PROS: Psychological Resources
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Counseling provides a unique opportunity to talk with a licensed psychologist or trained counselor about issues that may be preventing you from enjoying life or achieving at optimal levels academically, athletically, or personally. 
Counseling provides a nonjudgmental perspective in an accepting environment that can help you find direction, along with possible courses of action in order to improve your situation. 
Everything discussed during a counseling session is confidential, thus it will not be revealed to coaches, teammates, parents, friends, professors, or anyone else! 
In counseling you may:

•  Identify concerns & understand how they are affecting your life academically, athletically, socially, or personally.
•  Explore possibilities or new ways to deal with the concerns.
•  Recognize patterns and cycles and explore ways to intervene.
•  Develop strategies and options to improve your relationships.
•  Recognize or reconnect with personal strengths, abilities and talents; and
•  Define and act on goals, dreams, hopes and expectations that you hold for your life.

Issues Addressed
It is important to understand that you do not have to be struggling enormously to make a visit. If you realize that you are not living up to your potential academically, athletically, or personally, and if you are having difficulty making changes on your own, counseling may be a helpful resource to consider. 
Issues may include, but are not limited to:
•  Sadness
•  Loneliness
•  Homesickness
•  Loss of direction or dissatisfaction
•  Anxiety
•  Test taking and study problems
•  Career concerns 
•  Relationship issues
•  Family problems
•  Substance abuse
•  Injury
•  Anger
•  Pregnancy
•  Body image issues