Sooner Housing Center
 Sooner Housing Center

The Sooner Housing Center
The student population of the Sooner Housing Center is one of the most unique in the country. Due to the worldwide recognition of OU and the athletic nature of the Sooner Housing Center, the SHC population is made up of students from across the country and around the world.
The small, quiet, family-like atmosphere of the SHC attracts everyone from National Merit scholars to the world's top athletes. Due to our nice facilities, the SHC is attractive to any and all students at OU. 
The Sooner Housing Center is also fortunate to have numerous full-time staff, student staff and faculty that actually live in the Center. The SHC staff works, lives and assists our SHC residents 24 hours a day. 
With the high presence of staff and approximately 200 residents living in the complex, the SHC has one of the most enjoyable housing atmospheres in the country.
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