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MAY 20, 2013
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 202 Indoor Conference Champions | 156 Men's | 46 Women's
 Men's Indoor Conference Champions
 Year  Athlete  Event
 1929  Jack Carmen  50-Yard Low Hurdles
   Jack Carmen  50-Yard High Hurdles
   Earl Flint    440 Yards
   Parker Shelby  High Jump
 1930  Glen Dawson  Mile
   Parker Shelby  High Jump
 1931  Bruce Choate    High Jump
   Glen Dawson  Mile
   Clifford Niel  Broad Jump  
     Mile Relay  
 1932  Harold Morris  Broad Jump  
 1933  Loris Moody  880 Yards  
   Bill Newblock  High Jump
   Bart Ward  440 Yards
     Mile Relay
 1934  Floyd Lochner  Two Miles
   Bart Ward  440 Yards
   Bart Ward  Long Jump
 1935  Loris Moody  880 Yards
   Bart Ward    440 Yards
     Mile Relay
 1936  Granville Barrett  440 Yards  
   Granville Barrett  880 Yards
   Floyd Lochner  Mile
   Floyd Lochner  Two Miles
 1937  Eddie Toribio  60 Yards  
 1938  Roy Gahan  880 Yards
     Mile Relay
 1939  Jack Morris  60-Yard High Hurdles
   Eddie Toribio  60 Yards
 1941  Bill Lyda  880 Yards
   Dick Smethers  Two Miles
 1942  Ken Farris  Broad Jump
   Bill Lyda  440 Yards
   Bill Lyda  880 Yards
   Dick Smethers  Two Miles
     Mile Relay
 1945  Dave Day  60 Yards  
 1946  John Canaris  Two Miles  
   Jon Sharp  60 Yards
   Jon Sharp  60-Yard High Hurdles
   Jon Sharp  60-Yard Low Hurdles
 1947  Bill Lambeth  High Jump
 1948  Bill Carroll  Pole Vault
 1949  Don Campbell  60 Yards
   Lynn Gilstrapp  60-Yard Low Hurdles
   Merwin McConnell  Broad Jump
 1950  Bill Carroll  Pole Vault
   Jerry Meader  440 Yards
     Mile Relay
 1951  Jerry Meader    440 Yards
 1952  Don Crabtree  880 Yards
   Dick Jones  High Jump
     Mile Relay
 1953    Mile Relay
 1954  Neville Price  Broad Jump
   Juel Sweattie  60 Yards
   Bob Whiddon  High Jump  
 1955  Bob Buchanan  Two Miles  
   Erwin Cook  Broad Jump
   Erwin Cook  High Jump
   Bob Derrick  60-Yard Low Hurdles
     Mile Relay  
 1956  Chuck Folsom  440 Yards
 1956  Erwin Cook  Broad Jump
   Hendrik Kruger  Pole Vault
       Two-Mile Relay  
 1958  Dee Givens  60 Yards
 1959  Gail Hodgson  Mile
   Mike Lindsay    Shot Put
 1960  Gail Hodgson    Mile
   Mike Lindsay    Shot Put
   J.D. Martin  Pole Vault
   Larry Neeley  High Jump
     Mile Relay
 1961  Mike Lindsay  Shot Put
 1965  Jim Farrell  Pole Vault
 1966  Ron Tull  High Jump
 1968  Jim Hardwick  600 Yards  
   Glen Long  60 Yards
 1969  Wayne Long    60 Yards
 1970  Dennis Cotner  440 Yards  
 1972  Gene Stoner  High Jump  
 1974  Brad Winter  Pole Vault
 1975  David Hudgens  Shot Put
   Randy Wilson  1000 Yards  
 1976  John Garrison  60 Yards
   John Garrison  60-Yard Low Hurdles
   Jim Johnson  Pole Vault
   Mike Pleasant  Long Jump
   Randy Wilson  1,000 Yards
 1977  Mike Pleasant  Long Jump
   William Snoddy  300 Yards
   Stan Vernon  Two Miles  
   Randy Wilson  1,000 Yards
 1978  Mike Kelley  60 Yards
   William Snoddy  300 Yards
   Randy Wilson  1,000 Yards  
 1979  Mike Kelley  60 Yards
 1982  Coty Duling  60 Yards
