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University of Oklahoma
MARCH 01, 2013
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  Head Coach Lon Kruger

Opening comment:
"We are really proud of our guys. I thought their ability to bounce back and play like they did today is a tribute to the leadership and the older guys, especially Roe [Osby]. After that disappointment on Wednesday Roe said, `OK guys, we are going to regroup and focus on the 32 good minutes and learn from the last seven.' I thought our guys really did that the last couple of days in practice. Roe has done that for us all year and obviously the other guys jump in there and follow his lead without hesitation. Good day for the seniors. I thought Sam [Grooms] played great and knocked down some jumpers there early and got us to a good start and took care of the ball. The guys moved the ball well as they have been doing. Again, [good] to beat a good Iowa State ball club, but even more important is having to be able to celebrate with the seniors on their day."
On OU's NCAA-record-tying 34-for-34 free throw performance:
"This has been a good free throw shooting team. That is extreme of course; they start making them and, like anything else, momentum builds and guys go up there expecting to make them. I didn't realize at the time that we didn't miss any and I don't think they did either. It's nice to see them get up there a shoot with confidence."
On bouncing back after losing to Texas:
"They recovered and have done a good job all year on focusing on the next game. You have to attribute that to the leadership of Roe [Osby] and the other guys. I thought Friday's practice was really sharp and really crisp. The players get over it a little more quickly than maybe fans and coaches do. But, they did a good job. They bounced back."
On the team's good practice habits:
"Every practice has been really good. Whether it's early December or one this week, they really don't change very much. The mood of practice, their effort and their intensity is pretty much the same throughout the year. I think that is why they have made progress and that is why they are playing their best basketball right now."
On if he thinks the win guarantees an NCAA Tournament berth:
"Oh, no. No. Whether we say it or not or think it or not -- I think the only healthy way is to approach the next one like we've got to have one more. After that one on Wednesday [at home vs. West Virginia], whether we win or lose, we will approach Saturday exactly the same way. There is no reason to think otherwise."

  Senior F Romero Osby

On OU's NCAA-record-tying 34-for-34 free throw performance:
"We didn't really think about it. We want to make them all, but I hadn't realized we hadn't missed. I was just trying to focus on the final score."
On being in the same spot at Texas with eight minutes to go on Wednesday:
"That is funny because a couple of the Iowa State players were reminding me on the free throw line. It was just something that we wanted to make sure we didn't let happen to us again. Coach [Kruger] has really been on us about making every possession important - even if we are up 20 or down 20, we have to play the same way."
On the team's attitude in practice after the loss at Texas:
"We just wanted to be focused. Our practice wasn't long on Thursday since we just wanted to sharpen some things up. On Friday, we knew that it had to be a good practice in order to come out here and play against a good Iowa State team who thumped us up there. We just came to practice and our attitude was good and we were focused even though we were still feeling the effects of the Texas loss. We just wanted to practice hard and get ready for today."
On dealing with Iowa State's double-teaming down low:
"Our guys put up a lot of extra shots for situations when guys try to double down on me and the other big guys. The credit goes to our guards - they step up and make shots and when they do that it makes it a lot easier for us to operate down there. I think teams are more reluctant to double team when those guys are making shots."
On the trip back from Texas:
"Well, it was a frustrating trip on the way back because in our minds we missed a great opportunity. At the same time we always say in our prayer that we give God the glory, win, lose or draw. We knew that we had to come back and bounce back from that and we were glad we had an opportunity two days later and we didn't have to wait a week like some sports would. We had a chance to play a good Iowa State team at home and on senior night, so that was really our motivation for the fact that we had a good game coming up, against a good team, and we needed to win."
  Senior G Sam Grooms

On handling Iowa State's full-court pressure:
"After the Texas game, we came back as a team and a unit and Coach [Kruger] worked with us on press offense. It was about understanding where I needed to go in order to get open other than just running to a spot. Coach worked with us on those things and it just worked out."
On the team's 34-for-34 free throw performance:
"I wasn't even aware of it. I just wanted the guys to go up there and knock them down - as many as we could."
On being in the same spot at Texas with eight minutes to go on Wednesday:
"It was said in the huddle, `We've been here before, let's not act like we haven't done this. Let's move forward and grow and mature as a team.' I think that's what we did today."

  Head Coach Fred Hoiberg

On the loss:
"We did not play well today. That is the bottom line. Oklahoma played great. Give Lon [Kruger] and the players a lot of credit. They are playing at a very high level. Obviously they did not finish off the game at Texas, but those first 32 minutes they were off-the-charts good; as good as any team, I think, had played. That is how they beat Kansas and had Baylor down 25 at halftime. This team is playing at a very high level right now. Put this one on me. For whatever reason I did not have these guys ready to play today. It is extremely disappointing to me. I think you saw from our assist numbers, I thought this is as selfish as we had played this year. I think we had five assists with a minute and a half left. Tyrus [McGee] hit a couple bombs at the end to get that up to nine. We are an unselfish team, and I think that when we go out there and play together we are as good as any team in the country. When we don't, we are not a very good team. I thought that is what it was today, and again, that is on me."
"It is really the first time all year that we got it taken to us. We got our butts kicked. It is a terrible feeling, especially with the magnitude of this game. This was a huge game for both teams and they stepped up to the plate to win it."
On Iowa State's poor shooting:
"We did not come out of the gates. Our game plan was similar to what it was when we played Oklahoma at Ames, where we probably put our most complete game together. [Sam] Grooms stepped up and hit shots against us. You give the kid credit for stepping up with confidence and knocking those down. But, we just did not have it. A lot of that had to do with Oklahoma and what they did to us."
On Iowa State's mindset coming off a loss:
"We have always responded. This group, and what I have been most pleased with is how we have responded after tough defeats; throw the Texas game in there as well. We have always bounced back with a great effort. I cannot explain it. I will go back and watch film on this one. I just did not see it with our body language. I thought we put our heads down too easily today. Once they got up big on us, we chipped around a little bit. We missed some key free throws to get that thing close to single digits in the second half and missed an open 3. They hit everything. They hit all 34 of their free throws and that is pretty impressive. It is pretty hard to come back when those types of things happen. We have responded and we have bounced back from excruciating losses that we have had before. Tonight we did not and we have to get it right. We have two very important games coming up."
"You have got to put it behind you. There has been a lot of gritting and talking about the finish at Kansas, but there is nothing you can do about that. You have got to put it behind you and move on. I sensed a little bit of mourning that first day when we came back to practice on Wednesday. After that we had two more days and we had two great practices. I thought we were going to come out ready to go. We had a good walkthrough in here last night when we came in and it just did not carry over. Again, does some of that go back to the hangover from the Kansas game? That is a better question for the guys."
On Oklahoma's NCAA-record tying free-throw performance:
"The NCAA has been around a long time and to equal a record is a pretty impressive performance. Free throws are contagious. When you're making them, your teammates seem to step up and knock them down."
On Iowa State's energy:
"We did have some pretty good looks that we knocked down earlier in the year. When we did not make those, I thought it affected our energy. You cannot let a lack of shot making affect the other areas your game and I thought we did that today too many times. When a shot did not go in, we put our heads down and I think we felt a little sorry for ourselves today."
On Oklahoma's handling of Iowa State's full-court pressure:
"I'm sure that if you asked Lon [Kruger] that question, I am sure that they worked on it a ton over the last couple of days in practice. It did bother them against Texas and that was after playing one of the best first halves and a great 10-minute stretch to open up the second. But that is a better question for Lon."



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