| Sooner Housing Center - Staff


The Sooner Housing staff is comprised of three full-time staff, 26 student staff and one faculty member. Each staff member guides all the residents through a safe, enjoyable, quiet, educational stay in the Sooner Housing Center.
Each of the full-time staff members lives in one of the residence halls and is responsible for staffing that building. One of the full-time staff members is on-call 24 hours a day and is available to assist a resident. 
The student staff lives on the same floors as the residents. They're also there if a resident needs immediate help or has any questions.
Each building has a student staff member that monitors everyone who comes into their building. They also regulate opposite sex visitation and check visitors in and out.
The student staff is directly responsible for creating fun, creative ways for students to meet each other. They do this through various organized programs.
Dr. Allen Knehans and his wife Jean live in the Sooner Housing Center as part of the Faculty-in-Residence Program. Dr. Knehans is a nutrition professor with the University. Jean and Allen also do fun things with the students including creating student programs and inviting them to their apartment fun activities.