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University of Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 04, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops
Nov. 2, 2013

On Baylor’s offense this season compared to 2012:
“Not a lot has changed. There’s a lot of run-pass conflict and space to cover on the field. That’s the name of the game. There are a lot of isolation plays and good people running them. You have to cover because they run the football and they put you in a pot on virtually every snap. You have to change up looks and change the leverage from time to time. You have to stop the run and get the quarterback off his spots and disrupt the timing.”

On Baylor’s run game:
“Their ability to run the football is really what makes it all systematically go, along with the people they have doing it. Their backs make people miss and they throw it often. They’re very good and very effective in the way they attack you.”

On how Baylor spreads the football field:
“I don’t know if it’s mostly busts or people just running by. They have great speed out on the perimeter and they use it and they isolate you. To me, that’s what’s stressful about it. They create so much room on the football field that other people don’t. It’s hard to get underneath help because the splits are so wide. Everything is isolated and it’s hard to buy help for your corners and safeties. They know what they’re doing and they’re very effective.”

On the importance of slowing Baylor down:
“If we play 90 to 100 snaps, it’s not good. You can’t win a game against Baylor playing 90 to 100 snaps. That’s not a game you want to be in. You hope that your offense can control the football and that you can control the tempo of the game. If they’re running the football with those numbers, very efficiently, that’s going to stress your defense. More than your defensive line, it’s going to stress your players that are covering those guys for 100 snaps.”

On making Baylor earn their points:
“It’s not going to be any different from last week (against Texas Tech). You have to come up with turnovers and you have to come up with stops on third down and that’s really the game. You have to tip some balls and hold them to field goals when they get down there. I thought we did a decent job a year ago and we were worried about giving up 450 yards. Everyone said how badly we played and I laugh about it now. I came after that game and I didn’t feel too good about it. This team, if you can hold them to numbers like that, you have a great chance to win. That’s what we were able to do a year ago.”

On the improvements in the run defense:
“It’s week to week, what teams emphasize. This is a more physical run style than what we’ve seen. You see more of a power run game from this team. It’ll test us more inside the physical nature of the game.”

On LB Frank Shannon:
“Frank will play. He practiced today so he’s in good shape.”

On LB Jordan Evans’ performance last week:
“Jordan played well; very athletic. He can run and has great speed. He’s going to be a great player; he just has to develop physically. Athletically, he’s what you want. It’s been a year and he’s barely scratching the surface, a lot like Dominique (Alexander). I don’t see a lot on the football field that he can’t do for us in the long term and be a great player. He’s shown great signs of that in his first game, playing meaningful minutes.”

On how the offense helps when they control the clock:
“I think it helps. In football, there’s only so much you can go in with. You try to throw as much at these quarterbacks and their offense. Once they see it a time or two, it’s like a batter going against the same guy five times. They start to get a feel of how we’re attacking their offense and they adjust. You have to have enough ammunition in there to fire a bunch of bullets and they don’t see them all. If you run out and they’re seeing them over and over, it’s gets harder to fool them. You can only trick people so many times or show them different looks that you haven’t shown. That’s what the game comes down to.”

On the Oklahoma secondary against the Baylor receivers:
“Well there’s great space out there and a lot of isolation so you have to match up. They’re going to make some plays so we have to win some battles, too. When we play these guys, there’s a lot of competitive one-on-one. You have to make your share.”

On the wide splits of Baylor’s offense:
“That’s what they do; it’s the whole concept of what they do. They spread you so they know where everything’s coming. You try to disguise and tie things up, but they’re very good at understanding where you’re coming from, just because of their splits.”

On Baylor QB Bryce Petty:
“He’s a tremendously accurate thrower. He’s very smart, understands what they’re trying to do and gets the ball out of his hands.”

On last year’s game against Baylor:
They had 250 rush and, I think, 170 pass yards. Isn’t that crazy? Everyone said how bad we played but you look at it now and they’re averaging 700 yards a game. This isn’t about yards. This will be about stops, turnovers and getting the ball back without giving up huge plays consistently throughout the game.”

On defending QB Bryce Petty:
“It’s virtually impossible to get coverage underneath him. Everything is play action, spreading the field. So he’s not seeing a ton of underneath coverage. They run the football at you and trying to get out underneath a regular, flat player that far is almost impossible. It’s difficult to add coverage to their play action. The run-pass conflict they give you is consistent, repetitive and good.”

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Back Aaron Colvin
Nov. 2, 2013

On his excitement for the game:
“Anytime you go against an offense like this, it’s challenging. If you want to be the best defense and one of the best players, then you have to go against challenging teams with challenging players. We know that we have to be locked in this week. If not, they could hurt us.”

On the secondary’s duties this week:
“We have to be locked in on our guys and locked in on our assignments. We have to trust what Coach Mike [Stoopts] gives us. We know that they’re a great team with great speed, but as long as we stay disciplined, we’ll be all right.”

On stopping Baylor’s touchdowns:
“You can’t stop them from doing anything; you just have to be able to challenge it. That’s what we’re trying to do as defensive backs and a defense. We’re trying to make every play a challenging play. They get a lot of easy plays sometimes because of their athleticism and defensive guys not staying on their assignments. Whatever the case may be, as a defense we have to stay locked in and trust Coach Mike [Stoops].”

Oklahoma Football
Defensive End Geneo Grissom
Nov. 2, 2013

On Baylor’s offense:
“They’re big, physical guys.  Lache Seastrunk fits through holes that aren’t even there. They’ve got great receivers, great quarterbacks, really an all-around explosive offense. As a coach, you’ve got to love that. We’re definitely going to have our hands full this next week.”

