2018 Spring Game Quotes

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley 

Opening comment:

“Really happy about the entire spring game weekend up to this point, it was a really great start. I want to start by thanking all 50,000-plus of our fans that showed up today. There was some challenging weather today as we know but that’s springtime in Oklahoma. I thought the fan support and the atmosphere, especially throughout that entire first half, was awesome. I thought our team fed off it. I loved the in-game situations we created by splitting it up and going against each other. The game actually went exactly how we drew it up. We were sitting there earlier this week saying what if it’s a tie, how are we going to break the tie? I said, of course we’re going to do overtime but what were the chances that it actually went to overtime? I was actually kind of happy, 50-50, when Seibert’s 56-yard field goal clanked off the goalpost. I wanted there to be overtime. That was a great learning experience for our guys, they handled the competition really well. The coaches did a good job with subs. There were some definite challenges there.

"Another thing I’d like to say is we really appreciate all of our NFL guys coming back. They’ve been tremendous. A.D. (Adrian Peterson) and Trent (Williams) were fabulous as head coaches. Lane (Johnson) and Tony (Jefferson) did a great job, too, down there on both sidelines as assistant coaches. Gerald McCoy amping up the crowd before the game and being there at the coin toss. We had so many more back for Coach Stoops’ event last night that have been around here and important to our fans. It’s been great for our players and been great for our recruits. I appreciate those guys very much and they’re a big part of what makes this place different and very, very special. Fun weekend, we still have a lot more to go here with our recruits but again, appreciate the fans, appreciate the atmosphere today. I think this can be a spring game event that we can continue to build on and it’s got a chance to get bigger and bigger for not only this football program but this university and our little part of the state here.”

On the difficulty of the wind when throwing the football:

“It was challenging. It was similar to the Kansas game last year in that, when you’re into the wind, there’s parts of the field that are just off limits because you just can’t throw it that far into the wind. Downwind can actually be more challenging at times. You saw that one ball that Austin Kendall threw and the wind just grabbed it and whipped it. So it’s a little tougher to throw the ball up in the air, because the wind just takes it and it loses control. But we’re used to it, we practice in that. We did some decent things throwing and catching it, I thought the quarterbacks did fine. There were a couple throws I’m sure they would want to have back. Really happy with how our defense played, they were flying around and making tackles. Tackled extremely well and got some heat on the quarterbacks. It was back and forth like it’s been all spring.” 

On injuries:

“We’ll look at Trey Sermon, I don’t think it’s serious. Early indications look positive. I haven’t gotten a chance to check on those other guys yet.” 

On Austin Kendall’s mobility:

“Austin is a mobile guy. There’s probably not another quarterback in the country that’s as mobile as Kyler (Murray). Austin can move well. Today you saw him move around the pocket and move well. All camp he’s been back and healthier than he’s ever been. He’s a person that when he’s back there, teams are going to have to account for him. He’s different than Kyler but certainly very effective. He’s settled in here. I felt like early in spring, Kyler was playing pretty well and probably playing a little better than AK, but that was to be expected. You have to remember, all last year, Austin was running the scout team. It was the same way last spring except opposite, AK came in and worked with us. He’s really played well this second half of the spring. I thought he did a lot of nice things today, as well. It’s neck-and-neck right now.”

On the young guys in the secondary:

“They did a good job, I thought they settled in and played really sound. They forced some turnovers and we got constant pressure. Even when we weren’t turning guys loose, guys were squeaking through and squeezing the pocket. And we did that without a lot of our top players on defense, too. Miguel (Edwards) had a big interception down there, that was a great play by him. All the young guys were flying around and making plays. I didn’t see anybody out there that was hesitant. They were sound.”

On how the quarterbacks can develop this summer:

“Just continue to grow. We’ll have them go back through all the spring film and evaluate what we’ve done well, what we need to do better. They’re continuing to learn their personnel and we’ll continue to narrow down our personnel which makes it easier. It’s a process, we’re just in the middle of it right now. I like what they’re doing, and I like where they’re at. We’ll continue to get better.”

RS-Junior Quarterback Kyler Murray

On the team’s performance:

“It was a pretty good day. The weather was a factor – it was tough to throw in the wind today. I thought all the guys did a great job today.”

On his shift into a different role this season:

“For me, there’s no new role. I’m just going out there trying to get better every day and compete.”

On his own performance today:

“Today, finishing drives was a big deal for me. There was a couple drives where we moved the ball well, but we kind of stalled out. Obviously, as a quarterback you don’t want to do that. You want to points up as much as you can, so that’s a huge deal.”

On playing baseball and football simultaneously:

“Playing both sports, you’re always on your feet and don’t get much sleep, so recovery and taking care of your body is important. But mentally, I’m prepared for it because I’ve done it my whole life.”

RS-Sophomore Quarterback Austin Kendall

On the team’s performance:

“I thought it went well. There were some good drives on there, and we just need to convert. A lot of that is on me as well. I was out there crying basically with tears running down my eyes because of the wind, but it’s Oklahoma, so you have to get used to it.”

On his mobility:

“I think that’s improved. People think I’m more of a pocket passer, and I think I am too, but I think when a play breaks down I can pull the ball. Hopefully, I showcased that and showed I have a little bit of wheels on me as well.”

On taking on the role of a leader:

“I think I’ve had to step out of my role. I’m kind of a quiet guy, but to be the starting quarterback at The University of Oklahoma you have to have some leadership to you. Coach (Lincoln) Riley has instilled in me that I have to be an up-tempo guy and get people going. I think I’ve improved on it.”

Junior Wide Receiver Marquise Brown

On the spring game:

“I think you know, the team as a whole we came out and competed, and you know, tried to execute all our assignments without mistakes and we accomplished that.”

On new players sticking out during the game:

“It was a lot. It’s hard to pick one because there was a lot. It was a competitive atmosphere, so I don’t know if I can single out one. Defense, they were doing a good job today.”

On the contest race with the student and what percent he was going:

“I started at 60, then I went 40. Once I realized, I was like ahh.”

Senior Running Back Marcelias Sutton

On the atmosphere:

“It was nice to see everybody out there. It was a packed crowd, a lot of people. I felt like it was loud. I mean, nobody was sitting on the sidelines. Everybody was involved in it, so I just feel like it was a good atmosphere.”

On the change in atmosphere at the spring game:

“It did. There were more people. I feel like everybody was more involved. It was just louder. It was a little louder than what is was last year.”

How do you feel your quarterbacks played:

“It’s been a battle the whole spring. I feel like both of them are real good. Kyler (Murray) made plays. (Austin Kendall) made plays. I feel like it’s going to be a good battle.”

Sophomore Tight End Grant Calcaterra

On the spring game:

“It was good to get out there. It was an anticipated event for everybody including fans, parents, and people coming into town. It felt good to go out there and do well for the fans.”

On spring practice:

“I’m satisfied. I think overall everyone has made strides. Coach Riley had talked about how this was one of the best springs he has been apart of and the rest of the coaching staff has been talking about that too. Overall, we are all satisfied with the way that we are playing going into summer.”

RS-Junior Defensive Lineman Kenneth Mann

On the spring game:

 “I think it went well. It ended in overtime and I have never seen a spring game go into overtime. It felt good to get back out there.”

On anything that stood out:

“We’ve been practicing for a few weeks now, so I didn’t really see too much difference today. We have some new weapons this year. It was fun to see the new guys come in and contribute.”

On quarterback pressure:

“We should’ve gotten more pressure on them today. We got back there a few times today, but not as much as many as we usually do during our scrimmage sessions.”