Brennan Clay Press Conference

Athletics Communications
By Athletics Communications
University of Oklahoma
SEPTEMBER 02, 2013

Oklahoma Football
Running Back Brennan Clay
Sept. 2, 2013

On winning the season opener:
“Yeah, it was a good one. The run game went along well. We started off sluggish but the o-line settled down, Trevor [Knight] settled down, and we started hitting some holes and hitting some shots.”

On being able to run the ball better as the game progressed:
“I believe it was just settling down, like I said, and the o-line communicating with one another. I think everyone was a little bit jittery out there for the first game. Then they started figuring out their reads, making their calls and we started hitting some holes.”

On if Trevor Knight’s ability to run opens things up for him as a running back:
“Oh, tremendously. With Trevor’s running ability, I believe that it just puts a nuisance on the defense because it’s one other guy that can run the ball and not so much targeting us for the run game. With Trevor being able to pull it, you can see the gains he has had coming out of the back door.”

On if the new offense utilizes their depth at running back:
“I think it is just really made for the run game this year. We were a little bit more pass-oriented last year. But that’s not going to be the case. We are going to be able to pass the ball, as well, as soon as we get this run game going. It’s going to open up deep shots down the field. We missed a few early on to Jalen [Saunders] and Jaz [Reynolds]. They’re there so we’re not really worried about it. This offense is still going to be able to put up a lot of points.”

On if the new offense changes the way they look for running lanes:
“I’ll tell you, I miss Trey [Millard] blocking in front of me so much, especially out of the [I-formation]. Trey is doing a great job of coming backside and lining up at the wing and he does a great job all of the time getting chop blocks or just kicking a dude out. I don’t think it’s any different without a lead blocker. It’s much faster for us coming downhill and we’re just hitting the hole and getting two or three yards a pop. It just spreads out the defense. The defense is going left and right trying to figure out where the ball is going so it actually creates bigger lanes for us. Especially hitting it downhill so fast and with the momentum they can’t arm-tackle us.”

On if he ever thought he would be running option football at Oklahoma:
“Not at all. I remember looking at the stats and it said something like 380 to 90 yards passing. I was like, ‘You know, this is the first year I have really seen that flip flop.’ Normally it’s the other way, about 400 yards passing and 90 yards rushing. It’s a big difference definitely and you can see that with the stat sheet. Once we hit halftime going into that third quarter it started to jump up a bit. We started hitting those big shots down the field with Trevor [Knight] pulling it. He was going 15, 20 yards a pop. I think that really lit the stat board up.”

On if the second game is easier than the first game:
“The second game is always easier than the first game. It felt good to get out there and hit somebody else other than your team. I think we are going to be able to settle down and this is a good unit. I’ve been saying that from the get-go and I have confidence in the offense and the defense. I think we are going to do big things this year.”

On staying focused for West Virginia through the week’s results:
“I don’t think [West Virginia] played poorly at all. They played a good team. We went down to West Virginia last year and that was a shootout so we know how lethal their offense can be. I know they lost a few guys but they have got to replace them. There’s no excuse to go in there and think ‘Oh, they played poorly’ or anything. They’re going to come out and play us on Saturday night and come out to beat us at home. We need to come in with the mindset that they’re going to be able to put up 40, 45 points again and hopefully our defense shuts someone out again.”

On what he remembers from last year’s game:
“My boy [Kenny] Stills. That last catch was just something remarkable, especially with Landry [Jones] checking it at the last minute. I think that game was one of our highlights going into that Big 12 Championship. That was a shootout and hopefully it’s not that bad this year.”

On if he likes opening conference play this early:
“I was really surprised once I really started to think about it. I was really focused on Louisiana-Monroe so once I figured out that we were playing West Virginia I was surprised. I was like ‘Dang, we’re already in the Big 12’. We’ve just got to buckle it down. This is one of our goals, to win non-conference games, all of them, and all of the Big 12 so we are just itching away.”

On Aaron Colvin:
“I think it’s just his confidence, it’s his mentality. He is always out there trying to be the best and competing. I love AC to death and he’s always going to give you his best effort. He’s out on that field being a vocal leader. He is definitely being a vocal leader this year. He’s out there motivating the crowd, motivating the defense and making plays.”

On Keith Ford:
“We have all understood that Keith Ford is a big body and he runs powerful. As you can see he ran over a few guys. He knocked a dude’s helmet off, I think. I was excited to see him out there, him and A-Ross [Alex Ross]. They’re both going to be competing and I mean we have three or four running backs that are going to be gone next year so they have got to carry some of this load.”

On if being more physical has been an emphasis for the running backs:
“I think, as a whole, running backs have to be physical and that’s the only way we are going to be able to open up the run game. You have got to put the fear in the opposing defense. Once they figure out that you can run through them and around them, it’s going to open up big plays.”

On if he will pass the 1,000 yard mark:
“Oh, most definitely. I believe so. That’s what I’m shooting for, Damien [Williams] and myself. I think we can pull another Chris Brown and Demarco Murray, so that would be nice.”

On Bob Stoops getting onto him for extending the ball:
“He was very upset. That was a dumb move by myself. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess you could say I was feeling the moment. That was just an immature mistake on my behalf and it won’t happen again. They think I almost lost it but across the line and the dude knocked it out of hands so they can agree to disagree.”



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