On keeping Baylor from having long drives:
“Our defense is going to be working on having three and outs and getting off the field quick. We want to get off the field that way our offense can get on the field and keep their offense off.”

On Baylor’s Lache Seastrunk:
“Like I said before, the guy can fit in holes that aren’t even there. Once he fits through them, he’s gone. We’ve got to have gap integrity, make sure we’re doing our jobs and if we can do that, we’ll have a good chance to be successful. He makes you respect the run no matter what. He’s one of those guys who can get a first down on third-and-eight. If you can make Baylor one-dimensional, they’ll be easier to beat.”

Oklahoma Football
Linebacker Jordan Evans
Nov. 2, 2013

On playing in the middle over the outside:
“It’s different. The biggest thing is the physicality. As an outside linebacker, I can use my speed, but on the inside you have to be more prepared to take on the offensive lineman. But the coaches get you ready for that type of environment and that type of play so it’s been a good adjustment for me.”

On the Baylor game:
“They are a very good team. I definitely respect their offense. I know you’ve heard their stats putting up 70 points a game and averaging about 700 yards a game so we’re taking them really serious. Each day we’re watching extra film and just making this a really important game.”

On slowing down Baylor’s offense:
“That comes from us getting off the field and our offense controlling the ball and controlling the game clock. If our offense keeps their offense off the field, what can their offense do?”

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Back Zack Sanchez
Nov. 2, 2013

On playing Baylor:
“They have the No. 1 offense in the country. They’re going to try to take the top of you. This is by far going to be our biggest challenge. I feel like we’re putting in the work and we’re going to be ready for it.”

On if being a freshman makes him more of a target:
“I don’t think Baylor cares who you are. They’re going to test you regardless. It’s just up to me to be prepared and be ready for the shots that they’re going to take. I know it’s coming, especially with the history I have, they’re probably going to take extra shots at me. It’s just something you’ve got to be prepared for and something I’m excited about.”

On what he learned from the Texas Tech game:
“When you know the guy you’re guarding, you make him look a lot better than what he is. It’s just stuff that you do, it’s not necessarily stuff that’s thrown at you. It’s just technique, eyes being in the wrong place, stuff like that. It’s stuff that’s very fixable. But it’s frustrating doing it and seeing it especially after the game and watching film because a couple of those plays could have been costly to the team.”

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Lineman Chuka Ndulue
Nov. 2, 2013

On getting better over last few weeks:
“It is just, I want to say, experience. After a year on the team under my belt, listening to the coaches and spending more time in the film room learning what to look for and expect from teams; that is basically all it is. You have to do your assignments before you get out there.

“I feel like I am not as gifted as some players out there so to make up for those things I have to make it up in the film room and learn new techniques. That has helped me a lot. Also, having a coach like Coach [Jerry] Montgomery, is a huge factor in how, as an entire team, we play better, especially with the defensive line.”

On defending against Texas Tech:
“It gives us a lot of confidence because they are a really good team with a high tempo and they were averaging 88 snaps a game. Things like that and being able to adjust to it, and actually beat them, give us a lot of confidence as a team.”

On Baylor’s run game:
“They also have a lot more weapons than Texas Tech did so it is basically going to be the same type of game expect for they have more weapons to execute with on offense.”

On the defensive line figuring out Baylor’s plays:
“I think, it is not just us [Aaron Colvin, Charles Tapper], it is everyone on the field executing on all cylinders. We should be able to make them one-dimensional and shut them down on the running game. They average, with their running backs, nine yards per play so they are going to try to run the ball. We need to stop the run and make them one-dimensional so we can go after them.”

On Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty:
“It has a lot to do with their offensive lineman; they are pretty good. They are big and I want to say they are averaging like 320 pounds. Having those big guys protecting you as a quarterback, I am pretty sure would make you feel good. On top of that, they have a great run game so [Petty] doesn’t have to throw it, he can just hand it off to their great backs."

On Baylor’s speed and weight:
“That is true. For any team you need to have both of these things at the same time. They have power. They have big, strong guys on their offensive line. We just need to be ready. They have both factors and are obviously using them effectively."

Oklahoma Football
Defensive Back Quentin Hayes
Nov. 2, 2013

On keeping Baylor's offense off the field:
“I feel like it is always important to go out there and stop them and have our offense come on and score, it makes it easier for us. It is always important in games.”

On how it helps to have OU offense's monopolize time of possession in the fourth quarter:
“A lot, a lot because it gives us time to rest mostly. They go out there and put points on the board and it kind of lightens it up on us.”

On everyone saying OU will not be victorious:
“I mean we know what people say, but we don’t really care. This is football and it is what it is.”

On if being named underdog is disrespectful:
“Not at all. I see it as a challenge and it makes the game more exciting.”

On the confidence from Texas Tech:
“Yes, most definitely, as far as passing and running. I feel like we just played a tough game and that’s why we had the outcome we did. That is my feeling going into the Baylor game.”

On forcing Baylor QB Bryce Petty to make mistakes:
“It is very important because it will get us off the field and the offense back on the field. That is something we need to have happen.”

On Baylor's wide receivers:
“They are fast and can get open. That is just how we see them and it something we really need to key in on and cover.”

On the keys to slowing Baylor's offense down:
“Preparing, getting to the quarterback, stopping the run and not letting big plays happen; they can’t be passing and running everywhere.”



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