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MAY 20, 2013
 OU Track & Field Tradition | 262 First Team Honors | OU Track & Field Main 
 Year  Athlete  Event
2017 Hayden McClain Indoor Triple Jump
Dylan Blankenbaker 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Hayden McClain Outdoor Triple Jump
2016 Dylan Blankenbaker 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
  Tyler Renton Javelin (Second Team)
  Jacob Burcham Indoor Mile (Second Team)
  Thomas Cheval Heptathlon (Second Team)
  A. Eke, L. Meirow, J. Goldberg, T. Armstrong Indoor Distance Medley Relay (Second Team)
2015 Brandon Doughty  3,000-Meter Steeplechase
  Chase Sammons  Outdoor Shot Put (Second Team)
2014 Brandon Doughty  3,000-Meter Steeplechase
   Alex Deir  3,000 SC (Second team)
   Garrett Snow  Javelin (Second team)
2013  Patrick Casey  1,500 Meters
   Riley Masters  1,500 Meters (Second Team)
   Kevin Williams  10,000 Meters (Second Team)
   E. Baker, W. Storey, N. Winfrey, J. Wood  4x400 Relay (Second Team)
   Kevin Williams  Indoor 5,000 Meters (Second Team)
   B. Doughty, R. Poland, M. Wankel, J. Wood  Indoor DMR (Second Team)
2012  Luke Bryant  Discus
   E. Harasyn, F. Legesse, R. Masters, J. Wood  Indoor DMR
   Eric Cray  400-Meter Hurdles (Second Team)
   Tre Lathan  110-Meter Hurdles (Second Team)
   M. Anderson, E. Cray, E. Pierson, J. Wood  4x100 Relay (Second Team)
   George Alex  Indoor 3,000 Meters (Second Team)
   Malcolm Anderson  Indoor 60 Hurdles (Second Team)
   Eric Harasyn  Indoor Mile (Second Team)
2011  Mookie Salaam  100 Meters
   Mookie Salaam  200 Meters
   Mookie Salaam  Indoor 60 Meters
   Mookie Salaam  Indoor 200 Meters
   Kevin Schwab  Indoor 5,000 Meters
   K.P. Singh  Discus (Second Team)
   K.P. Singh  Hammer Throw (Second Team)
   K.P. Singh  Indoor Weight Throw (Second Team)
   George Alex  Indoor 5,000 Meters (Second Team)
2010  Ronnie Ash  110-Meter Hurdles
   Ronnie Ash  Indoor 60-Meter Hurdles
   Eric Harasyn  Indoor Mile
   Mookie Salaam  100 Meters
   Mookie Salaam  200 Meters
   Mookie Salaam  Indoor 200 Meters
   K.P. Singh  Hammer Throw
   K.P. Singh  Indoor Weight Throw
2009  Jacob Boone  Indoor Mile
   Will Claye  Long Jump
   Will Claye  Triple Jump
   Will Claye  Indoor Long Jump
   Will Claye  Indoor Triple Jump
2008  Shardae Boutte  Triple Jump
   Shardae Boutte  Indoor Triple Jump
   Sheldon Leith  Indoor 60-Meter Hurdles
   Tydree Lewis  Indoor Triple Jump
 2007  Kevin Bookout  Outdoor Shot Put
   Chip Heuser  Pole Vault
   Chip Heuser  Indoor Pole Vault  
   Dermillo Wise  Long Jump
   R. Pines, M. Pugh, F. Wright, J. Mitchell  4x100 Relay  
 2006  Chip Heuser  Pole Vault
   Chip Heuser  Indoor Pole Vault
 2005  DaBryan Blanton  100 Meters  
   DaBryan Blanton  Indoor 60 Meters
   Kevin Bookout  Shot Put
   Scott Martin  Indoor Pole Vault
   Aldwyn Sappleton  Indoor 1,500 Meters
 2004  DaBryan Blanton  Indoor 60 Meters
 2003  DaBryan Blanton  100 Meters
   DaBryan Blanton  Indoor 60 Meters
   Kevin Bookout  Shot Put  
   Aldwyn Sappleton  Indoor 1500 Meters
   Michael Westlund  Pole Vault
 2002  Michael Westlund  Indoor Pole Vault
   R. Harvey, E. Lewis, A. Sappleton, M. Washington  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 2001  LaBoris Bean  400 Meter Hurdles
   Justin Conkling  Decathlon
   Michael Westlund  Pole Vault
   Michael Westlund  Indoor Pole Vault
   R. Harvey, E. Lewis, A. Sappleton, L. Bean  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 2000  Michael Blackwood  400 Meters  
   Michael Westlund  Pole Vault
   R. Harvey, L. Bean, M. Jackson, M. Blackwood  4x400 Relay
   R. Harvey, L. Bean, M. Jackson, M. Blackwood  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 1999  Michael Blackwood  Indoor 400 Meters
