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FEBRUARY 11, 2009

Feb. 11, 2009

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Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
• On the game:
“This was a typical battle with Iowa State, they do what they do as well as anyone in the country.  I thought Coach (Bill) Fennelly did a great job at controlling the tempo, playing at a pace that gave his squad a chance.  I thought our guys were very poised and perseverant in the face of a tempo that we are not very fond of.  We made the plays we needed to make and we were great from the free throw line, which bodes well as we get down the stretch of conference play.”

• On the tempo of the game:
“When you look at the stat sheet, it is a strange vision.  The hard thing is, you expend so much mentally and physically when you defend them for 30 seconds. I thought what really took us out of it was when we gave up some offensive rebounds and then had to defend them another 30 seconds.  That’s incredibly taxing, so then when we turn around and go the other way we are just trying to gather ourselves. Then we don’t have any rhythm on offense, which is exactly what they were trying to do and exactly what the tempo was trying to create.  Late in the game, when Jasmine (Hartman) came in we started to attack the basket a little bit more. Then when we went back with Danielle Robinson, she got to the rim several times.  That little spurt was the way we like to play, it just takes a long time to force that tempo.”

• On Courtney Paris’ ability to score:
“We only took three 3-point attempts.  That’s because they followed our shooters around, that meant that there was one-on-one coverage with Courtney (Paris), so that’s what we’re going to do.  We are going to go there.  I think that is the strength of our team, the presence of those shooters.  Even though Nyeshia Stevenson and Whitney Hand didn’t have the statistical numbers that they are accustomed to, their presence created a one-on-one in the post for Courtney.  She does what we are so accustomed to her doing -- 25 points and 19 rebounds -- which is crazy.”

• On the team’s ability to win:
“We’re about the results.  You have to win a lot of different ways in this league. You have to be versatile enough to win.  I thought our resiliency tonight was great.  I thought our poise against a tempo that is not our forte was excellent.  It’s about getting better and continuing to get better.  I’m proud of our guys, they are a great basketball team.”

Oklahoma Senior Center Courtney Paris
• On if single coverage against her was a key:
“Yes, definitely. Like Coach (Coale) said, it is because of our shooters. They are a great shooting team, so I know they know how to gaurd shooters. Maybe those guys can get shots off, but it was easy for me as a post.”

• On getting back into double-double figures:
“I knew individually (Nicky) Wieben was a great post player, but I know I have a size advantage over her. I knew it was a game where if they did seem to cover our shooters, which they did, I would have an opportunity to go one-on-one and finish. That is what you have to do against them. You have to beat it inside and you have to rebound.”

Oklahoma Sophomore Point Gaurd Danielle Robinson
• On the tempo of the game:
“The first half we didn’t play to our tempo. During a couple of timeouts Coach told me that I need to push a button and push the ball. It wasn’t just me running, it was everyone. So they really had to get back and gaurd all of our shooters and post players. If I were to drive I would have the extra passes, but it was just me initially pushing the ball and making them stop the ball.”

• On the difficulty playing against the many defenses of Iowa State:
“It was definitely tough, but I think it was also our offensive versatility. You just have to execute the sets regardless of what they are in, then see what they are in and if they change it then we can change the offense. The spacing on offense is critical. It is what makes the offense work regardless of what defense they are in.”

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Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly
• On the game:
“That’s a great team and on the road we aren’t going to outscore them. So we wanted to dictate the tempo of the game and stay in the game as long as we could. It’s 48 to 46, and we had three shots to go ahead, and missed all three and we could not finish and that is to their credit. It is tough to beat a great team any place but we could not make enough shots, whether it was an open lay-up, 3-pointers or a free throw. To their credit they did and that is what great teams do. I thought that defensively we were pretty solid because we held them to 58 points and I thought that we guarded okay. I thought that we played hard but not efficiently enough to win on the road.”

• On slowing down the tempo of the game:
“Basically we wanted to slow the tempo down a little bit and not give up 3-point shots. Trying to double-team the post when we could, protect and the basket and just try and keep people in front of us.”

• On Courtney Paris:
“Courtney (Paris) stepped up and made some free throws. Obviously Courtney does a great job in the post and I thought that we could have done a better job on her, especially offensive-rebound-wise.”

• On Danielle Robinson:
“I think that the jumpers that Robinson hit we can live with. The thing that was disturbing to me, and what we talked a lot about, was the way she got to the basket to many times. In transition she is so fast with the ball and there were a couple of times when we turned the ball over and they got it. The things that hurt us the most in our defense was that we shot it and watched it.  And when we missed it, by the time we reacted, they were ahead of us. We were looking at the backs of their jerseys a lot.”

Iowa State Senior Guard Heather Ezell
• On the game:
“We thought we were right in the game when it was within two points and we had a couple of chances and a couple of good looks at the basket. And like coach said, we had three 3-pointers in a row that were almost wide open that we just didn’t knock down. That was our breaking point right there when we didn’t make the shots and they scored. That was a turning point there and we didn’t grab that lead when we had the opportunity.”

Iowa State Sophomore Guard Kelsey Bolte
• On the scoring play before half:
“We ran that play before that and I think he saw that they were switching every screen. He signaled it again and we just ran a different option.”

• On closing a nine-point lead to a tie at the half:
“It did give us momentum going into the locker room. We kept our heads up and came out of the halftime ready to go. They are amazing players and they are deserving of all their honors.   They are really good and really physical.”



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