oklahoma State Senior Guard Tiffany Bias
On guarding Aaryn Ellenberg:
“I’ve been at this for awhile now and it’s just about not letting her get hot, not letting her get a lot of touches, kind of denying her the ball and staying between her and the bucket. You just have to play good defense.”



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