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Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
FEBRUARY 19, 2014

Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale
On the game:
“I’m not very often without words, but I’m not sure I have a lot tight now. I thought it was a very gutsy effort by our team, I’m so proud of the freshman coming in and giving us big minutes and Portia Durrett as a senior who was really good today. She made key plays. She’s been good all week, she’s been good in the locker room. Of course, these two here [Morgan Hook and Sharane Campbell] were significant. Morgan’s will, we just attached ourselves to Morgan’s will, we really did. She almost had a triple-double and just made tough play after tough play and when you’re a point guard with nine rebounds, that’s ‘want to’ that’s what that is. She was not going to be denied this win. So despite miserable numbers, I told them in the locker room that this stat sheet is ugly, but the important number on there is 64, we had one more point than they did and we finally figured out how to win a close game.”

On Nicole Kornet’s effort:
“Coley [Nicole Kornet] plays so hard, she really does. You can never, ever fault her effort. She sometimes finds herself in crazy situations and runs around without a purpose sometimes but she’s always playing really, really hard. Something about that look on her face and her excitement made me smile. We just kind of had a little moment where we said, ‘Maybe it’s not going to be real orthodox, but we’re going to find a way to win,’ and I really felt that way the entire second half. Even when they would go up four, we would come down and make a big basket and be right back in the middle of it.”

On the difficulty of making it down the court and scoring in four seconds:
“You know, we actually practice that. It was probably eight or nine years ago and we played a game where we took a shot from the backboard with 1.7 on the clock and I went back and made it a rule that every year we practice from the baseline, dribble as fast as you can, how long does it take. So we just line everybody up one by one and they just dribble the ball as fast as they can to make a layup. They’re amazed at how quickly they can get to the rim. That four seconds is a lot longer than you think it is.”

On winning a close game:
“It can be [a win to propel them]. It’s what we do with it next; do you turn it into fire or do you let it sift away. It’s how we capitalize on it. I think what this team has to realize from tonight’s game is that we did this with our backs squarely against the wall. Without Vegas [Aaryn Ellenberg], with Sharane for only 18 minutes, without Kay Kay [Kaylon Williams] down the stretch; what can’t we do? Sometimes kids just underestimate their own ability and situations like this when they just get lost and try to do it for each other, sometimes you can step back and say, ‘Oh, I am capable,’ and suddenly that switch flips.”

On the focus of the team in the second half:
“The communication on the floor, the conversations of substance that our players had throughout the game were significant. That’s why that happened, getting loose balls and making those plays in clutch situations. They were never relying upon us to supply their focus; they supplied it for themselves tonight.”

On this game building momentum:
“It’s been a bit of a crazy schedule in terms of the way games fall; whether it be home games, road games, quality opponents or whatever. Even the distance we’ve had between games, we’ve had a couple of Thursday to Sunday and that feels funny or Saturday to Monday, which we’re coming up on again. I do think it’s nice that we’ll play at home again. I think that’s probably the most important piece of it. If we can show up with the same sort of focus and commitment to detail, then maybe we can create some momentum that we can take with us in the following week. But it’s one possession at a time for forty minutes for us right now, and it’ll be that way until the final bell goes.”

Oklahoma Senior Guard Morgan Hook
On going against Imani McGee-Stafford down the stretch:
“I knew she was going to switch off and it just flashed back to West Virginia when my shot got blocked. I knew I had to create a different way of trying to get to the rim and get a foul or get it over her, instead of just going with a normal left handed layup. The West Virginia play keeps going through my head when it was blocked. When I saw that she was on me I knew I was going to have to create a different way.”

On the team coming together as the game went on:
“We just kept telling ourselves, just in the huddles, every time let’s do or die. At this point it really is. We played every possession like it was the possession that decided the game. I think overall that mentality that we had and the togetherness that we had at the end is what got us through it.”

On the momentum from the win:
“It is almost like a relief. Like we still can do this, we can win a close game. We didn’t have Aaryn (Ellenberg), and she is an All-American for our team. I think it proved to a lot of people on the team that everybody can do this.”