   Moses Washington  Indoor 800 Meters
   Shomari Wilson  Indoor 200 Meters  
   M. Washington, O. Brown, K. James, M. Blackwood  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 1998  Omar Brown  400 Hurdles  
   Chris Duffy  Pole Vault
   Jason Larabee  Indoor 3000 Meters
   M. Jackson, O. Brown, E. Clarke, K. James  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 1997  Jerome Douglas  Triple Jump
   Jerome Douglas  Indoor Triple Jump
   Roxbert Martin  400 Meters
   Roxbert Martin  Indoor 400 Meters
   R. Martin, R. Kite, D. McFarlane, E. Clarke  4x400 Relay
   R. Martin, R. Kite, D. McFarlane, E. Clarke  Indoor 4x400 Relay
   M. Bivines, O. Hyman, S. Wilson, B. Chapman  4x100 Relay
 1996  Conor Holt  Indoor 5,000 Meters
   Roxbert Martin    400 Meters
   Danny McFarlane  400 Meters
   Danny McFarlane  Indoor 400 Meters
   R. Martin, R. Kite, J. Chapman, D. McFarlane  4x400 Relay  
   R. Martin, R. Kite, J. Chapman, D. McFarlane    Indoor 4x400 Relay
 1995  Jerome Douglas  Triple Jump
   D. McFarlane, S. Atkinson, R. Kite, D. Oaks  4x400 Relay
   D. McFarlane, J. Chapman, S. Atkinson, R. Kite  Indoor 4x400 Relay
 1994  David Oaks    200 Meters  
   David Oaks  Indoor 200 Meters
 1993  Conor Holt  10,000 Meters
   Tod Long    Indoor 400 Meters  
   David Oaks  Indoor 200 Meters  
   N. Banks, T. Long, D. Johnson, D. Oaks  4x100 Relay
 1992  Jeff McGaugh  Indoor Pole Vault
   Conor Holt  10,000 Meters  
   Tod Long  200 Meters  
   T. Long, A. Brown, N. Banks, J. Rouser  4x100 Relay
 1991  Jason Rouser  400 Meters
   M. Johns, T. Long, A. Brown, J. Rouser  4x400 Relay
 1989  Tim McMichael  Indoor Pole Vault
 1988  Russell Adams  Indoor Long Jump
   Ed Wade    Discus 
   Ed Wade  Shot Put
   Ed Wade  Indoor Shot Put
 1987  Mark Todd  High Jump
   Ed Wade  Shot Put
 1986  Ed Wade  Shot Put
   Ed Wade  Indoor Shot Put
   Terry Womack  Pole Vault
 1985  A. Jones, T. McConico, K. Young, F. Kemp  Indoor Mile Relay
 1984  Don Bly  200 Meters
   Dannie Carter  200 Meters
   D. Carter, K. Young, A. Jones, D. Bly  4x100 Relay
   A. Jones, F. Kemp, D. Carter, D. Bly  Mile Relay  
 1983  D. Bly, C. Duling, F. Wilson, A. Jones  Indoor Mile Relay  
 1982  F. Wilson, D. Bly, C. Duling, D. Carter  Indoor Mile Relay
 1981  Dyrk Dahl    880 Yards
 1980  M. Erickson, J. Jimerson, D. Dahl, J. Rohde  Indoor Two-Mile Relay
 1979  Gregg Byram    400 Hurdles
 1978  Mike Pleasant  Long Jump
   Randy Wilson  800 Meters
   Randy Wilson  Indoor 1,000 Yards
 1977  John Garrison  60 Yards
   Mike Kelley  60 Yards  
   Mike Pleasant    Long Jump
   Stan Vernon  5,000 Meters  
   Randy Wilson  800 Meters
   G. Ramsey, B. Swartout, D. Dahl, R. Wilson  Indoor Two-Mile Relay
 1976  Randy Wilson  Indoor 1,000 Yards
 1975  Stan Bracy  220 Yards  
   Rick Carpenter  Mile
   Randy Veltkamp  Three Miles
   Randy Wilson  1,000 Yards
   S. Porter, C. Cooper, G. Vorpahl, M. Bodenhamer  Mile Relay
 1974  Rick Carpenter  Mile
   Don Franklin  Three Miles
   Brian Nichols  Long Jump
   Randy Veltkamp    880 Yards  
   Brad Winter  Pole Vault
 1972  Andrew Pettes  Decathlon
 1971  Tom Craig  Pole Vault
 1970  Dennis Cotner  440 Yards
 1968  Mike Gregory  Long Jump  
   James Hardwick  600 Yards  
   Wayne Long    60 Yards
   Ron Tull  High Jump  
   T. Melton, C. Johnson, D. Cotner, J. Hardwick  Mile Relay  
 1967  Bill Calhoun  440 Yards
   Glenn Long  60 Yards
   Ron Tull  High Jump  
   B. Calhoun, J. Shields, T. Melton, J. Hardwick    Mile Relay  
 1962  Anthony Watson  Long Jump
 1960  Dee Givens    220 Yards
   J.D. Martin  Pole Vault
 1959  Dan Erwin  Shot Put
   J.D. Martin    Pole Vault

 OU Track & Field Tradition  



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