Sooners Wrap Up Play at Wildcat Invite
October 06, 2013

NORMAN, Okla.--On the final day of competition, three Sooners wrapped up play with singles victories at the Wildcat Invitational in Evanston, Ill.

Senior Whitney Wofford and freshman Ann Pepper defeated Wisconsin’s Lauren Burich 6-4, 6-3 and Helen Rabot 5-6, 6-3 (10-8). Sophomore Emma Devine topped Virginia’s Marie Faure 6-5, 6-5.

Senior Mia Lancaster and freshman Morgan Chumney were defeated in their matches by Virginia’s Caryssa Peretz 4-6, 4-1 and Princeton’s Alanna Wolff 6-4, 5-6 (12-10).

In doubles play, North Carolina State’s Elisha Hande and Nicole Martinez defeated Chumney and Devine 6-2.

Lancaster paired up with Princeton’s Wolff and fell to Minnesota’s Natallia Pintusava and Julia Courter 6-5.

The Sooners will be back in action Thursday Oct. 17 as OU hosts the ITA Central Region Championships.

Wildcat Invitational
Day Three Results


Whitney Wofford (OU) def. Lauren Burich (Wisconsin) 6-4, 6-3
Emma Devine (OU) def. Marie Faure (Virginia) 6-5, 6-5
Ann Pepper (OU) def. Helen Rabot (Wisconsin) 5-6, 6-3 (10-8)
Caryssa Peretz (Virginia) def. Mia Lancaster (OU) 4-6, 4-1, ret.
Alanna Wolff (Princeton) def. Morgan Chumney (OU) 6-4, 5-6 (12-10)


Kendall Heitzner/Yuliana Umanets (Minnesota) def. Zita Engbroks/Abbi Melrose (OU) 6-3
Natallia Pintusava/Julia Courter (Minnesota) def. Alanna Wolff (Princeton)/Mia Lancaster (OU) 6-5
Elisha Hande/Nicole Martinez (NC State) def. Morgan Chumney/Emma Devine (OU) 6-2

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