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MAY 20, 2013
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 Academic All-Americans
 Year  Player  Award
 2010  Elliot Blair  Third Team
 2007  Aaron Ivey  Academic All American of the Year
 2006  Aaron Ivey  Second Team
 2006  Ryan Rohlinger  Second Team
 1997  Casey Bookout  Third Team
 1991  Matt Ruebel  Third Team
 1988  Matt Anderson  First Team
 1988  Chris Ebright  Third Team
 1982  Greg Carlton  Second Team
 1977  Gary Krug  Second Team
 1975  Bill Severns  Second Team
 1972  Bobby Jack  First Team
 Academic All-District
 Year  Player Award
 2011  Elliot Blair  Second Team
 2010  Elliot Blair  First Team
 2006  Aaron Ivey  First Team
 2006  Ryan Rohlinger  First Team
 2003  Reggie Willits  Second Team
 1999  Casey Bookout  First Team
 1998  Casey Bookout  First Team
 Academic All-Big 12
 Year  Player Award
 2013  Garrett Carey  First Team
 2013  Dusty Dishman  First Team
 2013  Jake Fisher  First Team
 2013  Jack Mayfield*  First Team
 2011  Elliott Blair  First Team
 2011  Caleb Bushyhead  First Team
 2011  Tyler Ogle  First Team
 2011  Cameron Seitzer  First Team
 2011  Jack Mayfield  Second Team
 2010  Garrett Buechele  Second Team
 2010  Caleb Bushyhead  Second Team
 2010  Tyler Ogle  Second Team
 2010  J.R. Robinson  Second Team
 2009  C.J Blue  First Team
 2009  Trey Sperring  First Team 
 2009  Chase Anderson  Second Team
 2009  Matt Harughty  Second Team
 2007  Joseph Hughes  First Team
 2007  Aaron Ivey  First Team
 2007  Cory Williamson  First Team
 2007  Jarod Freeman  SecondTeam
 2006  Aaron Ivey  First Team
 2006  Steven Guerra  First Team
 2006  Ryan Rohlinger  First Team
 2006  P.J. Sandoval  First Team
 2006  Daniel McCutchen  Second Team
 2005  Aaron Ivey  First Team
 2005  Scott Rooker  First Team
 2005  Ryan Rohlinger  First Team
 2005  Matt Bose  Second Team
 2004  Matt Bose  First Team
 2004  Blake Hurlbutt  First Team
 2004  Mike Swindell  First Team
 2004  David Purcey  Second Team
 2004  Mark Roberts  Second Team
 2003  Buddy Blair  First Team
 2003  Matt Bose  First Team
 2003  Greg Kish  First Team
 2003  Reggie Willits  First Team
 2003  Luke Alexander  Second Team
 2003  Matt Arkison  Second Team
 2003  Wayne Baker  Second Team
 2003  Eddie Cornejo  Second Team
 2003  Austin Mix  Second Team
 2002  Buddy Blair  First Team
 2002  Rocky Cherry  First Team
 2002  Heith Gadient  Second Team
 2002  Even Greusel  Second Team
 2001  Rocky Cherry  First Team
 2001  Evan Greusel  First Team
 2001  Austin Coose  Second Team
 2000  Rocky Cherry  First Team
 2000  Jeff Bajenaru  Second Team
 1999  Casey Bookout  First Team
 1999  Rocky Cherry  First Team
 1999  Hunter Covitz  First Team
 1999  Chad Cochell  Honorable Mention
 1999  Joe Graham  Honorable Mention
 1999  Evan Greusel  Honorable Mention
 1998  Casey Bookout  First Team
 1998  Paul McCurtain  Honorable Mention
 1997  Aron Amundson  First Team
 1997  Jeff Andra  First Team
 1997  Nathan Bennett  First Team
 1997  Harold Betts  First Team
 1997  Casey Bookout  First Team
 1997  Hunter Covitz  First Team
 1997  Paul McCurtain  First Team
 1997  Luke McFarland  First Team
 1997  Valentino Pascucci  First Team
 1997  Kendall Prather  First Team
 1997  Jeremy Vidales  First Team
 1997  Chad Cochell  Honorable Mention
 1997  Geoff Geary  Honorable Mention
 Academic All-Big Eight
 Year  Player Award
 1996  Javier Flores  First Team
 1996  Chad Mead  First Team
 1996  Derek Wathan  First Team
 1996  Toby Wilmot  First Team
 1996  Jeff Andra  Honorable Mention
 1996  Casey Bookout  Honorable Mention
 1996  Hunter Covitz  Honorable Mention
 1996  Derek Glascoe  Honorable Mention
 1996  Dustin Hansen  Honorable Mention
 1996  James Reinecker  Honorable Mention
 1995  Jeff Andra  First Team
 1995  Tristan Paul  First Team
 1995  Toby Wilmot  First Team
 1995  Derek Glascoe  Honorable Mention
 1995  Willy Hill  Honorable Mention
 1995  Shawn Snyder  Honorable Mention
 1994  Aric Thomas  First Team
 1994  Derek Glascoe  Honorable Mention
 1984  Scott Ferguson  First Team
 1993  Chip Glass  First Team
 1993  Miek Smedes  First Team
 1993  Derek Glascoe  Honorable Mention
 1993  Dustin Hansen  Honorable Mention
 1992  Brett Kemohah  Honorable Mention
 1991  Matt Ruebel  First Team
 1990  Matt Ruebel  First Team
 1989  Chris Ebright  First Team
 1989  Matt Ruebel  First Team
 1988  Matt Anderson  First Team
 1988  Chris Ebright  First Team
 1987  Baine Brooks  First Team
 1987  Kevin Burdick  First Team
 1987  Chris Ebright  First Team
 1986  Kevin Burdick  First Team
 1985  Rusty McGinnis  First Team
 1985  Darrell Rodgers  First Team
 1985  Keith Hamilton  Honorable Mention
 1984  Rusty McGinnis  First Team
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