Embedded: Kansas Gameday
October 19, 2013
All day long, will be with the Sooners as they take on Kansas today at 2:30 p.m. (CT) on ESPN. Embedded will be providing an inside look through photos of the team that you can find no where else. You can also follow the team on Twitter and Instagram.

Final | 34-19, Oklahoma

 The Sooners do the job, and bring a win back to Norman.

Fourth Quarter | 27-19, Oklahoma

A crazy sequence of events that started with Kansas blocking an OU punt ended with Aaron Colvin returning a blocked PAT for two Sooner points, putting the lead at 27-19.

Fourth Quarter | 25-13, Oklahoma

The Sooners had a strong third quarter, taking firm control of the game, and are heading into the fourth leading 25-13.

Third Quarter | 25-13, Oklahoma

The Sooners have scored 25 unanswered points, yet Oklahoma is still focused on improving with each opportunity on the sideline.

Halftime | 18-13, Oklahoma

Second Quarter | 18-13, Oklahoma

The Sooners have taken control. After the safety, a reverse-pass from Bester to Shepard, who are captured here celebrating on the sideline, has given OU the lead, Oklahoma added a FG shortly after to lead 18-13.

Second Quarter | 13-8, Kansas

Momemtum has swung the Sooners' way, after a TD pass from Bell to Reynolds, and a blocked punt knocked out of the endzone for a safety.

Second Quarter | 13-0, Kansas

Bell and the Sooners prepare for more fight on the sideline.


First Quarter | 7-0, Kansas

Eric Striker gets a well-deserved break after an early sack.

2:27 PM | 3m to Kick-Off

The Sooners exit the locker room, ready for battle.

Some extra motivation before the game.


2:18 PM | 12m to Kick-Off

Headed back to the locker room.


2:12 PM | 18m to Kick-Off

The Sooners are stretching as kickoff approaches in less than 20 minutes!


2:00 PM | 30m to Kick-Off

This is what gameday is all about!


1:56 PM | 34m to Kick-Off

It is getting closer to kickoff in Lawrence.


1:40 PM | 50m to Kick-Off

Pregame has officially started for the Sooners.


1:30 PM | 1h to Kick-Off

The locker room scene with one hour to kickoff.


1:10 PM | 1h20m to Kick-Off

The Sooners prepare to take on the Jayhawks.


12:37 PM | 1h53m to Kick-Off

Players are getting taped in the training room.


12:25 PM | 2h5m to Kick-Off

The Sooners have arrived at the stadium.


11:23 AM | 3h7m to Kick-Off

The Sooners are boarding the bus and getting ready to go.

Sanchez looks on

Ndulue boarding

Reynolds focused



10:50 AM | 3h40m to Kick-Off

The pregame meal is underway.

O Linemen at the table

Sooners in line

Saunders at the table


10:31 AM | 3h59m to Kick-Off

The team goes to Chapel this morning. Speaker is Phillip Kelley of Grace Church in Kansas City. He is the Chiefs chaplain, and currently undefeated.

Phillip Kelley


10:12 AM | 4h18m to Kick-Off

The Sooners doing an offensive walkthrough this morning.

Offensive walkthrough

Sterling lined up


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