| Sooner Housing Center - History


The Sooner Housing Center is a student residential hall complex at the University of Oklahoma. The Sooner Housing Center (SHC) consists of three residence hall buildings and the Wagner Dining Hall.
The SHC is located on the corner of Lindsey Street and Jenkins Avenue, across from Subway/O'Connell's and the football practice field/Switzer Center.
The Sooner Housing Center has been traditionally known as "Athletics Housing". However, that has been incorrect terminology since 1996, when the OU Athletics Department decided to change the housing from exclusively for athletes. The change was originally mandated by NCAA rules, but the OU Athletics Department decided to take a creative approach and provide quality housing for all students.
Since the change in 1996, the SHC has continued to flourish. Non-athletes currently comprise the majority of students residing in the SHC. Approximately 49% of the population consists of freshman student-athletes.
Today, it is hard to tell the difference between athlete and non-athletes -- except for an occasional offensive lineman or two!