On rebounding:
“Rebounds are all about want-to. It is just going and being aggressive when you get the rebound. I think they had 21 offensive rebounds when we played at Texas, and we weren’t going to let that happen again tonight. I think everybody just kind of went in with a mindset to jump higher and squeeze the ball tighter. That kind of stuff and it just comes down to want-to.”

Oklahoma Junior Guard Sharane Campbell
On taking pull-up jumpers rather than attacking the rim:
“Our coaching staff has been telling me a lot that I need to stop and shoot. That’s what I have been working on in practice every day. It is something that I never really use in a game, I’m always thinking get to the rim, get to the rim. But (Morgan Hook) always knows when to pull up or when to drive. So that was something I needed to get under my belt. I think tonight I am starting to understand when to do it.”

On what the team learned about itself:
“That we can fight. For a couple of days we knew that weren’t going to have Aaryn (Ellenberg) and she is our leading scorer, and then we lost (Kaylon Williams) and we got together and were like, we’re going to do this, the want-to that we have to push through any game that comes our way and just knowing that we can stay together.”

Texas Head Coach Karen Aston
On the game:
“It was a tough loss. As great a win as it was to get a win against Oklahoma at our place, it was just as tough of a loss for us tonight. It’s a credit to them. They showed a whole lot of resilience tonight, probably in a tough situation. They were probably a little bit tougher than we were today. I told the players in the locker room that I thought we really lost the game in the first half. We were out of sync and didn’t give the kind of effort necessary to win on the road in the first half. I thought we made some adjustments. After the first four minutes of the first half we made some adjustments and we played a little bit better but I thought we gave them the confidence that it didn’t look like they had in the first half. We gave them that by keeping them in the game in the first half.”

On the last shot of the game:
“She may have taken one less dribble and gone ahead and advanced it. That may have been the best thing to do, but that was about as good of a look as we could get in that situation. Defensively, we just weren’t good enough down the stretch. We can’t put ourselves in a position to have to make that play on the road.”

On Morgan Hook getting to the basket:
“That was very frustrating. I’ll go back and look at the film. As a coach you can say too much and you go back to the film and it’s not what you thought it was. So, I was cautious with what I said to the players. We were in a hedging situation and we were trying to drag Morgan (Hook) out but we didn’t do a very good job of it. I’ll go back and look at how long it took for us to get back to her and where we weren’t good in that situation. I’ll look to see if we could have stunted more in the corner. I like to look at film before I make judgment on it.”

On freshman forward Nekia Jones not being in the game down the stretch:
“She played as hard and as well in the stretches that she can play in. The decision I probably wish I had back was putting her in the game in the last few defensive possessions. If I could take anything back it would probably be to put her back in. She had to come out because of her limited minutes right now. She can only go for a certain amount of time and then she needs to come out. That was the situation. She needed to come out and take a break.”

On Texas’s performance in the first half:
“We didn’t share the ball very well. We are a team that may or may not turn the ball over. You never know about us as far as turnovers, but we do seem to share the ball really well. Our assists are usually really high and we only had three at half. That is indicative of how we played in the first half. We played rushed. Everyone seemed to think that they needed to make the play instead of making a few extra passes.

On the atmosphere:
“I didn’t think they would play without heart, without their leader in (Aaryn) Ellenberg and with it being pink night. All those survivors, that was amazing, I will say that much. It would be hard for me to think that a team would come in here and not play hard in this circumstance. This was a must win home game for them. We talked about it for the game. I didn’t for one second think that team would not play hard. They have a lot of pride in being at home, just like we do. Every night is tough in the Big 12. We are all playing for something right now. Whether it be seeding or trying to get into the NCCA Tournament. We are all playing for something.

Texas Junior Guard Nneka Enemkpali
On the last shot of the game:
“I kind of just went with my gut. I just put my head down and drove as fast as I could and tried to get the shot off as fast as I could.”

On the toughness of the loss:
“It’s really frustrating. We knew they had a great leader in (Morgan) Hook and we knew that in order to win this game we had to be strong defensively. In the first half we missed a lot of box outs and gave up offensive rebounds that kept them in the game.




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