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University of Oklahoma Athletics Department
McClendon Center for Intercollegiate Athletics, 180 W Brooks, Norman, OK 73019
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 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8354
 Pete Hughes  Head Coach
 Jamie Pinzino
 Assistant Coach, Pitching
 Mike Anderson  Assistant Coach, Hitting
 Ryan Gaines  Coordinator of Baseball Operations
 Debbie Boyls  Administrative Assistant
 Basketball, Men's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-4732
 Lon Kruger  Head Coach
 Chris Crutchfield  Assistant Coach
 Steve Henson  Assistant Coach
 Lew Hill  Assistant Coach
 Mike Shepherd  Director of Basketball Operations
 Jozsef Szendrei  Strength & Conditioning
 Renee Forney  Assistant to Head Coach
 Scott Thompson  Video Coordinator
 Tenia Hall  Men's Basketball Office
 Basketball, Women's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8322
 Sherri Coale  Head Coach
 Pam DeCosta  Assistant Coach
 Jan Ross  Assistant Coach
 Chad Thrailkill  Assistant Coach
 Guy Austin  Director of Basketball Operations
 Roman Owen  Video Coordinator
 Kate Gaines  Administrative Assistant
 Emily Mattson  Office Manager
 Jozsef Szendrei  Strength & Conditioning
 Ryan Lawrence  Women's Basketball Manager
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-2345
 Bob Stoops  Head Coach
 Bill Bedenbaugh  Offensive Line
 Jay Boulware  Tight Ends / Fullbacks / Special Teams
 Cale Gundy  Director of Recruiting / Running Backs
 Josh Heupel  Co-Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks
 Merv Johnson  Director of Football Operations
 Tim Kish  Assistant Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers
 Matt McMillen  Assistant Athletics Director for Football Operations
 Jerry Montgomery  Defensive Line
 Jay Norvell  Co-Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers
 Mike Stoops  Associate Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator / Safeties
 Bobby Jack Wright  Assistant Head Coach / Special Teams Coordinator / Corners
Chad Walker Quality Control - Defense
Austin Woods Quality Control - Offense
CJ Ah You Quality Control - Special Teams
Drew Hill Director of Player Personnel 
Rajeeb Hossain Director of High School Relations
Brian Martin Director of Football Video
Brent Cardwell Assistant Director of Football Video
Julie Watson Head Coach's Secretary
Courtney Harris Assistant Coaches' Secretary
Tresa Lupton Recruiting Secretary
 Golf, Men's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8342
 Ryan Hybl  Head Coach
 Jim Garrin  Assistant Coach
 Golf, Women's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8343
 Veronique Drouin-Luttrell  Head Coach
 Matt Luther  Assistant Coach
 Gymnastics, Men's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8341
 Mark Williams  Head Coach
 Norimasa Iwai  Assistant Coach
 Guard Young  Assistant Coach
 Gymnastics, Women's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-6876
 K.J. Kindler  Head Coach
 Lou Ball  Assistant Coach
 Tom Haley  Assistant Coach
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-6961
 Leeann Crain  Head Coach
 John Gartin  Assistant Coach
 Emma Gresson  Assistant Coach
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8296
 Matt Potter  Head Coach
 Graeme Abel  Associate Head Coach
 Andy Varns  Assistant Coach
 Jennifer Mavis  Director of Operations
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8361
 Patty Gasso  Head Coach
 Melyssa Lombardi  Assistant Coach
 Tripp MacKay  Assistant Coach
 Sharon Bell  Director of Softball Operations
 Tennis, Men's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8362
 John Roddick  Head Coach
 Bo Hodge  Assistant Coach
 Tennis, Women's  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8325
 David Mullins  Head Coach
 Cristina Moros  Assistant Coach
 Track & Field  
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8361
 Jim VanHootegem  Head Coach
 Brian Blutreich  Assistant Coach
 John Dagata  Assistant Coach/Director of Operations
 Jason Dunn
 Assistant Coach
 Natasha Harvey
 Assistant Coach/Assistant Director of Operations
 Kevin Tyler  Assistant Coach
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-8364
 Santiago Restrepo  Head Coach
 Kelly Files  Associate Head Coach
 Kyle Robinson  Assistant Coach
 Carlos Rosado  Director of Volleyball Operations
 Name  Main Phone: (405) 325-3959
 Mark Cody  Head Coach
 Michael Lightner  Assistant Coach
 Andrew Howe  Assistant Coach
 Ashley Weston  Administrative Assistant

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