   Freddie Wilson  440 Yards
 1983  Don Bly  300 Yards
 1983    Mile Relay
 1985    Mile Relay
 1986  Tim Renihan  1000 Yards
   Ed Wade  Shot Put
   Terry Womack  Pole Vault
 1987  Tim McMichael  Pole Vault
   Mark Todd  High Jump
   Ed Wade  Shot Put  
 1988  Ed Wade  Shot Put
 1990  Russell Adams  55-Yard Hurdles
   Russell Adams  Long Jump
 1991  Milton Johns  600 Yards
   Jason Rouser  200 Meters  
   Jason Rouser  400 Meters
 1992  Jeff McGaugh  Pole Vault
   Jason Rouser  200 Meters
   Jason Rouser  400 Meters
 1993  Tod Long  200 Meters
 1994  David Oaks  200 Meters
 1994    4x400 Relay
 1996  Chad Cosper    Pole Vault
   Jerome Douglas  Triple Jump
   Tommy Green  1000 Meters
   Ryan Kite  600 Yards
   Roxbert Martin  200 Meters
   Roxbert Martin  400 Meters
     4x400 Relay  
 1997  Ryan Kite  600 Yards
   Roxbert Martin  400 Meters
     4x400 Relay  
 1999  Michael Blackwood  400 Meters  
 2001  Justin Conkling  Heptathlon
   Michael Westlund  Pole Vault
 2002  Aldwyn Sappleton  600 Yards
 2004  DaBryan Blanton  60 Meters  
   Austin Landreth  Pole Vault
 2005  Aldwyn Sappleton  800 Meters
 2007  Kevin Bookout  Shot Put
   Marcus Pugh    60 Meters
   Frankie Wright  Long Jump
 2008  Shardae Boutte    Triple Jump
 2010  Ronnie Ash  60-Meter Hurdles
   Mookie Salaam  60-Meter Dash
   K.P. Singh    Weight Throw
 2011  Mookie Salaam  60-Meter Dash
   Mookie Salaam  200-Meter Dash
   Kevin Schwab  5,000-Meter Run
   K.P. Singh  Weight Throw
 2012  George Alex  3,000-Meter Run
   Eric Harasyn  1,000-Meter Run
 2013  Patrick Casey  Mile
   Patrick Casey  1,000-Meter Run
   Legesse, Wood, Wankel, Casey  Distance Medley Relay
 Women's Indoor Conference Champions
 Year  Athlete  Event
 2013  Tia Brooks  Shot Put
 2012  Tia Brooks  Shot Put
 2011  Tia Brooks  Shot Put
   Scottesha Miller  60-Meter Dash
 2010  Karen Shump  Shot Put
 2009  Ti'Anca Mock  Long Jump
 2008  Latoya Greaves  60-Meter Hurdles
 2007  Portia Nash  Long Jump
 2006  Jessica Eldridge  Mile
   C. Odell, T. Newton, K. Cook, J. Eldridge  DMR  
 2002  Leslie Dunlap  Pole Vault
 2001  Janel Hayes  Long Jump
 2000  Staneshia Bell  60 Meters
 1994  Jenny Bramer  High Jump
   Kay Gooch  3,000 Meters
   Liz Scanlon  5,000 Meters
 1993  Kay Gooch  3,000 Meters
   Lenell Miller  600 Yards
 1992  Monique Ecker  5,000 Meters
   Lenell Miller  600 Yards
 1991  Monique Ecker  3,000 Meters
   Monique Ecker  5,000 Meters
 1990  Katherine Burns  55 Meters
   Darlena Morganfield    200 Meters
   Wendy Watson  400 Meters
     4x400 Relay
 1989  Katherine Burns  55 Meters
 1986    4x880-Yard Relay
 1985  Alicia Moss  1,000 Yards
 1984  Annette Campbell  880 Yards
 1982  Kellie Cathey  Mile  
   Kellie Cathey  Three Miles  
   Cecil Hansen  Shot Put  
   Maureen Houghton  880 Yards
 1981  Annette Campbell  400 Meters
   Kellie Cathey  Mile
   Kellie Cathey  Three Miles
   Maureen Houghton  880 Yards
       4x880-Yard Relay
 1980  Siri Bjelland  Mile
 1979  Cecil Hansen  Shot Put
 1978  Cecil Hansen  Shot Put
 OU Track & Field Tradition  



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