Mike Stoops Press Conference

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By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
DECEMBER 02, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops – Press Conference
Dec. 2, 2013

On OSU’s offense:
“The quarterback draw has always been part of their offense, and they’re very strategic in how they try to get it and how they try to keep you off balance with it. They’re running it probably more with him (OSU QB Clint Chelf) than they have in the past, but I think we have to limit his plays out of the pocket. We don’t see him moving all around the pocket trying to get rid of the football. I think he’s a pocket thrower that they keep you off-balance with his ability to run. We saw that a year ago with their second series of quarterback draw hurt us early in the game a year ago, so that’s something you have to be prepared for from a defensive, you know, we have to account for him in certain situations.”

On how to stop OSU’s offense:
“I think all games like this for us comes down to third down and turnovers. I think that’s always going to be critical to keep them off the field and not let them get in rhythm. So, early in the game trying to not let them get in rhythm becomes very important. People don’t realize how important from a defensive strategy to get the first couple of third downs or get them in situations that give you a little bit of an advantage, and I think that will be a big part of this game, just trying to get off the field and keep them at bay offensively will be a big part of what we do. That’s a big part every week when we play defense is getting off the field on third downs and getting them in third and longs where we can pressure and put more pressure on the offense.”

On how OSU’s program has evolved over the past decade:
“Significantly, I think we saw that. I had a chance to play them a few times I guess three and four years ago or two or three when I was at Arizona, so you could see those guys evolving in their skill. I just think their overall structure of what they do, and they’re very well coached, and they have a purpose for what they’re doing in each situation. They’re very equipped to handle what you do defensively, and they’re coaching and their players have significantly changed over the past 10 years, that’s for sure.”

On how the Oklahoma defense has evolved over the past year:
“I think it’s night and day what we’re doing defensively compared to a year ago. I thought we played at times very well in that game and got in position going back and watching it the other day, I thought we did a lot of good things to get back in the game and give ourselves an opportunity to win down the stretch. Just our structure is much different in the way we line up is different. We’re a drastically different team than we were a year ago. They’re primarily the same as they were a year ago. It’s a little different, but the way we line up is a little different than most people, but we can still get looks on how they blocked our fronts versus other people, so we have a pretty good understanding of how they’re going to attack.”

On the health of the defense:
“We should have everyone available to us that was available for Kansas State.”

On if the weather will possibly limit the passing game:
“I don’t know. We thought that at Kansas State, and they lit us up throwing the football, so we over committed to the run probably too much a week ago. We’re going to have to be balanced in our approach to this offense, and try to keep them off balance a little more. I don’t think we can load up probably as much as we did a week ago. We’ve still got to try to keep them off balance with what we do, but it didn’t bother us, it didn’t bother Kansas State, and it didn’t bother them two weeks ago either. I didn’t see a big drop off in play calling with what they did a week ago. I thought they were very impressive, so I don’t see that changing.”

On the offense and defense playing together:
“I think every team, it’s hard to win one-sided games. I don’t care where you’re at. In this league or any league you’re not going to win one-sided games. You have to be good on both sides and special teams. It takes all equal parts to play well and to compliment each other. When we’re playing our best we kind of feed off each other and it certainly makes your play calling as a defensive guy, it helps you be more aggressive in our ability to call plays, too. It all works together. If the offense feels you playing good defense they think they can be more aggressive too, so I think it all goes together.”

On Oklahoma State showing up in the Bedlam rivalry in recent years:
“I think just the consistency at what they play. I think it’s really a difference. At Oklahoma we were always there, but now Oklahoma State is always showing up too, so they’ve become very significant in this conference. Their players play very consistently every time they step on the field, so that’s what you get is a more consistent opponent and a better opponent.”

On if the administration and boosters' commitment to OSU has contributed to its ascent:
“I’m sure it’s all of it. To win at these levels it takes a commitment from the highest level whether it’s facilities, whether it’s the president, whether it’s the athletic director certainly, it looks like they’ve got full support from everybody and that commitment means a lot.”



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